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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
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      Asking Price: $20.00

    Like most good ideas, FliteWallet started with post-flight conversation over beer.  Three friends, all pilots.  The get-er-done guy who’s a full time aviation professional with the most letters: CFII, MEI, A&P IA; a remarkable aeronautical engineer with a CFII; and a goon with a good idea.

    FliteWallets are a simple concept, and we thought if the three of us wanted a yet-to-exist FliteWallet, then other aviation enthusiasts would as well.  We’re marrying two proven ideas–the familiar intricacy of a VFR sectional with the functionality of a Tyvek wallet–into an everyday reminder of the freedom and privileges us pilots enjoy.  We’re excited to share this with the aviation community, bringing the love of aviation to back pockets everywhere.

    We currently are offering wallets featuring Seattle, New York City, Florida, Idaho Backcountry, and the Columbia Gorge!

    The Columbia Gorge is our backyard, but we’ve just begun designing our collection and would love to hear your suggestions for future areas.  Please let us know what you’d like to see at flitewallet@gmail.com!  See us at our store.

    Our products are currently also carried at Aircraft Spruce & Specialty & PilotShop.com.

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    Date of Last Annual: December 2015

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    https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2015_12/SMS_2015-12-15_01-31-54_PM.jpg.c6284e60f75293a7de984bee84c812d9.jpg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2015_12/SMS_2015-12-15_01-32-11_PM.jpg.58f2042fe84e8d70d1337634ef7a09f0.jpg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2015_12/SMS_2015-12-15_01-32-30_PM.jpg.e626eb4afb3958a0aaf54e480d05bf09.jpg https://www.motorgliders.org/uploads/monthly_2015_12/SMS_2015-12-15_01-32-45_PM.jpg.abbc22e5b8acc48094b6da235e2d6a7a.jpg

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