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G109B Canopy Door Gas Struts

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Last updated: 20 Feb, 2014
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Posted: 20 Feb, 2014
by Sliwa S.
Updated: 20 Feb, 2014
by Sliwa S.

The compressed length of the strut, from ball center to ball center is 7 9/16", and the extended length is 11".

The stroke is, 3 7/16".

The standard rating is 250N (56 pounds)

I believe the original fittings on the lower end of the strut are designed for "blowing" the canopy when bailing out with a parachute. A "ball" end fitting can be substituted which then allows use of a multitude of struts available on the internet.

Prices of $15/strut can be found. One possible supplier is:

www.Strut-Your-Stuff-Here.com their gas strut for the G109B is: NP1100-60

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