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  2. Todd

    South Central Florida Rendezvous?

    Great to hear that more gliders are on the way! Keep us informed of your progress.
  3. racaldwell

    South Central Florida Rendezvous?

    Todd, I am a ways away from finishing but there are two Xenos motorgliders being built at the Melbourne airport north side hangars. Mine is more than a yr. away from completion but Larry's is getting close. He started his engine for the 1st time this weekend.
  4. Perry

    Monett Moni #8

    Own one of the first Monis ever made, Moni #8! Brought to Portland this fall after being stored at a hangar in Idaho for 25 years. Seat is out and landing gear is off as previous owner was going to change undercarriage. Prop is a piece of art! Have original owner's manual. The finished Moni was a mildly aerobatic motoglider, surely one of the most fun and economical types of airplanes. A Moni pilot could zip along at 193 kph (120 mph) or stop her engine and glide around in search of thermal updrafts at a respectable 20:1 glide ratio. Airframe weight totalled about 118 kg (260 lb), a mere 1.8 kg (4 lb) over the legal weight limit for ultralights but the Moni was at least two times faster. All this superb performance depended on a small and economical power plant, the KFM 107 two-stroke, air-cooled engine that Monnett included with all the kits he sold.
  5. Todd

    South Central Florida Rendezvous?

    Thanks Mike, You gave me a great flight in your Phoenix last year. I ended up with the Pipistrel as the wait for a new one was only 6 months verses a few years for a new Phoenix. The Vero Beach operation is out of New Hibiscus (X52). I flew in there last spring but it was a week day and nothing going on. There were gliders in the hangar and it is a club operation. I will try to get up that way again on a nice weekend and hope to see some gliders in the air. I’ll also look into La Belle.
  6. mikeschumann

    South Central Florida Rendezvous?

    I fly a Phoenix Motorglider out of Naples. There was a pretty active informal glider operation at LaBelle last year until Tom Irlbeck’s unfortunate accident. I’m not sure what’s going on there this season. It also looks like there is a new glider operation near Vero Beach.
  7. I fly a Pipistrel Sinus out of Pompano Airpark (KPMP). My normal soaring grounds are between Boca Raton (KBCT) and Palm Beach airspace from the coast to out west using Loxahatchee 7FD6, Belle Glade (X10), Duda (FA69), Okeelanta (FL41) as emergency fields if I don’t get a restart. Yesterday conditions were good and after feathering over Boca I was able to soar out to McDaniel (0FL9) (49NM) before restarting for a quick climb to start my way home. Cloud bases were up over 4500’ so by arcing north I was able to stay within gliding range of one of the fore mentioned airports on the way over. Although the claimed glide ratio is about 28:1 I’ve measured about 22:1 with a minimum sink around 250 fpm. I would like to find some other gliders to fly with. If anyone is planning any soaring in the area or even out near Immokalee or La Belle I would be interested in coordinating to meet up overhead somewhere. If you are flying a Stemme please keep the wings folded to approximate the performance of the rest of us:) Text Todd 954 263-6574
  8. mikeschumann

    FAA changes VFR code for gliders

    From my personal experience, almost none of the controllers I talk to are aware of the the 1202 squawk code for gliders. Outside of areas like Minden NV, there are so few Transponder equipped gliders that most of these controllers never see an aircraft squawking 1202, and automatically assume that this is a cockpit error. I always squawk 1202 when I am flying my Phoenix Motorglider, regardless of whether or not I have the motor on. With the Dynon Skyview System, changing the squawk code is not as simple as turning a button on a transponder. I don’t think it makes sense to add this distraction to a relatively high work load environment when you are transitioning to/from powered flight. A side benefit of squawking 1202 all the time is to help educate controllers that this code exists and what it means.
  9. Todd

    FAA changes VFR code for gliders

    I’ve flown my Pipistrel Sinus in SE Florida for over a year now. I squawk 1202 when soaring and 1200 when cruising. I fly from KPMP and the tower kept telling me to squawk 1200 whenever I call them even when gliding so I now just switch to 1200 before calling them. They are very accommodating and I have always been able to land with the engine off. When soaring in their sector I always monitor Palm Beach approach. When they call me out to other traffic they never say it’s a glider even though I’m squawking 1202 and have ADS-B so presumably they know my aircraft type. I know they know I’m out there as I have talked to them in the past but got tired of being given altitude and heading constraints!
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  11. james


    rotax 914 with mt constant speed prop full panel 2 radios 2 gps owned since 1996
  12. 8 NEW champion REL37B JIM LEEDY 509-521-3710 jeleedy@aol.com $40.OO EACH or BEST OFFER
  13. Dave McConeghey

    Delivery and Instruction

    We can fly your motorglider together to where ever you need to go. Airline Transport Pilot 12,000 hours. 6,900 CFI, 750 Glider, Experience in over a dozen models of touring type motorgliders. Let’s have fun getting you cross country experience in your motorglider as you bring it home. Dave McConeghey 316-409-9624. McConeghey@gmail.com
  14. Dave McConeghey


    We can fly your motorglider together to where ever you need to go. Airline Transport Pilot 12,000 hours. 6,900 CFI, 750 Glider, Experience in over a dozen models of touring type motorgliders. Let’s have fun getting you cross country experience in your motorglider as you bring it home. Dave McConeghey 316-409-9624. McConeghey@gmail.com
  15. Learn to fly your motorglider well. Available to fly in your motorglider at your location or here in Wichita, KS. Dave McConeghey.
  16. Dave McConeghey

    Motorgliding and Gliding in Hawaii

    We are going to the Big Island of Hawaii this Friday Nov. 30th, 2018 and will be there for a week. Any Motorglider/Glider contacts there? Will be based at Kona.
  17. tcamilli

    LSA (Glider) Repairman Course April 22 - May 7 2019

    This is from Carol Carpenter at Rainbow Aviation regarding a glider add-on to the maintenance and repair class: Hi Folks, We are planning to offer the Weight Shift and Glider add on Module May 8-9, 2019 and May 10-11, 2019 pending demand. If you are interested in this workshop- check these dates and email a confirmation if you would be able to attend. I am creating a "firm" list for these dates and the workshop is dependent on interest. We will run the workshop for as few as 8 attendees. So it is important to confirm - and then save the dates if you are interested in attending. Warm Regards, Carol Carpenter Rainbow Aviation Services N 930 Marguerite Ave Corning, CA 96021 530/824-0644
  18. TMGAviation

    New Maps

    Why that is like you say "clever" Great Job!
  19. Ron Hess

    durable covers for phoenix

    I did order from Bruce's Custom Covers. He quoted me 2500$ and then drove out to my home field KRHV, took the measurements and made the covers in a few weeks. The covers are a very durable nylon with extra soft lining for the canopy area. I'm very happy with the covers, but I don't use them all the time since i have a covered shelter at KRHV. I expect these will last many years with my current usage pattern. I intend to use these when parked outside at my soaring airport KTRK in the summer. Bruce has the measurements now, so next covers he makes will fit just as well as mine ( excellent )
  20. Ron Hess

    Ballistic Parachute Repacking

    Thanks for your detailed descriptions, i need to schedule this on my plane sometime in the next 6 months.
  21. Eric Greenwell

    Exhaust diverter to keep fuselage bottom cleaner?

    78 engine hours since installing the diverter, and no grime (or even an oily feel) to the entire belly. I wish I'd thought of this sooner, as I was cleaning the belly every 20-30 hours before using the diverter. No apparent problems, either.
  22. For sale is a 2008 build Whisper Motor Glider 16m wings, fitted with a 100 hp Rotax 912 ULS and electric adjustable carbon IVO prop. The Aircraft has always been hangered and has 95 hrs on the airframe.The Engine and prop has 72 hrs on the clock since new. Recently spray painted and polished including canopy. The Aircraft has a fresh ATF valid until August 2019. The following equipment is fitted: VHF Radio: Icom Altimeter: ASI: Variometer: Electric Borgelt and mechanical Vario. Electric prop pitch adjust: Fuel flow computer: Flight computer : MGL Stratomaster EFIS Ultra Horizon XL ( see attachment manual, below cockpit image) RPM instrument: Voltmeter: Fuel level Indicator: Compass: Slip indicator: The Aircraft is retro fitted with custom made Winglets by Jonker Sailplanes. The rudder has been prepped for installation of a tow hook if required. Aircraft has luggage bin and also wheel spats which can be fitted if so required. The Aircraft has an electric servo trim tab fitted, for elevator trimming, allowing for a relaxed cruise. Aircraft has very powerful air brakes allowing for a very precise approach profile. Absolute bargain @ 39000 USD. Not negotiable. See Aircraft specs as per below: Wing span 16m Wing area 15sq.m Aspect ratio 16 Length 7.16m Empty weight 534 kg Max all up weight 775 kg Fuel capacity 85 litres Rate of Climb (gross weight at sea level) 3.6m/s (700ft/min) Max level speed 210km/h (113kts) Cruise speed (75% power) 180km/h (95kts) Vne 250km/h (132kts) Stall speed 72km/h (38kts) Va 160km/h (85kts) Cruise fuel consumption 12litres/hr (3.2USG/hr) Range 1200km (no reserves) Take off roll 180m Min sink speed 0.9m/s at 80km/h Glide ratio 1:28 at 105km/h https://whisperrd.wordpress.com/ https://www.whisperaircraft.com/ https://www.facebook.com/whisperaircraft/ This Aircraft is stationed and kept in hangar at FAWC, Worecester Glider Airfield, South Africa. Well looked after by professional Aircraft Mechanic. A Canopy cover comes with the plane keeping it in pristine condition. An Overseas shipment can be arranged in a 40 foot Container from Cape Town, South Africa. Keeping the Aircraft at FAWC in rented Hangar for 100 US$ a month is also an option. Mail me for more info: Joernsteinbeck@gmail.com or Whatsapp my Mechanic Mr. Luke Godwin on +27 72 310 3266 Ultra_HorizonXLmanual.pdf
  23. mikeschumann

    Ballistic Parachute Repacking

    Can you attach a copy of the shipping instructions that include the photos?
  24. sheridan9sc

    Ballistic Parachute Repacking

    Just sent off our parachute this morning for repacking to Dennis at Magnum Parachutes. Thank you to Ed for the clear instructions on removing the chute from the plane. USPS 3-day delivery from South Carolina to Florida was $37 plus $2,000 insurance of $27. The insurance was probably unnecessary, but it gives piece of mind and since Dennis bundles these back to Czechoslovakia the valuation does not go directly on the customs forms.. I used a box from UPS that was 20 x 12 x 12 ($5). I have attached the instructions from Dennis so that you have all the pictures requested when you are removing the chute. I'll update this post once I get the chute back. Magnum, Repack Shipping Instructions.docx
  25. I am selling the pride and joy of my fleet a 1998 HK36TTC. I've found another Diamond to replace it. Its exterior is nearly perfect having just been polished up by Fidel Ramirez of Composite One in Moriarity. This one has USAF striping of the American Flag. Climb rate at 5200 MSL on hot day is 6 kts. Cruise speed 103 (book), 105 kts measured at 60% power. Can and should be operated on MOGAS and alcohol is not a problem for the Diamond airframe. Last annual April 2018 and I'm glad to combine a pre-buy with its next annual so the new owner can see the quality. All life limited parts are in compliance. It will need a prop overhaul next year. Prop dynamically balanced and it runs smooth. Having flow the HK series for over 5000 hours I can truly say this is my favorite ship. Make it yours!
  26. mikeschumann

    Exhaust diverter to keep fuselage bottom cleaner?

    Just flew from Mpls to Naples FL via Charlotte with my new exhaust diverter. After a 10+ hour flight, no oil slicks on the fuselage.
  27. mikeschumann

    Great tailwind

    What was really interesting, which you can see on my screenshot, the Dynon final glide ring was entirely in front of the aircraft. Given the tailwind, the Dynon didn't think that I could make a final glide to an airport directly under my aircraft.
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