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2012 - April - eMail Bulletin #1

Richard Pearl


Your TMGA leadership team will be putting out occasional, important special notices to members via each member’s personally-submitted email addresses (note: these communications are being sent via an ‘undisclosed addressee’s’ account). This is special Bulletin #1.

Getting your TMGA information. Most all bulletin-board web sites, e.g. Yahoo Groups, list-servers, etc. are of the “Opt-Out” variety. The TMGA web site is an “Opt-In” variety and the distinction is important. In the Opt-Out, once you are admitted into the site you will automatically receive distributed information directly to your email-account; to stop the flow of information you have to take a positive step to limit it.

In the Opt-In system you have to request the information and then you will continue to automatically receive it; but that means, no request, no information. Alternatively, you could manually check all information periodically. We designed it this way because of the wide extent of the information contained within the web site. For example, if you have a Ximango TMG you may not want to receive information about any other type of TMG, so you will sign up only for Ximango information as well as the hangar flying categories. If, however, you have a Grob 109 you many want to receive information from both the Grob and Taifun Forum sections because they both share the same engine and you want to get all the information you can get from all sources. You may also want to “subscribe” to only selected threads in groups such as VW Based Engines (opting not to receive Rotax Engine information). Bottom line, it’s important that you look at each area and select (see the Tutorial section) those areas you want. For further information, go to Help > then to New User Checklist. 

Pilot Information. When you first applied for admission to the TMGA web site you were asked to fill in certain information. Most people answered sparingly. The ONLY reason for the information is for communication background among and between fellow TMGA members. No pilot data will EVER be given out to any other source under any circumstance. One of the “coolest” aspects of the TMGA is for members to know where their counterparts are, world-wide. This not only fosters camaraderie, but facilitates formal and informal fly-ins and “caravanning” to meets. We urge you to go to the Members tab > Rosters Link > Roster Map sub-link. Here you will find a map of members and our fleet. There is also a button to enable you to add your information. Our goal is to Map every TMGA member at their home airport and for those that have TMG, to map their aircraft. You will notice that we have created several methods to specifically locate your home airport. If you check out the Map now, you will see how it is evolving. Simply choose one of the data files and then click on either a marker on the map or on a list item in the sidebar. An information dialog will be displayed, generally with more details about each marker.

Upcoming Events. Spring is almost upon us and the flying season will soon begin in earnest. So far we have two definite fly-ins in the US: the annual Fly-In in Minden, Nevada (July 12-15) which we trust will see pilots again coming from all over the country, and our first “regional” lunch fly-in for California pilots (although everyone is certainly welcome) to be held at the Harris Ranch restaurant/hotel/airport May 12th. The East coast boys are also thinking of a special Fly-In this summer. See this thread in the Forum tab, Event Planning section for details. If you are even THINKING of coming to either Minden or the Harris Ranch events, please sign up in the Events tab, with the appropriate sections so we can coordinate our plans. If you’re interested in the East coast fly-in, become part of the evolving conversation.

The above discussion is just one example of how our new web site can be helpful in all of us achieving our knowledge and fun goals.

Regards, Richard Pearl CFIG Director, TMGA N909G


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