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  4. robkkb

    fuelpump for 109 B Grob

    am looking for a G 109 B engine driven fuelpump. It looks like a standard VW part.
  5. 914Driver

    Grob 109a

    85hp Limbach with 1397 hrs., 307 SMOH. This year she got a new Magneto, plugs and tail wheel tire. Interior is clean with new trim panels and stick boots. It comes with full covers for outdoor living, wing stands for tie down and wing cradles for storage. She has new Cleveland calipers, rotors and pads. I have all records, receipts and log books. Also included is a Flight Manual (POH) and Limbach Repair Manual. Located at 5B2 - Saratoga Springs, NY Asking $30,500. Asking $27,500. Offers politely negotiated.
  6. 914Driver

    Grob 109a

    85hp Limbach with 1398hrs. (307 hrs SMOH). New Magneto, plugs and tail tire. Interior is clean with new trim panels and boot sticks. Ship comes with full covers for outdoor living; also tie down stands and wing cradles for ease of off season storage. She has new Cleveland brake Calipers, Rotors and Pads. I have all records, receipts and log books. Also includes Flight Manual and Limbach 2000 Repair Manual. Asking $30,500. Located at 5B2 in Saratoga Springs, NY 518.542.6404
  7. Steve Chase

    Charge Fail Light On

    I have a 912 ULS in my Bristell light sport. My Garmin G2X low-voltage red light has come on twice in four years.The engine monitoring system showed no charge at the same time. The solution was to remove And replace the six wire plug from the bottom of the voltage regulator. Joe the service manager at Lockwood and my importer both guided me to this solution. I will be dismantling the plug to tighten up the Female ends For a more permanent fix. Steve Chase N67PV former lambada owner In South Carolina.
  8. meganjoe45

    Smart watch suggestions required...

    Greetings everyone, I just arrived here, I need some suggestions, I want to buy a smartwatch, I saw some good on frost nyc discount code, these are 1. Huawei Watch 2 – Lightweight 2. Samsung Gear S3. 3. Apple Watch Series 3 these are available on discount rate, can you guys help me to pick the best one Because I dont understand which one I prefer to buy. Much thanks in advance.
  9. meganjoe45

    Looking for spare gas cushion for airbrake

    Found dear or still looking?
  10. meganjoe45

    How to secure Grob to a trailer

    Ohh wow congrats dear.
  11. meganjoe45

    Canopy Cover for Sale

    sold dear?
  12. algee1_73@yahoo.com

    Charge Fail Light On

    I would've felt the same way, and can only refer to what Lockwood told my A&P. I'm sure Jim Lee will have something to say about it and, as the manufacturer's rep., what he says matters.
  13. Eric Greenwell

    Charge Fail Light On

    I could not find a requirement in the engine installation manual (2012 version) to use an incandescent lamp in the charge fail circuit, nor does the manual exclude using an LED. A table (Fig. 11) lists a 3W/12v lamp, which could be an incandescent lamp, but could also be an LED lamp with a 47 ohm resistor in parallel. Next time I'm at the hangar, I'll check for a resistor on the lamp. But, since we all have the LED, and no one has had it fail to work properly, I'm inclined to think we don't have a potential problem.
  14. algee1_73@yahoo.com

    Charge Fail Light On

    For those who haver not yet had a Charge Fail light come on with the engine running, this may help: There had been no changes to anything that I'm aware of prior to the light coming on. Though I'm an LSRM, some things are out of out of my knowledge area or comfort zone. Dealing with electronics is one of those in general so I went to the A&P I use in such instances. He's also a Rotax Major Maintenance provider. To go right to the solution, it was not possible to find anything wrong. The batteries were being charged, the indication on my Dynon D-10 Enigine Monitoring System wes showing charge, and the light would not go out. Lakewood Aviation in Florida was contacted, and said they've seen this at times. Their recommendation was to remove the LED used for the Charge Fail light and install an incandescent bulb. In their telling, sometimes a slight decrease in charge will cause an LED to illuminate. This was done and it did not solve the problem. The other possibility mentioned was the voltage regulator which, even though it showed an adequate output when metered, might be low enough to set off the LED. A new voltage regulator was put in, and that took care of it. What's interesting is that Lockwood said the Rotax manual specified that an LED not be used for the Charge Fail indication, and that an incandescent bulb be used. Assumedly for the exact reason I was getting the indication. Granted the voltage regulator needed changing. But if Rotax specifies incandescent, then there's no reason for me to go back to an LED. I'm sure Jim Lee will have some guidance on this, which I look forward to hearing. Cheers, Alan Gurevich, Phoenix #24
  15. Barry.h

    What is the status of the Lambada?

    Does anyone know the official & current status of the Vne restrictions on the Lambada? It doesn't seem like the updated service bulletin mentioned in this thread ever came out. I am interested to buy a Lambada, but it is very hard to get a clear and confident answer to the Vne status on a given ship. If the mods to the hinges are done, does that lift the Vne back to the log book? There is some talk that the problem only existed in aircraft that had some elevator components made by a subcontract, but how do you know if a given ship falls in this category? And where is the documentation for a given serial number for certification? Any details would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Keith


    Grob 109 B Sparkplugs. Bosch have stopped producing the WC7D shielded spark plug and they are fast becoming unavailable. Has any one found an alternative plug or converted the ignition harness to use auto style plugs,
  17. Chris Rogg

    BRASOV IS-28M2

    BRASOV, IS-28M2 Motorglider Project; 1978, sn. 008 Rotax 912; MT Prop. - 1995 Bought in 1999; stored indoors; location Connecticut Wings Re-furbished and painted in 2000 Includes Brand New Transparencies (not yet installed) Need new owner to finish this project $13,000 O.B.O. Brasov IS-28M2.pdf
  18. Chris Rogg

  19. Eric

    Moni Motorglider

    Did you finish? I have to fabricate and attach the monowheel to mine. Any guidance/ help would be appreciated
  20. biplanebob

    G109B Timing mark

    The notch on the propeller hub should line up with the split line of the crankcase. bob
  21. Juha Nissi

    G109B Timing mark

    Hello, I found a little timing mark from the propeller plate but where I should align it?
  22. edwalker

    Oil leak after radiator hose replacement

    I had my rubber replacement last year and decided to check on this just to be sure. I also found that my hose clamp had been replaced with the clamp adjustment bolt on the upper portion of the hose, and the oil filter was dimpled by repeated contact with the clamp bolt. It did not rupture the metal casing of the oil filter, but it was clear that the dimpling pattern demonstrated repeated contact. The clearance between the clamp and the oil filter was very tight prior to the fix, but after repositioning the clamp adjustment bolt away from the top of the hose I was able to get my fingers easily around the oil filter. The easy test, if you want to check this without removing the lower cowling, is to simply try to curl your fingers under the oil filter from above during your next preflight. If you can get them around you likely have enough clearance. If your fingertips are stopped by the clamp adjustment screw the clearance is likely too small, and you should probably pull the lower cowling to take a closer look.
  23. Juha Nissi

    G109B Slick ignition harness

    Slick Champion customer service: "I have an M2266 approved for the Grob with a VW engine and 4300 series mag. I checked and the firing order is the same as your’s 1324. My lengths are 1-29”; 3-29”, 2-24” and 4-24”; this is the measurement between the outside of the mag cap to the center of the swedged ferrule where the plug nut seats. If this works for you in lengths it will work fine!" So you can use G109A harness to G109B.
  24. Ian Pattingale

    Grob 109B Maintenance Manual

    Hi Roger - please see PM I sent to you, will try to get you a copy ASAP. Rgds, Ian P
  25. Capt balwant


    Hi I am interested to join as a glider instructor anywhere . I have an experience of more than 900 instructional hr. on motorglider and glider . I am from India if anybody have required please give a mail to balwant.ranchi@gmail.com
  26. Capt balwant

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