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Motorglider Training Resources

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Last updated: 13 Oct, 2013
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Posted: 06 Jul, 2009
by Sliwa S.
Updated: 13 Oct, 2013
by Sliwa S.

This is a collection of document hyperlinks related to training for motorgliders.  XOPA members with KB editor permissions can add to this list or else send suggestions to webmaster.

Links Remarks
Document 1 Glider Aeronautical Knowledge Review (FAA)
Document 2 UK Motorglider Syllabus
Document 3 AC61-94 - Self-Launch Endorsement (FAA)
Document 4 SSSA Touring Motorglider Syllabus
Document 5 Touring Motorglider Test Form
Document 6 Touring Motorglider Check-Out Form
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