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Introducing the New Website

Steve Sliwa



We hope you had a good holiday season and are positioned for health, peace, and prosperity in the New Year.

We've been working hard at the TMGA (Touring Motor Glider Association) and as previously announced we have totally revamped our website.  We listened to issues people had with the previous website and based upon this feedback chose the Invision Power Suite community software package.  We have customized it for our purposes and we hope that you will find it powerful, flexible, attractive, and intuitive.

We have the same features as in the previous website and additional ones.  Naturally, not all of the data from the previous site has been loaded yet (over 2,000 articles and files), but access to the legacy database is available until all of the data has been migrated and classified.

The forums, which are the prime way to create conversations with members and to get your questions answered (in a crowdsource sense), are much more intuitive.  We are hopeful that the new website will make it conducive for our members to proactively participate in our online community.

We have located the website at a new shortened URL:  www.motorgliders.org

Click the link above and go there.  Your credentials from the previous website should work.  You need your Display Name (previously called User Name) and Password.  If you can't remember these but remember the e-mail you used to sign-in to the previous website, you can use the online Guide or Tutorial for Lost Passwords to recover it yourself (see Help > Guides & Tutorials).  If you don't remember your activation e-mail just use Help > Contact Us and we'll get you going.

You will see that in the Guides and Tutorials section there are already 10 topics covered.  Guides include detailed screen shots and the Tutorials are short YouTube videos (about 5 minutes each) that explore various features on the website.  

Early on you'll probably want to explore the website and click on areas that you want to 'Follow,' which will keep you up to date with new posts.  Hopefully it won't be long before you might be participating in topics, contribute files to share, uploading some of your best photos, or helping to add information to the TMGwiki in the Library.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.  (See Help > Website FAQ for suggestions on how to post these.)


Steve Sliwa

Volunteer Webmaster


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