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January Transmittal

Steve Sliwa


Happy New Year from your friends at the Touring Motor Glider Association.  We hope that your plans for the upcoming year will allow you pursue your interests in touring motor gliders.  If you are an owner or pilot in the US, we hope that you will be able to attend on of our 3 fly-in events this year.  For the past 9 years we have hosted 1 event, generally on the west coast.  Last year we sponsored an event on the East coast as well as West coast.  This year we will be hosting/sponsoring 3 events.  One on the East coast, one in the Mid-West, and another on the West coast.


If you think you might be able to attend one or more events, even if you aren't sure, please add your name to the sign-up sheet and indicate your estimated probability of attending.  Links to the three events follow:

East Coast Fly-In
Mar 30 - Apr 2
Naples, FL [KAPF]
Info/Forum: link
Sign-Up: link

Mid-West Fly-in
Aug 3 - 6
Ann Arbor, MI [KARB
Info/Forum: link
Sign-Up: link

West Coast Fly-In
Aug 24 - 27
Camarillo, CA [KCMA]
Info/Forum: link
Sign-Up: link

In case you missed, the most recent TMGA Newsletter is here:  link

To become a formal dues-paying member, renew your membership, or make a donation:  memberships -or- donations

As a reminder to newbies, the best way to start a conversation with members of the TMGA is to "Start New Topic" in a Forum.  The most general purpose forum is the one entitled Hangar Flying.  Just log into the website and navigate via the menus:  Community > Forums > Hangar Flying and then select "Start New Topic".  Here is a quick-link to that location:  link.  If you'd like to see a video tutorial on using the forums go to Support > Guides & Tutorials > Website Tutorials > 08 - Forums:  link

If you are having trouble logging on to the website or need other help Contact us here:  link

Best Regards,

Steve Sliwa
Volunteer Webmaster
Touring Motor Glider Association


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