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document Sun-N-Fun 2009
Summary:  Roland Martin flew his Ximango to Sun-N-Fun 2009 and posted a travelogue and event updates on the XOG Blog section, which are transcribed herein.  His postings are summarized in the sections below with a section break inserted...
02 Jul, 2009 Views: 1156
document Round Australia by Ximango VH-ZAN [2008/2009]
This is the second part of our "round-Australia-odyssey’" in motor-glider ZAN. The first part occurred last year in September/October with a flight starting at home base, Bindoon Abandoned, which saw us fly up the west coast, across the remote...
12 Jan, 2010 Views: 947
document Thirty-Six Horsepower Over the Atlantic
 By Mira Slovak Prologue Pages by Merl Dobry On every side of are men who hunt perpetually for their personal northwest passage so often sacrificing health, strength and life itself to the search, and who shall say there not happier in...
16 Jan, 2012 Views: 10028
document Mira Slovak - Fournier RF4D N1700 - Flying Background & Gallery
 Less than 10 years after defecting (via borrowing a CSA Airline DC-3) from Czechoslovakia to Germany. Mira moved to the US. He flew crop dusters, Then raced unlimited hydroplane boats for Bill Boeing (Boeing Aircraft). And in 1964 winning the...
16 Jan, 2012 Views: 5163