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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
  • Motor Glider Whisper 16M with Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp

    Joern Steinbeck
    • Make & Model: Whisper Aircraft, Whisper Motor glider 16M
      Year: 2008
      Status: For Sale
      Asking Price: 29000 USD

    For sale is a 2008 build Whisper Motor Glider 16m wings, fitted with a 100 hp Rotax 912 ULS and electric adjustable carbon IVO prop.

    The Aircraft has always been hangered and has 95 hrs on the airframe.The Engine and prop has 72 hrs on the clock since new.

    Recently spray painted and polished including canopy. The Aircraft has a fresh ATF valid until August 2019.

    The following equipment is fitted:

    VHF Radio: Icom



    Variometer: Electric Borgelt and mechanical Vario.

    Electric prop pitch adjust:

    Fuel flow computer:

    Flight computer : MGL Stratomaster EFIS Ultra Horizon XL ( see attachment manual, below cockpit image)

    RPM instrument:


    Fuel level Indicator:


    Slip indicator:

    The Aircraft is retro fitted with custom made Winglets by Jonker Sailplanes. The rudder has been prepped for installation of a tow hook if required.

    Aircraft has luggage bin and also wheel spats which can be fitted if so required.

    The Aircraft has an electric servo trim tab fitted, for elevator trimming, allowing for a relaxed cruise.

    Aircraft has very powerful air brakes allowing for a very precise approach profile.

    Absolute bargain @ 29000 USD. Not negotiable.

    See Aircraft specs as per below:

    Wing span 16m 
    Wing area 15sq.m   
    Aspect ratio 16 
    Length 7.16m 
    Empty weight  534 kg   
    Max all up weight  775 kg   
    Fuel capacity  85 litres   

    Rate of Climb (gross weight at sea level) 3.6m/s (700ft/min) 
    Max level speed 210km/h (113kts) 
    Cruise speed (75% power) 180km/h (95kts) 
    Vne 250km/h (132kts)   
    Stall speed 72km/h (38kts) 
    Va 160km/h (85kts) 
    Cruise fuel consumption 12litres/hr (3.2USG/hr)   
    Range 1200km (no reserves) 
    Take off roll 180m 
    Min sink speed 0.9m/s at 80km/h 
    Glide ratio  1:28 at 105km/h





    This Aircraft is stationed and kept in hangar at FAWC, Worecester Glider Airfield, South Africa.
    Well looked after by professional Aircraft Mechanic. 
    A Canopy cover comes with the plane keeping it in pristine condition.
    An Overseas shipment can be arranged in a 40 foot Container from Cape Town, South Africa. 

    Keeping the Aircraft at FAWC in rented Hangar for 100 US$ a month is also an option.

    Mail me for more info: Joernsteinbeck@gmail.com or 

    Whatsapp my Mechanic Mr. Luke Godwin on +27 72 310 3266






















    IMG-20181120-WA0003 (2).jpg


    Whisper cowling20181020_125112.jpg

    Edited by Joern Steinbeck

    Airport Location: FAWC
    Geographic Location: Worcester, South Africa
    Date of Last Annual: August 2018

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