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2016 TMGA Fly-In West

Richard Pearl


2016 USA Fly-In (West) – September 8th thru 12th - Minden NV

For 2016, it's back to Minden, Nevada, our “home base”. Start thinking about this event, scheduled for Thursday, September 8th thru Sunday September 12th.  They call Minden the “Diamond Mine” of soaring for a reason…so prepare for world-class flying in terms of altitude achievements and distance flying. All this, with LAKE TAHOE just 20 miles away. 

Weather permitting, we’ll try for a San Francisco Bay Tour with a lunch at Half Moon Bay. Flying over the Sierra crest at 12,000 MSL it’s a straight shot to the Sacramento valley and then on to San Francisco with a pass over the Golden Gate Bridge.

For our international group, why not combine aerial pleasure with land pleasure, i.e. a family holiday to San Francisco AND the fly-in. Minden is only hours away via from the City By The Bay via the interstate. More on the fly-in in later newsletters – but mark the dates now!

Oh, and for those who love speed, the incomparable Reno Air Races are scheduled for September 16 – 20, 2016. Come to the TMGA fly-in, enjoy Lake Tahoe or San Francisco for a few days, then enjoy the Air Races for some or all of the days (guaranteed action every day).   [ Minden Sign-Up Sheet ]

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