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  2. Taifun Flight Training

    Dear Members: I'm in the final stages of completing the restoration of Taifun 17E II. I will require dual flight instruction prior to my initial test flight, as its been some time since I last flew the Taifun. My ratings include SEL Private, Comm Glider, and CFIG. Is there an owner or CFIG on the East Coast who would be willing to provide instruction in the Taifun? I'm located in the Philadelphia area. Best Regards, Gil Frost
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  4. Vario

    Go all the way and fit an LX8000 or LX9000. Excellent navigation tools for gliding or occasional gliding, especially compared with iPad versions. I use an iPad in my Ximango and while it works OK as a navigational tool, especially if the weather is not too hot and it shuts down, but it does not offer more than a fraction of the information you get on a glide computer. I have an LX8000 in my glider and it's brilliantly easy to use.
  5. Ballistic Parachute Repacking

    Just received the parachute back from Stratos 07 this morning. Total round trip time was a little more than a month. The chute has an updated repack label and they included a new Kevlar bridle at no extra cost. Dennis Carly stepped in to batch the payment to Stratos 07 so I didn't have to do an individual wire transfer, but the chute was delivered to my door via FedEx direct from the factory. I am just awaiting the invoice from Dennis which I can pay in USD, so things are essentially done. My plane is exceedingly happy.
  6. SunDancer 696SD

    Changed my N to 588V

  7. durable covers for phoenix

    Hi Ed, I keep my plane hangared for the entire year and do not have information on how they will hold up. I originally intended to use them for a month or 2 when I kept my plane outside when I took extended trips but haven't done this yet. When I emailed the manufacturer in Czechoslovakia they said they should last about 2 years depending on the climate with exposure 24/7. They cost about $750. and they were a full set of covers. The fit is superb and the fabric feels durable. The canopy cover attaches with straps. Go to http://www.planecover.cz/kontakty_en.html Hope this helps. George
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  9. Vario

    I am building a Sonex Xenos motor glider. I am at the stage where I am starting wiring. I have an MGL Discovery Lite EFIS. I am looking for recommendations on a vario. I was thinking along the lines of Lxnav S8. Thoughts? BV
  10. ADS-B Out

    Got mine factory installed when I ordered my Sinus Dec 2015 with Dynon avionics. It is really nice in busy airspace to be able to see, on screen, where other ADSB-equipped aircraft are. Hope I don't let down on AIRUSA while he's hidden in that big blind spot under the nose. How much is your life worth?
  11. S6 and S12 Reviews

    Has anyone experience with either the S-6 or S-6 Retractable Gear, or the S-12 airplanes? Am considering changing from my Phoenix to a Stemme and would like to discuss the airplanes. Thanks. Alan
  12. ADS-B Out

    I installed an NGT 9000 Lynx transponder in May 2016 in my Diamond HK 36 TTC. After installation problems caused by being the avionics shop's first install and, likely, the first motorglider they'd ever seen, I have been very happy with the box. Being on the fringes of the LA airspace, I feel safer with better situational awareness. I use it for TFRs and weather infrequently.
  13. Ballistic Parachute Repacking

    Ed, Thanks many times for sharing this and your other advisements, greatly appreciated.
  14. Ballistic Parachute Repacking

    I just got an invoice from Stratos 07 for the repack. The good news is that they did it faster than I had anticipated, the bad news is that they want it paid by a bank transfer. The final invoice was for 420 euros (about $500 including return shipping). I went to my bank and found out that wire transfers have all sorts of hidden costs, and the total was going to be $75. Not only does the originating bank charge a fee, but also any intermediary bank along the transfer. The banker said that he felt that was way too high for such a small payment, and he advised that I ask the company for alternatives. They do not do credit cards or take checks, so we're stuck. I decided to call Dennis Carly, owner of U-Fly-It, the Magnum US Representative in Deland FL, and ask his advice. After telling him the whole story, I was able to negotiate with him a service option whereby he agreed to be the contact point for all US Phoenix parachute repacking transfers. He is moving parachutes back and forth from Stratos frequently enough that there will be minimal delays, and he has agreed to accept our chutes to become a part of batched orders. This is probably the most cost-effective process since he has shipping and factory discounts that he will pass on to you. He also has appropriate processes for dealing with the rocket when that comes due at 12 years. Finally, he agreed to handle payments by check so that we don't have to deal with the wire transfers. I believe he will be the best option going forward both for shipping and payment. BOTTOM LINE: Just call Dennis when you need to do this.
  15. ADS-B Out

    I want to use the ATC system as fully possible, means everything accept Class A. I have a certified L13 Vivat, which means experimental options are not available to me. I currently have a KT76A transponder and so am particular interested in solutions that work with it. The Skybeacon by uAioni is a very interesting possibility, especially as it might be available for certified aircraft early in 2018. The Skybeacon is a retro fit system that replaces the port navigation light
  16. ADS-B Out

    For now if you not live in a place where mode c is required, then there is no need. However it does limit your travels in the future. The other day I saw a red wing tip clearance light that is a nav light and ADS-B out and is suppose to be legal for when the time comes. $1900. By 2020, they should began to be price at about a dime a dozen. Just going to wait it out. It gets cheaper by the day.
  17. ADS-B Out

    Those of us with the Dynon SkyView system will (or have) replace the original GPS with a compliant unit for about $500, and we're done!
  18. ADS-B Out

    Would be interested in hearing how other members are planning to meet the FAA requirements in 2020
  19. durable covers for phoenix

    Hi, George - I was wondering if you could give a follow up report on the Phoenix covers you bought last year. How are they holding up? What was the total cost, including shipping? Were they just wing covers or a full set? Did they come with any expectation of how long they’d last? How do they fasten to the aircraft and each other? Thanks for your help. Ed
  20. Thank you, D.B., that was useful.
  21. Phoenix 912 engine loses 500 rpm during climb

    I and another pilot spent several hours a week ago, testing things and doing WOT run-ups, and the only thing we found was a speck of what looks like red rubber (like the red rubber on the hose insulation) in the left float bowl. The run-up after that was perfect - no rough running, no RPM sagging. The next two day, I did another full power runup, a takeoff, and two 5 minute, full power climbs; the following day, I flew a two leg, two hour total trip to another airport. During the runup, climbs, and the out and return flight, the engine performed smoothly just like it did for the first 450 hours. So, I'm persuaded it's fixed, but I'll be extra cautious for the next few flights, keeping an airport in easy reach while flying.
  22. Ballistic Parachute Repacking

    I needed to send some wires to Phoenix Air, and attempted to send this box weighing 3 pounds via DHL. $20 value, and they wanted $270 to ship it. I shipped it USPS for $60 instead.
  23. Which new 8.33 VHF COM ?

    I fitted a Funke ATR833 to replace my ATR500 14 months ago. The 833 radio has more functions and 100 frequency memory slots, although programming all of the vacant memories without a data cable is a pain. With a data cable, programming can be done at your leisure using Excel or other spreadsheet, to create a CSV file, which can then be squirted into the radio using a laptop computer. The quality of transmission and reception on on the ATR833 radio is excellent. I particularly like the dual frequency watch facility, and being able to listen out on the standby frequency, whilst still able to communicate on the main frequency. I do not regret my purchase
  24. USA is very much an ICAO country also :-) but yes, I am based in Europe where the 8.33 kHz requirements are coming (because Europe lacks a supernational VHF frequency allocating body). I guess I should ask in a more European-weighted forum ...
  25. Which new 8.33 VHF COM ?

    25 kHz only spacing required in the USA. 8.33 in ICAO countries.
  26. The old Dittel in our G109B is due for replacement due to new 8.33 kHz requirements, poor intercom and reception problems due to squelch troubles. We have considered the Funke ATR833 models, the Dittel KRF2, Becker 6201 and even the Garmin GTR225 although that one is already deemed to expensive. They have slightly different user interfaces and displays, but all perform similarly according to specs on paper, they have adjustable intercom and dual watch and other useful functions. Since I simply cannot find any independent reviews of any of them, I am inclined to go for the cheapest model, the Funke ATR833S. It is made by a reputable company (as are the others), it is developed from the popular ATR500 (of which I also cannot find any reviews), and it seems to have a large enough display and a reasonable user interface (at least it does not rely on the same bezel for adjusting volume and for selecting frequency as one of the other models do). I would be grateful to hear from anyone with some experience with these or similar 8.33 capable VHF COM sets.
  27. Ballistic Parachute Repacking

    Here's a bright spot... I just heard from the Stratos 07 factory, and they are predicting a 2-week turnaround time for the repack. That is significantly faster than I had been led to believe earlier in the year. This may reflect a time of year issue, so I don't know how representative it is of other seasons or if their workflow varies for other reasons. It does, however, potentially reduce the total turnaround time to a little more than a month. All this for something I'm (hopefully) never going to use.
  28. Phoenix Cross Country Flights

    When crossing unlandable terrain or water my motto is first to get high enough to glide to safety if engine quits. Here, we are at about 10,500 MSL as we head over the Chesapeake bay. We are migrating the Phoenix Motorglider from Princeton, NJ to my partner, Terry, in Georgia who gets it mid October to mid April. I keep a sharp eye on the weather and go when I get the first good weather window in October. This was extraordinary. Clear skies the whole way together with almost exactly true tail winds. Prevailing winds are usually west to east but were NE to SW for us. Never had it so good. We landed at Suffolk Exec. Airport southwest of Norfolk, VA to eat some lunch,stretch our legs, and inspect the plumbing facilities. We flew on for a total of about 4 hours for day 1 of the trip and landed at Statesville, NC overnight. A great airport for both small general aviation planes like our motorglider and some much bigger stuff as well. Statesville was a nice little town which seemed frozen in an earlier, but pleasant, age. The next day we headed south west along the beautiful Great Smokies thru S.Carolina to our final stop at W.Georgia Regional airport where we were greeted by Terry. Total trip airtime a bit above 6 hours. The plane burned about 26 gallons of gas to get us 825 miles, though I topped up the tanks at both stops. (I don't want to be that guy you hear about on the 11 o'clock news.) Not counting speed in take- off and landing phases of flight, this was done at about 135 mph ground speed. We were not pushing the speed to the max. The Rotax 100 hp ULS engine was running at cruise RPMs of about 4,500 to 4.700. Not good to run it at much lower RPM over extended time frame due to excess carbon build up on spark plugs. Great fun, and a great host in Georgia. https://www.facebook.com/David.S.Glosser
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