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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
  • 2019 Samba XXL Touring Motor Glider

    • Make & Model: Samba XXL (www.flysamba.com)
      Year: New
      Status: Dealer - In Stock
      Asking Price: Contact us for pricing.

    The top European seller has reached American shores. SAMBA XXL is a roomy two-place, single-engine, low-wing motor glider (roomy enough for two 6’4” tall pilots to sit side-by-side without touching shoulders). Powered by a reliable 100 hp Rotax 912ULS engine, Samba XXL burns less than 4gph under power, and, of course,  zippo when in the soaring mode. Imported as an E-LSA, S-LSA or LSA Glider (your choices) the SambaXXL is ideal for motor glider touring, training and if fitted with a tow hook the SambaXXL can tow gliders with MTOW of 1,320 pounds. Financing is available. Priced tens of thousands of dollars below its competitors and delivered fully equipped with up-to-date avionics, an MGL flat panel display, electrically operated Fowler flaps, and a GRS whole-aircraft ballistic parachute, SAMBA XXL is both fun to fly and very affordable. Learn more at www.flysamba.com. Contact us to begin your adventure.


    Samba and SunDancer.jpeg

    Samba Towing.jpeg


    Samba Cockpit.jpg


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