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Fly-In East Update

Richard Pearl


The East Coast Fly-In is shaping up and the attendance sheet is starting to be populated. This fly-in is for all you Easterners who looked at the Rockies and the Sierra for the trek West and said: maybe not!

We’ve got a great fly-in planned for our event home base – Melbourne, Florida (MLB). Sun, Sea, great flying, and great camaraderie…it doesn’t get any better. The official dates are Thursday April 7 thru Sunday April 10. Our experience with the West Coast events is that many pilots arrive a day early.

We’re working to get our event hotel to be on the beach.  As usual, everyone makes their own reservation so staying elsewhere is always a personal option. The travel time from the beach to MLD is only 15 minutes. More on this to follow.

Here’s the basic itinerary:

Thursday – arrival. Lunch and dinner on your own. There is a huge number of restaurants in the area. We’ll be coming up with suggestions.

Friday – AM briefing on the day either at the hotel or the airport. Dinner will be arranged at a Melbourne-area restaurant.  Activity options:

o   Fly-out Option:   Sun-N-Fun expo, which is only 45 minutes away by air. Airport options are landing at the expo airport (somewhat complicated) or a nearby airport and shuttling to the Expo.

o   Non-Flying Options:  Ground tour of the Cape Canaveral Space Center or Drive to Sun-N-Fun.

Saturday – AM briefing. Saturday night is our Fly-In dinner.  Activity options:

o   Fly-Out Option:  Fly the approach to the landing runway at the Space Center. 200 feet off the deck. WOW! Lunch at an airport within reasonable striking distance of MLB.

o   Non-Flying Option: Airboat ride in the Florida wetlands. The departure point is only 30 minutes from MLB.

Sunday – AM briefing. Departure for home.

To sign up go to our new website (www.motorgliders.org) and Navigate to ‘Events’ > ‘2016 Melbourne Sign-Up’. Remember, the sign-up spread sheet column for Attending has menu options for Yes, Probable, Maybe, Unlikely, and No.  If your goal is to come, please hit the Yes. We understand about weather and mechanical issue cropping up at the last minute. If you’re thinking “possibly”, then hit either the Probable or Maybe buttons, depending on how strong your feeling is.  

Best Regards,


Richard Pearl

Chair, TMGA


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