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2012 - June - TMGA Fly-In Info Bulletin

Richard Pearl


We are now just one month from the fourth annual TMGA fly-in, scheduled for July 12 – 15 at Minden, Nevada (MEV). We had 25 ships on the flight line last year and we expect to significantly improve on that number this year. As of this date we have 29 ships and 55 total participants (pilots, copilots, interested TMG’ers) signed up as either a Definite or a Probable. We continue to expect 40 ships on the flight line at the kick-off. If you are planning on attending, we need you to sign up Now! See page 2, point 1. This email contains some very important information, so please review it in its entirety.

The Fly-In will again feature morning briefings and knowledge-sharing, flying the spectacular Sierra, and great meals. We may do a local fly-out for lunch one day. If you have any ideas for the morning sessions, please advise either directly to me (pennyrich@aol.com) or through the Event discussion Thread.

On Saturday evening, after dinner, we will have a special showing of the life and exploits of Mira Slovak. Among his many accomplishments in both civil aviation (airline captain) and on the water (unlimited hydroplane boat racing), Mira holds the world record for the longest private-ship test flight when he flew his 36 horsepower Fournier from Germany to Santa Paula, California. The best news is that Mira, himself, is scheduled to join us in his Bucker Jungmann bi-plane. This is an event you won’t want to miss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lodging The Event committee has made special arrangements with David Walley’s Resort, Hot Springs, and Spa (www.davidwalleys-resort.com) for accommodations. Walley's is an old-time hot springs resort that sits above the Carson Valley at the base of the Sierras and looks out over the Carson Valley. People long ago traveled here by steam train and stagecoach to soak in the natural hot springs. It sits just south of the tiny town of Genoa, which has the oldest bar in Nevada. It is about five miles from the Minden/Tahoe airport. The spa/hot springs has been developed into a very large full hotel facility with a restaurant, saloon, and cafe. They have about seven separate hot spring pools and one large regular pool.

Negotiated room rates are: $79 for a studio, $109 for a single bedroom, and $139 for a two- bedroom suite (perfect for doubling up and bringing the per night fee down to $70). All rates plus local taxes. With the optional Spa and hot springs ($10/day/ person) this property might be the PERFECT opportunity to bring a non-pilot spouse, S.O., or friend to the event. Each one-bedroom unit could also accommodate another person in the sleeper- couch. We suggest you book your room ASAP. The weekend of our event is also the weekend of the Death Ride, a major bicycle event that draws thousands of people to the area. There are other options locally (south Carson City, Topaz, or if you’re very lucky somewhere in the Minden/Gardnerville area). We hope to get everyone at Walley’s, however. It will be a great experience, and it will certainly make the transportation logistics easier.

If you are planning on coming, we need you to do the following ASAP:

  1. Sign up for the Fly-In now, in the Event tab. If you’re a “probable” or “possible” please also sign up. If you know of any non TMG pilot or interested person who wants to attend, please invite them and have them sign up also. Everyone is welcome! Please make sure your information is up to date.
  2. Enter your data in the pilot mapping section of the web site: Members > Map section. There is a data entry button at the bottom of the page. It’s critical to the long-term success of the TMGA that we get all our pilots ‘plotted’, and even more critical for those coming to the Fly-In from other states or regions for Buddy Flying purposes. We will have a separate Thread for those long-distance travellers who might want to link up for the flight.
  3. Make your reservations at Walley’s now. Reservations should be made directly with the Resort (1-775-782-8155), mentioning that you are with the Touring Motor Glider Association. We will have a separate Thread for those who are interested in sharing accommodations in a two-bedroom suite (suite availability is a possible, not a definite).
  4. We need to know when you’re arriving and what dinners you will be attending – see the Event tab, sign up section.
  5. If you’re local and have a car to help with transportation, let us know via the “Ground Transportation” column in the signup sheet.
  6. We’ve negotiated good rates with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Compact car at $33.99/day; mid to full size car - $39.99/day. 775.782.7752. At this point we’ve got a lot of people who need transportation. An 8-person van is $11.25/day per person. If you want to participate in the van(s), indicate in the “Share a Van” column of the sign-up sheet. Note, the vans will only be going to David Walley’s, so get your reservation there first.
  7. If you’re interested in the Photo Shoot (see below in the Other section), indicate such interest in the “Photo Shoot” column.

Finances The nightly tie down fee is $8. You will be given a form upon arrival as part of the Welcoming packet. This needs to be paid directly to the airport. This year we will be charging an Event Registration fee of $20 per ship plus $10 for each pilot/co-pilot/participant to cover various hard cost expenditures (airport staff, facilities, appetizers and soft drinks/water, etc.). There is a $10 discount for full TMGA Members ($15/year, see Members tab > Join/Contribution section). Please bring cash or a check for this, or you can pay through PayPal via one of our computers if you don’t have your computer.

Meals Thursday night you’re on your own but we’re suggesting Flight, a restaurant just down the street from the airport. It’s an “American Pub” spot. We’ll have a separate room for the TMGA. Friday night we’re off to the Carson Valley Country Club, which is a Basque restaurant. Suffice it to say you need to bring your appetite. We’ll again have our own room. Cost is a flat $30, which includes food, wine, tax, and tip. What a deal! Saturday night will be a dinner at the Airport restaurant, the Taildragger. Steak or chicken with all the fixin’s. Flat cost – about $23 per person (includes one drink). You’re also on your own for lunches, but the Taildragger is great for lunch as well as breakfast or dinner. For the Friday night Basque dinner, we can’t overload the restaurant with 60 + individual credit cards all converging at once; there is an ATM machine at the Taildragger restaurant on the field. Our thought is to collect the funds for both Friday and Saturday nights on Friday morning. More on this later.

Other This year we’re instituting the perpetual award: the TMGA Cup”, which will be presented to the TMG model with the most ships on the flight line: As of now, Ximango is in the lead with 5 ships, followed by Grob and Lambada with 4 ships, Diamond and Fournier with 3 ships, a three-way tie with two ships (Pipistrel, Taifun, Phoenix), and one each for Carat, SPF, Moni, and HB 23. It’s time to support your model, owners! If you’re coming from out of the area, see if a flight “buddying up” is a viable option. Check the roster and check the Member tab > Maps section for potential buddies.

Photo Shoot: Picture a digital photo of your TMG over Lake Tahoe. One of our members, an experienced aerial photographer, is bringing his Cherokee 6 to the meet for use as the airborne platform. Cost will be about $95 (cash or check). Availability is somewhat limited so it’s on a first come, first served basis. Photography will be done in the (earlier) morning. This is very exacting flying and we will be having pre-flight orientations. Please bring rope/straps for tie downs.

Reminder: the TMGA web site is an “Opt In” web site. In this system you have to request the information and then you will continue to automatically receive it; but that means: no request, no information (alternatively, you could manually check all information periodically). We designed it this way because of the wide extent of the information contained within the web site. Bottom line, it’s important that you look at each area and select those areas you want. For further information, go to Help > then to New User Checklist for tutorials.)

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you, so sign up ASAP and let the fun begin!

Richard Pearl, Steve Sliwa, Ron Snedecor, Ray Buhr, Stu Ostrander Directors, TMGA

P.S. For our international members, the above is indicative of how to use the TMGA web site to structure a Regional fly-In.


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