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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)

  • Andre99
    • Make & Model: Valentin Taifun 17E
      Year: 1984
      Status: For Sale
      Asking Price: $65,000 CDN

    Valentin Taifun 17E
    S/N 1031 , A/F 1050 TSN,
     Eng 82 TSO, Limbach L200EB1.AB, Overhaul Germany Nov 2013
    Prop 82 TSO, Hoffmann HO-V62-R/160BT, Overhaul Germany Feb 2014, New blades 
    New  tinted blue Rear canopy from Mecaplex Switzerland , installed at Aviation R. Goulet (CZBM)
    Seats redone, new safety belts. 
    Landing gears removed to be repainted . Light weight Odysey battery, JPI FS 450 flow meter.Transponder serviced in USA 2019.
    406 K ACK Transponder . Cloud Dancer all weather cover complete kit and canopy travel cover. O2 portable kit. 
    Support jack system for gear check. One man rigging system.
    In 2016 experience wheels up landing . Damage limit to 1 sg ft belly rub and propeller blades . As precautionnary engine and propeller 
    sent to germany for inspection and overhaul . Engine mount sent locally for NDT and repaint. Fuselage repair at Aviation R Goulet ( Bromont A/P CZBM) approved for plactic glider repairs in accordance to Original Valentin engineering drawing.

    Purchased In USA in mars 2012 (N14XX) and parked in heated hangar since , never flown in winter.

    Price $65,000 CDN

    Edited by Andre99

    Airport Location: CYHU
    Geographic Location: Montreal , Quebc, Canada
    Date of Last Annual: Mars 2019

    Hyperlinked Enlargeable Images via Lightbox Slider:

    https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.9b089f5d2c62753504a1479ce8481082.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.a9137785b7dd5b25252fd5d424dd4c20.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.1315c014e0e20f2ffbe8c0bc455bce9c.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.3d33fb72fbe9b327d75afe91e51400f9.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.f6ab8f3b50bdda9cadcad114341d4948.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.3c346c90da34d750ad83ab581ee96f33.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.23b5c594e66e848b73126a1ad95b3ddb.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.910e91e0eaf6a404f65139e5c44214da.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.b1e060f6d1d0714ec7561b8654c51889.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.8e637d77ece3adb38d961a2df54ee24a.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.69f77613ae13dad40b5c15708bcc0d54.jpeg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2019_06/image.jpeg.31e717ea302f40864342c3e569f4b3e0.jpeg

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