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Collection of Materials for Pipistrel Touring Motor Gliders

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Last updated: 22 Aug, 2015
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Posted: 30 Dec, 2011
by Sliwa S.
Updated: 22 Aug, 2015
by Sliwa S.

 Here are some items collected from Pipistrel:

Pipistrel USA Website:  link

Sinus TMG (30:1 L/D [taildragger] 27:1 [tricycle]):  link

Virus TMG (24:1 L/D): link

Pipistrel Info Packs: link

Pipistrel Movies:  link
The Sinus wing test is quite impressive.

Extras > Extrement Flights:  link
Round the world by Sinus and Sinus wining a soaring contest in 2001.

Dealers:  link

Manuals: link

Electric Propulsion Systems:  link
This is an electric retrofit kit for the Taurus G2 glider.  Pipistrel won a big prize with the Taurus Electro G4.  They have an ongoing interest in electric power.  The whole 'Electric Power for Aircraft' movement seems to have a hub centered in Slovenia, where Pipistrel is located.  This is going to be a big issue very soon.

WATTsUP Alpha Electro Trainer:  link
This is how easy it would be to make a Sinus TMG Electro ...

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