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folder Acronyms, Abbreviations, & Mnemonics
Aviation is filled with jargon and memory tools. Here is a collection worth checking out.
folder Aerodynamics & Flight Mechanics
Sailplanes are the master of the air and having a good understanding is essential.
folder FAA & Gov't
Collection of data and information related to working with the FAA or other government agencies.
folder Humor and Human Interest
Aviation Humor and Aviation Human Interest articles, stories, and information.
folder PIREPS
Pilot Reports - First hand accounts of flight experience that deserves to be shared for knowledge.
folder Weather
Collection of data and information related to weather resources and reporting on weather.

Aviation Knowledge
document An Almanac for Aviators Seeking to Learn the Facts of Flight - Compiled by Bruce Landsberg for Flying Magazine [1981].
It always takes longer than you think. This cardinal rule applies to all flight operations. Experienced pilots use it when contemplating estimated i.imes of arrival, terminal delays, forecast weather improvement, takeoff and landing...
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