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Touring Motor Glider Website - You Have Unread Content

Steve Sliwa


This is a transmittal sent to those who have built-up unread content on the website:

Hello {member}:

Here is recent information about your registration on the Touring Motorglider Association (TMGA) website:

Display Name:

Date Registered:

Last Website Login:

Greater than 10 Unread Items:  Yes

We have detected that it has been a long time since you logged in or that you have quite a bit of unread content accumulating on the website.  There are several reasons why this might be the case.  Let's see if we can't clear them and get you caught up with us.

(1) - Forgot How to Logon to the TMGA Website

We moved in December and not everyone has found the new location or perhaps some have forgotten how to log on.  Just navigate to www.motorgliders.org and click on the "Existing User? Sign In" link in the upper right corner as shown below.  You will need your Display Name (we listed it above for you) and your Password.  We recommend that you select "Remember Me" to make it easier to logon each time.


If you want to go to a logon page NOW (hopefully after reading thorugh the content below) just click on this link -> Log-On Link

(2) - Forgot Password

Some members have forgotten their password.  We can't see it on our control panels (privacy concerns) but you can reset your password as often as you need.  Just click on the 'Forgot Password' link as show below inside the yellow circle.  


You will need the e-mail address you used to register on the site, which by the way is the one to which this e-mail was transmitted.  After entering an e-mail, the software will send you an e-mail to that address.  You will click on a link within the e-mail to verify that it's you and that you want to reset your password.   The link will transport you back to the website to choose a new password.  If you want to follow this on a step-by-step basis check out this guide or this video tutorial.

If you want to go to a page to reset your password NOW you can click on this link -> Reset Password Link

Alternatively, you can just tell us you want us to set your password by using this link -> Contact Form - Ask Us to Set Your Password or email us at webmaster@motorgliders.org and we will manually do it, but we can't promise how fast our response will be.

Incidentally, once you are logged on you can change your password by going to Account Settings by clicking on your Display Name.

(3) - Unaware of New Content (Set Following/Notifications)

Some members we queried told us they were unaware that new content has been added.  Presently the software technology uses an 'opt-in policy' system, which means that to be notified of new content you need to specify in advance which content areas are of interest.  This 'opt-in policy' may change in the future as the software evolves, but you should set your notifications.  It's easy though.  Just navigate to sections, pages, categories, and subcategories of interest.  Then near the top right of any such page you will see a "Follow this" box as show below:  


Just click on the box to expose the options for how often you wanted to be notified by new content in this area (instantly, daily, weekly, or never) as shown below.  Never (Do not send notifications) is used if this is a subcategory of a parent category that is marked for notification but you really don't want to be notified about new content in this subcategory.


There are other sections in the website that help you manage your notifications once you set some.  Just click on your name and select "Manage Followed Content'.

(4) - Did Not Spot Unread Content on the Website

Some members told us that they logged into the website and didn't spot the unread content.  First thing to notice is that the titles of all unread content are generally bold, making it easy to spot.  


But even easier, at the top of nearly every page is a Quick Navigation Link to see all 'Unread Content' as shown below.


After clicking on the link you will get a listing of unread content that you can peruse as shown below:


(5) - Content of Interest has Already Been Read

Some members told us that they read all of the content of interest but don't want to have to visit every page of unread content just to get it marked as read (no longer bold).  Fortunately there is a short-cut key link for this as well.  After reading all the content of interest, near the top of every page is a Quick Navigation Link to 'Mark Site Read'.  This means that after clicking this link all unread content contributed to the entire website as of that moment is marked as read.  


Next time you log in only content that has been added since the time you clicked on this link will be marked as unread.  This feature was added to make it easy and time effective to scan a site for new content of interest.

We are hoping this little primer will help you either get back engaged on the TMGA website or will help you get more out of it quicker and more effectively.  Please keep the feedback, suggestions, and website contributions coming.


Steve Sliwa, TMGA
Volunteer Webmaster


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