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TMGA Website Construction

Article ID: 392
Last updated: 09 Mar, 2012
Revision: 2
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Posted: 09 Mar, 2012
by Sliwa S.
Updated: 09 Mar, 2012
by Sliwa S.

The TMGA website is actually an assembly of several tools and add-on modules.  All of the tools selected are open-source, meaning that the code can be modified.  The programming team (mostly Steve Sliwa) assembled these tools in a way that makes it seem as if the tools are all part of one package.  For example, when a user signs into the website, those credentials are passed to the other packages and the packages are tuned to have the same look and feel.

Prior to starting the TMGA website the plan had been to invest about 100 hours to get to V1.0.  In actuality, it took us about 800 hours to get to V0.9.  We will update you as we continue to grow and improve the software.

The prime packages and modules are the following:

  • vBulletin - Forum - Probably still the leading commercially supported forum package in the market with well over 100,000 installations.
    • Wolfs-Head - Tab and Links Package
    • Showroster Mod - Used the create the membership lists
    • Cel Photo Popup - Allows Photopost Gallery photos, vBulletin Album photos, and attachments to be easily inserted into Forum posts.
  • PhotoPost Pro - Gallery - Leading package for integrating with vBulletin
  • PhotoPost Classifieds - Classified Ads - Package that integrates with vBulleing
  • KBPublisher - Knowledgebase - Tool for developing, displaying, and exporting knowledge bases.
    • Export Module
    • XPDF - permits searching
    • CATDOC - allows searching in vintage MS Office documents
    • HTMLDOC - works with the Export Module to print out books from the knowledgbase
  • DHTMLX Suite - Javascript library to create editable tables and signup sheets.  Also used to make the accordions on the homepage.
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