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  3. Here is one in German. This is not quite what you are looking for as it's TM KOCO 04-818. Hopefully we can find the English one for you. TM KOCO-04-818.pdf
  4. I am anxious to get this Service Bulletin as we are considering upgrading our engine. We want the SB so our potential modification would comply with the approved guidance. Please let me know if you can send it to me.
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    Mid-West Fly-In Event is scheduled for Aug 3 thru 7th June 22 to June 25 in Ann Arbor, MI.
  7. How much is your insurance cost from Regal?
  8. For those of you who want family or others to get real-time tracking, I suggest getting a personal locator beacon (PLB). I began using a Spot device when I began xc soaring several years ago. Cheap, accurate to a few meters, and enables pinpoint directions to you if you press the rescue button. I won't fly without a PLB. There are several manufacturers, check them out.
  9. Try Regal Aviation Insurance. I have an open policy at same quote as Costello named policy for $170k declared hull value and 2 co-owners. You will need to get a glider rating to get the best insurance quote. The plane is very forgiving to fly with no bad habits. Bear in mind that if you are much over 6foot 2" tall your head will touch canopy. I use the plane for soaring and for extensive touring. The only tricky element is cross-wind landing...not insurmountable. Get the Dynon Skyview with the Dynon Radio if you can swing it...excellent system an controllable thru fore flight if you like. If you are member of glider club; that's a good place to fish for partners. I have an arrangement with a co-owner in the deep south. He gets the plane mid-october to Mid-April. I get it the rest of the year up here in PA. 2 year wait is daunting.
  10. Welcome aboard. Nice plane and nice hangar. I got Phoenix # 30.
  11. It is quite common for potential owners to informally arrange flights in some of the aircraft that are in attendance. There is likely to be two or three dealers of new aircraft in attendance for new aircraft as well (Phoenix, Pipistrel, Sundancer) and they generally have sign-up sheets for flights throughout the weekend. The best thing is to check the sign-up sheet and send a note to those that have an aircraft in which you are interested so coordination can start even before you arrive. BTW, I didn't see your name on the list. You might want to sign-up, put it as a MAYBE for attendance, and then in the notes mention that your are looking for rides.
  12. Car rentals can be requested and reserved through Channel Island Aviation (next to Waypoint Cafe) by calling +1 (805) 987-1301. Either Hertz or Enterprise will deliver vehicle to FBO so it's ready when you arrive. The rate is $40 per day and they will try to do better if we have a good number of cars. I will have hotel info soon. Best, Gabriel
  13. Here is an update on planning for the event: Lodging: The Comfort Inn 3501 South State Street Ann Arbor, MI, 48108 (734) 761-8838 10 rooms will be available for TMGA attendees until May 23, after that date, individuals may reserve additional rooms if available but cannot be guaranteed at the group rate of $98+tax if additional rooms are needed beyond the block of 10, a request for additional rooms may be negotiated and based on current rates and availability each individual must make their own reservation (call the local number above), request TMGA group rate, and guarantee it with a credit card individuals may cancel up to 72 hrs prior to day of arrival without penalty (one night room charge plus tax), and should obtain cancellation number for reference Thursday June 22 in Depot Town, Ypsilanti Pre-dinner activities for early arrivals: Cruise Night - Ypsilanti’s Historic Depot Town is filled with classic cars from the first Thursday evening in June to the last Thursday evening in August 5pm until dark. Automotive Heritage Museum ( Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 1:00 to 4:00 PM, 100 East Cross St, Ypsilanti, Mi 48198, 734-482-5200) featured automotive stories are Chevrolet Corvair, Tucker, Hudson, Kaiser-Frazer, and General Motors Hydra-matic; all with Ypsilanti connections. Dinner: approx 6pm, casual Sidetrack (known for burgers and beer, additional menu items) 56 E Cross St Ypsilanti, MI 734-483-1490 Fly out possibilities Friday & Saturday: There are a number of ways we could combine these locations and all have very adequate runways and parking. Arrangement can be made on day of fly out. Non-flyers can also choose day activities from separate list. KDET (Colman-Young, formerly Detroit City Airport). KPCW (Erie-Ottawa Airport)at Port Clinton. This would include lunch at the Tin Goose diner with optional museum tour. KAZO (Kalamazoo Airport) Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum. Could be lunch stop with choice of restaurants. KOEB (Coldwater Airport). Could be lunch stop before KAZO. KYIP (Willow Run Airport). B-24 Bomber plant was here and now has Yankee Air Museum. Either fly or drive. Non-flyer activities: Many activities in and around Ann Arbor (Check out the Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitor's Bureau include: UM art museum UM Natural History museum -Nichols Arboretum Matthaei Botanical Gardens -Hands On Museum (oriented to children) Zingerman’s Deli and Bakehouse Gerald Ford Presidential Library ( State and local parks/recreational areas (, Nearby, in Dearborn: Arab American National museum (Dearborn) "The Henry Ford" with multiple attractions (visit for additional details): Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation Greenfield Village Ford Rouge Factory Tour
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  15. Thanks Sounds like another good contact to know, will add to my Grob Maintenance file. Always encouraging to find our aircraft are not orphans. bob
  16. Thanks--Am in touch with Kim and also Neil Bigrigg at are the UK agents for Grob and support the RAF 109B Vigilant aircraft--Have spares for them
  17. Ditto.
  18. I Yikes! Costello Insurance Associates is the insurance broker for the SSA (Soaring Society of America), and organization you will want to join anyway, and a requirement for their insurance program. I suggest calling Costello (800-528-6483) for a quote. Of course, you'll need to get your glider license to fly the Phoenix, and get enough tail wheel time to be comfortable flying a "tail dragger". The Phoenix is easy to fly, but not easy to land, at least when you are new to it; specifically, from 10 seconds before the flare until after you've landed and the ground speed has dropped below 30 knots. Experienced tail wheel pilots adapt quickly; others, even myself with 1000's of glider hours and 30 hours of Citabria time, struggled to get it right. I know what to do now, and it's just fun, not a problem, to land it. It's the side by side seating that throws off your perceptions (off-center seating), and the relatively nose-high attitude that blocks the pilot's view from about 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock. By comparison, you sit centered in a Cub and have equal vision out each side. There are simple techniques to adapt to the Phoenix, but if you (or your instructor) don't know them, the flare and touchdown can be very frustrating. Here's an elaboration of the techniques:
  19. You need to join the SSA and talk to Costello. They understand gliders. I had similar quotes from other companies. Costello charged me about $2,600 the 1st year.
  20. I got an insurance quote from Avemco in the amount of $6,000 per year. I'm a PPL with 110 hours, no IFR. no glider, and only a couple of hours in tailwheel (J-3). That is going to put ownership out of reach if I can't find a much lower rate.
  21. Here some actual expenditures for my Phoenix, with the work done by Aircore Aviation at KAWO. Condition inspection (annual): $475 (takes less than a day) Oil and filter change: $150 (estimate - the invoices didn't separate the labor from the inspection, float replacement, etc that were done at the same time) Avionics 3.5 years usage: no costs yet (problems all handled under warranty), and I don't expect any major costs. Engine rubber replacement: Ed Walker said his (done by Aircore) cost about $3000. My insurance costs $2110 for $165,000 stated value, through Costello. It's a named pilot policy; "open pilot" policies are $1000+ more dollars. Hangar rent: $250/month (this varies considerably from place to place, and some have 3+ year waiting lists!) I haven't considered a prop reserve, so I can't help there.
  22. This is what I responded to Raytol a couple of days ago 'Have you tried contacting Grob?? I have had good luck working with Kim Fuller, e-mail: Phone: 01149 0 8268 998 284 I have found it best to send a picture as they have parts manual for the 109B but not the 109A but Kim has been helpful getti8ng me things I have needed. bob' The next day he replied to me that he had one coming from Kim, I would suggest the same for your rubber bushing bob
  23. Does anyone know where I can find one--Mine has deteriorated to almost dust--Thanks--Cap'n Bob
  24. Glad she had what you needed, she has always treated me well. At first I was surprised how well supported our aircraft were from the manufacturer, but I have grown to appreciate it. Have also had good luck dealing with Limbach for engine stuff. bob
  25. Thanks Bob, I have one from Grob ( Kim Fuller) on the way. Ray
  26. Have you tried contacting Grob?? I have had good luck working with Kim Fuller, e-mail: Phone: 01149 0 8268 998 284 I have found it best to send a picture as they have parts manual for the 109B but not the 109A but Kim has been helpful getti8ng me things I have needed. bob
  27. Anybody know how to do this....can't find a drawing or instruction in our maintenance manual for this model of the Vivat.
  28. I added the Caret and Lambada gliders to this comparison. The Caret is a little better than the Phoenix in slow flight; the Phoenix is a little better at speed, though they are quite evenly matched. However, the Caret is a one-seater with retractable gear and a folding prop. polar_comparison.xlsx
  29. You seem to have done your homework. Depending on where you are based, your hangar cost might be a little low. I would also bump up your insurance cost somewhat, depending on you and your partners experience, and how much hull coverage you will carry (my 1st year, I paid about $2,600). On the other hand, I don't think you need to spend $5K every 5 years on avionics. If you get a Dynon Skyview system with all the bells and whistles, you will probably be set until you do an engine replacement. The biggest challenge will be to find a partner(s). It's pretty tough to get someone to commit when the waiting list to get the aircraft is 2 years. I finally gave up and just coughed up the down payment myself to get on the waiting list, with the idea that I would look for a partner after I got the plane. Now, given my usage, I've decided that being a single owner is worth it. The other challenge with partners is that this is a tail dragger. It's a challenge to learn how to fly (more particularly land), if you don't have a significant amount of tail dragger experience. I'd be somewhat picky about who I would trust as a partner with this kind of plane.
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