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February Update - Website & TMGA News

Steve Sliwa


Our revered chairman, Richard Pearl, is on a vacation to Iceland in the middle of winter!?!  He forwarded a note asking me to send updates for the upcoming fly-in as well as association/website news.  If he returns with all extremities intact (no frostbite) he will author next month's update. :)

East Coast Fly-In - The Fly-In is currently scheduled for April 7 thru April 8 in Melbourne FL.  spacecenter_approach.png.5bcd819bcf0422aThe sign up sheet shows that we are sneaking up on a dozen attendees.  Most are coming with planes, but some are coming sans plane for a Florida spring break with their TMGA colleagues.  Now is the time to start firming up your intentions or plans.  Please check the following links for more information:

Events Newsletter - General News - [ link ]

Forum - Discussion About Upcoming Events - [ link ]

Events Tab - Sign-Up Sheet - [ link ]

General News - The TMGA now has over 900 members.  We are now incorporating in the US as non-profit, charitable organization so that US members might be able to get a tax deduction for any membership dues or contributions that might make (not required).  Our prime activities are sponsoring fly-ins, support events like the upcoming SSA convention, and developing our community with this website.

Website Updates - The website has been successfully moved and had its software updated.  There are still growing pains and little bugs that are being worked.  For example, some of the notification e-mails that are sent to members have missing image links.  We are working with our vendor, IPS, to get these items fixed.  Occasionally there are some implementation issues on our side as well.  If you uncover any, please let us know.  In the meantime here are some updates of which you might not be aware.

Gallery - We now have over 1500 images in our gallery.  Have contributed any of your favorite pictures yet.  Here are couple of nice ones contributed by Tim Dews in his album.

dews01.thumb.jpg.c41fc0d8b6f995e8e41b7c0  dew02.thumb.jpg.b3b9c683ecea2da82146df45

Forums -- New member Martin Stepanek from the Czech Republic has immediately jumped in and started contributions on the Phoenix forum.  He has some interesting ideas for the future.  In addition, he also added some nice YouTube videos.  Here is one he calls "Selfie":



Library -- Our online library is composed of our TMGwiki (articles) and File Exchange (uploads/downloads) and is continuing to grow.  This past month saw a number of items related to safety added.  Members are encouraged share content so our online resources continue to grow. 

Website Help & Tutorials -- We started a section of guides (articles) and tutorials (youtube videos) showing how to use the website or add entries/content.  We also added a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to help members learn the new site.  Please share suggestions on other topics that might be helpful, probably because you notice some things are tricky to use or hard to figure out.  If you are having problems, so are others.  The Help section is at this [ link ].

Lost Credentials - A heavily used section on the website is the help section, which describes how to recover lost credentials (password, display name, e-mail).  The article is here and the video tutorial is here for solving the problem on your own.  If these fail, just contact us and we'll help you out. [ contact ]




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