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  2. limbach engine wanted

    Looking to purchase Limbach 1700 accessory case, flywheel, starter, alternator, or complete engine in any condition with all accessories.
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  4. Grob 109B Electrical Schematics

    Trying to download the electrical schematics for Grob 109B. Every time I try to get the information I get a message saying the file is not on the server. I'm logged into TMGA but noticed in the top right hand corner of the downloads section that it is asking me to sign in and when I enter my details I get a message saying not recognised. Any guidance on how I can download the info I'm looking for would be much appreciated
  5. Ballistic Parachute Repacking

    Thanks @edwalker working on the condition inspection for a U15 who's chute is due. Created an account just to say thanks for the posting. Owner's not going to be happy. Hope he loves it as much as you do.
  6. Need flat bottom ailerons

    Hello all. I bought a Ximango about 18 months ago. Great price! Now I know why😫. Factory will not build a set of new ailerons. Mine has the rounded bottom side of the aileron. Great for soaring, for speed, not so much. Above 90 kts they all but lockup the ailerons. LOTs of stress on the linkage. Scarry lots. The guy with the bird that burned already sold his. I see several crash reports. Latest close to me in Waco, TX. Can't find who owned it. Sheriffs Dept SOMEWHERE has one a hanger fell on. Can't find that one either. Anyone know of someone parting one out or a salvage yard that might have a set of ailerons?! Will take any leads I can get. Thanks, Britt Thurman b737thurman@yahoo.com
  7. LX Nav Vario

    Is anyone out there flying with an LX Nav S80 or S100? I am trying to figure out how to load my Pipistrel Sinus Max polar into the unit. The instructions say I have to use the SeeYou program to calculate values "a, b, and c" - coefficients of an equation for the polar. I tried downloading the SeeYou program, but apparently it does not work on Mac's. Is anyone running SeeYou that I could give a few polar points to and get back the a,b,c coefficients? Would also love to hear anyone's experience with the LX Nav S80/100. Thanks, Scott
  8. Great tailwind

    Hey Mike! Last December, day 2 coming home from Durango, non stop Lafayette La. to Fort Myers, 650nm.
  9. Great tailwind

    Awesome. When and where were you flying?
  10. Carb bowl debris

    I had another conversation with the IA this morning, and he was able to examine the debris more closely with a magnifier. He said that it was most consistent with the coating material applied to the floats, and didn't think it was hose material. So the theory now is that it was likely from the floats rather than the hose material. That's a bit more concerning in that it represents deterioration over time as opposed to a one time event.
  11. Carb bowl debris

    Last year I had the Rotax 5 year rubber replacement on my engine done. I'm fortunate to have one of the best Rotax engine gurus in the country at my home field, and I worked with him doing the replacement. Everything went well, and the engine ran smoothly all year. At my annual condition inspection yesterday we pulled the carb bowls and found a tiny piece of debris, in the bottom of the bowl (see attachment). We first thought it might be float deterioration, but the floats looked fine, weighed up precisely, and were not in the batch of floats covered in the service bulletin. Even though the fuel lines were cut clean and flushed last year, I wondered if the insertion of the new lines on the hose barbs might possibly dislodge marginally attached rubber fragments, and these lines are downstream of the fuel pump screen. Since many of you will be doing this replacement, it might be worthwhile to check the bowls after an engine run-in period to check for any debris. It's something that you can probably do yourself if you get stranded with a rough engine: The rest of the annual was unremarkable. The tail fork and linkages, rudder travel and rudder cable attachments at the pedals were normal.
  12. Cobra Trailer for the Phoenix?

    I forgot to mention that the cost in 2013 was just shy of $9,000.
  13. Cobra Trailer for the Phoenix?

    Hi All, Having a trailer for my Phoenix has been great. Yes, the Phoenix has a motor and is a quite capable touring machine as we all know (to Costa Rica Jan 2014). Since taking delivery in May of 2013 my Phoenix, snuggled in its trailer, has averaged 8K miles per year. So we are looking at approximately 40K miles. Escaping the NY winter I see the majority of my airtime in Florida and Arizona returning home at the end of May. Having a Phoenix trailer allows me to have my vehicle on this annual adventure. The trailer is all aluminum made by Blizzard. I had the interior height reduced from 6'6" to 5'10" (my height) it allows the canopy to open a bit with access to the package self for charging etc. The empty weight is aprox 2300 Lbs with a max gross of 7k Lbs. It tows well behind my Honda Pilot. It is stable seeing 80 MPH on occasion without a problem. Of course significant cross winds are a factor. I can rig and derig the Phoenix alone if the wind is not too strong. It is a straight forward process. Leaving just less than five gallons in the wings on your last flight allows fuel to drain into two 5 gal containers before disassembly. After assembly at your destination you have fuel and are ready to find some Cu's. Blizzard is willing to customize their trailers and ship then everywhere, including overseas as far as I know. See: http://www.blizzardmfg.com I beleive my model is a modified 716 or 718. Detailed pictures of my trailer are somewhere on this site or at least where at one time. Sorry don't have a link to there location.
  14. Halcon Wonderful. I have an FR-4d and an L-13 SEH, here in Oregon at Twin Oaks Airport (7S3) near Hillsboro, OR. Better yet, I know Collin in MacMinnville. OR (MMV) who owns an RF-5b and who is one of the best motor glider pilots anywhere. He has been very helpful with my motor glider students and pilots sent to me for motor glider training by the FAA. I have flown RF-5's in Italy and the US. Great aircraft! I am also a CFI A and G. So whatever you want or need we can do. My number is 503.888.1600. Robert Brock
  15. Virus SW at UND.JPG

  16. Six Sinus Collection

  17. Glider training and self launch training in the NW USA

    The ASA (Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Association) has a list of potential motorglider instructors: https://sites.google.com/site/motorgliders/licensing-and-training#TOC-Washington Start there, and if you find errors in the list, or additions for the list, please let me know, and I will update the list. You can definitely get training if you are willing to travel outside OR/WA, in CA or AZ.
  18. I am in the process of purchasing a Fournier RF-5 this month and need to complete my glider rating and obtain a self launch endorsement sometime within the next month. Does anyone know of any commercial glider training schools operating during the winter months in the Northwest, USA? I hold ATP and CFI licenses and logged over 28,000 hours. I had to discontinue my glider rating due to relocation and personal reasons. I am trying to find a commercial flight school that offers training in the Northwest, USA and operates during the winter months. I live in Washington State but I would travel to Oregon State to finish my glider training and also obtain a self launch endorsement in a rental motor glider. Does anyone know of a school doing this training here in the NW, USA? I need to complete this training within a month or two so I can fly my Fournier motor glider after completing the purchase.
  19. Pipistrel Sinus before storm

  20. Approaching Lake Michigan shoreline

  21. The Good LIfe

    Sinus with mountains
  22. Cobra Trailer for the Phoenix?

    Jim - Thanks for the info. I already knew about Don's trailer and the Haulmark, but I don't have an adequate tow vehicle to pull either option. What got me started on this was that I found out that Cobra has made at least one Lambada trailer that was suitable to be towed by my Subaru Outback, so I wrote to them about what it would take to do a Phoenix version. Unfortunately, as you point out, it's quite a pricey transaction, probably close to $25k, and I doubt it will have any resale value. Back to square one. Ed
  23. Cobra Trailer for the Phoenix?

    Ed, a Cobra (Spindleberger) trailer for the Phoenix will cost about $20K by the time you get it here with shipping. I don't think there is a Phoenix Cobra trailer. You can get a Haulmark type trailer modified in height only for around $8K. The weights of the trailers will be about the same. The big difference in weight depends on 1 or 2 axles. 2 axles tows much smoother for the plane, and provides extra safety in case of a blowout. Don tows his trailer with a Honda Pilot. Here is a photo of Don's trailer. The Haulmark types are around 7 feet high inside. Don's trailer was about 5' 10", and there was around 5" of space above the canopy. So it would be possible to have one made with around 5'5" inside height. Measure your Phoenix to the top of the canopy and see how low you can go. But if you go back to Don's trailer photo, you can see that he needed that extra room above for the wingtips and tail. Several years ago when I looked into trailers, a local company could build one to my dimensions for the same price as the usual size, $8000 with tandem axles. I would think the Seattle area would have a company which does this work too.
  24. Dynon transponder issue

    I got an e-mail from the FAA yesterday indicating that they finally fixed the ADS-B ground stations in my area, so that they now correctly recognize my Phoenix as a glider rather than a "Skydiver / Parachutist". I ran an ADS-B Performance report on my last flight from Naples FL to Sebring in late January, and sure enough, it now shows that I am a glider. It would be interesting to see if this fix has rolled out nation wide yet.
  25. Dynon ADSB-472 and GPS-2020

    What kind of bugs were they talking about? Are they hardware or firmware issues? How does this affect those of us who already have the new receivers?
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