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file G-BWNY - Gear-Up - 25June2008.pdf
G-BWNY | Gear-Up Landing | 25Jun2008
Accident report related to a Ximango gear up landing.
27 Apr, 2009 File size: 281 kb Downloads: 65
file MG Cert & Training.pdf
Motorgliding Certification and Training
Written by Stephen Dee (XOPA member) and sponsored by the Soaring Safety Foundation.
27 Apr, 2009 File size: 39 kb Downloads: 379
file FAA_News Jun_2009.pdf
FAA Avaition News May/June 2009
“I am quite confident that a test pilot can replicate those numbers [performance “book” numbers] in the factory airplane 50 percent of the time. I can also tell you that with my level of experience, in a 60-year-old airplane, there was a day I couldn’t do it.” Dave Swartz speaks from experience. Swartz is an aeronautical engineer with the FAA’s Aircraft Certification Service and a pilot. He’s also a survivor of a takeoff accident. As Swartz explains in his article “More than Math: Understanding Performance Limits” in the May/June issue of FAA Aviations News, “it’s really a mixed bag…One of my mistakes was taking the book numbers too seriously. They didn’t take into account the tailwind I didn’t know I had.”
26 May, 2009 File size: 4.45 mb Downloads: 661