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2013 Annual Fly-In - West

Richard Pearl


2013 Western US Touring Motor Glider Fly-In

July 25-28, 2013 | Minden, NV

The TMGA recently completed its 5th annual Fly-In. Thirteen ships - coming from California, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Florida - made the journey. Altogether, we had thirty participants (pilots, copilots/family, interested pilots). A resounding success!

Each year brings new challenges, and improvements. The weather was somewhat challenging this year, but there was also outstanding soaring. Our on-site host, SoaringNV added a complete, air-conditioned, office suite that was a marked improvement over the open hangar. Many of us went on a delightful diner cruise on beautiful Lake Tahoe. The Saturday night presentation by Gerhard Deffner on his trip in his Stemme from Germany to Iceland and back was spellbinding. We expended the fly-in to four days (Thursday - Sunday) and that seemed to be a big hit. Andy Robinson did a fabulous job of aerial photography with those pilots who signed up for pictures over Lake Tahoe.

We're starting our planning for 2014. It will most likely be in late June. Start thinking about it now, and if you have any ideas, let us know via the Forum.

001.jpg.e23e3930e2062acf7c04292b3555f5e0  002.jpg.914a5f530979b4ee93e0285b03823a14   003.jpg.35343f24807a19dbc2bda0f8f4f8b508  004.jpg.6db2b0feafcfcf751a266e7cb965e16a  005.jpg.026455b7f9ad02f6a55a2003a4b4c7fa  006.jpg.12deb571298d6c29241cb5ff96a3dba0  007.jpg.b278770dc45a73097217cbaf9a546ad8  008.jpg.cf3491cba85db0224695c27ef3dda6f6


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