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  2. Eric Greenwell

    Exhaust diverter to keep fuselage bottom cleaner?

    You are probably talking about Mike's diverter, but I recall the ID of my diverter and exhaust tubing are the same size, so the diverter just makes the exhaust pipe a little longer (2"?). With the headers, muffler, and original exhaust pipe in series, that 2" should be insignificant. I did consider cutting 2"-3" off the original exhaust pipe to keep the length and weight closer to original, and still might do that after more hours of testing.
  3. mikeschumann

    Exhaust diverter to keep fuselage bottom cleaner?

    My muffler guy used pipe that is slightly larger than the 40mm OD exhaust pipe on the Phoenix to make sure that we didn't run into that problem.
  4. I have no idea if this diverter changes the back pressure in a way which may be harmful to the engine.
  5. Grob Driver

    Canopy Cover for Sale

    I have a brand new, unused Canopy Cover for a Grob G109 A model. Price $200 Aud with free postage. If interested contact Greig at greigw109@gmail.com
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  7. marjoh2005

    Importing a TMG

    Thanks for all the great info! Klaus, do you have contact info for the person selling the SF28? When I check the FAA website for registered aircraft, I only find 3 SF28's registered in the US: one in Georgia, Michigan and Nebraska. I've recently sent an email to the owner in Nebraska but haven't gotten a response.
  8. prg55100

    GROB 109B TBO extension

    Dear all G109B owner, I fly the G109B D-KBBW S/N 6337 with the Grob 2500E1 engine S/N 4601/EN in service since 8/01/1985. I passed 2100 hrs and renew yearly Air Worthiness with engine on condition. Compressions and oil analyses are still OK. I wonder who else flying on condition over TBO on G109B and for how long? Any experience will be greatly appreciated
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  14. Collin

    Mikron Parts

    Hello, Looking for valve gaskets and spark plugs for the Mikron IIIB Thanks Collin Vivat SDM McMinnville, Oregon
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