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  2. Fabrice

    Grob109b Engine Magnetos belts?

    Hi! I am looking for parts to our Grob 109b engine: 2500 E1 type: We need to replace magnetos belt / seems 2 or 3 belts to drive the magnetos. Can you please advise which type of belts / where how to find some ? I can’t find the PN or reference, not in engine book and unreadable on the removed one.. If there’s similar parts in automobile engines ? Many thanks for any help ! and get ready to purchase where can get some J Cheers, Fabrice +66 92274 1265 (thailand)
  3. Eric Greenwell


    The only thing I know about retractable gear is Martin used it on an electric powered prototype based on the Phoenix. Retrofitting a retractable gear to a Phoenix would take a lot of engineering, probably add significant weight, and cost a lot of money to do it. It would improve the cruise performance while gliding, but not improve the climb rate much while thermalling. Powered operation would only benefit from reduced fuel consumption, as the Vne is already the limit on cruise speed. There is one feature of retractable gear that might be important to soaring performance: it would possible to land safely in a soft field without tipping over when the wheels dug in, so you could risk the engine not restarting. As it is, when the engine is off, I stay within easy reach of an airport, which can really affect where I can go to reach thermals.
  4. Andreas Clauss


    Hello, It's now 16 months since I got my Phoenix 49U15. Over time I realised that I'm using the short wings a lot, fast and easier to land on short strips. However, when I'm with the long wings I'd like to glide and travelling is more an exception. Martin is working on 17m wingspan but in order to change the characteristic of the plane one would need to replace the existing landing gear with a retrofit, retractable version. Anybody tried this yet?
  5. Nicolas Neuss

    OK, let me test it...

    I also created a mailing list at freelists.org as a possible replacement for the Yahoo group. At the moment 22 Taifun pilots are following it: https://www.freelists.org/list/taifun17e However, there is not much traffic there as well.
  6. Nicolas Neuss

    OK, let me test it...

    At least I am following it. And I was notified of your message rapidly. IMO, it is not as convenient as a mailing list, but I can live with it.
  7. ProfJ

    OK, let me test it...

    Are you guys using this as an update to the Yahoo group or did you decide on another platform?
  8. ProfJ

    Taifun A&P?

    Hi Folks, is there an A&P anywhere in the US who could be described as expert, or even familiar with, the Taifun? Thanks Jon
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  10. brasov

    Bluff airport.jpg

  11. TR Proven

    What is the status of the Lambada?

    Tim, I'm looking at a Lambada for sale, but he's in AZ. Any chance we could come to you in MD for a look? We live in Haymarket VA. Are you based at St Mary's? Thanks TR 703-946-9423
  13. TeriStar

    TMG Cross Countries (Literally)

    I would like to see more posts on this site about flying your TMG on cross-countries. To start it off, my co-owner Dave and I flew from Atlanta to Corning California to Princeton New Jersey this past year in our Phoenix. We allowed a week out and a week back in case of weather or maintenance issues. We lost 3 days in North Texas due to weather and had no maintenance issues. Very beautiful scenery and would recommend that everyone do a long western US trip at least once with their motorglider. You can see a slide show of the trip on YouTube under Flying Adventures links listed below. So if you fly more than 3 hours away from your home field, drop a not on this thread and share it with us. I bet some of you flew to the SSA Convention in Little Rock this weekend? (I had to stay home 😞 ) Show us how capable your fun machine is at traveling and getting you and a friend to great destinations!
  14. brasov


    Soaring Blue Mountain Blanding Ut. in Brasov IS28M2
  15. My life is too short to become a mechanic, so I have Stanton Sport Aviation, just south of Mpls do my annuals. They are very familiar with ROTAX engines, as they are a service center for Flight Design Light Sport aircraft. Stanton is also home to the MN Soaring Club, so they have lots of experience with glider annuals. I would personally not recommend converting your aircraft to Experimental. It would probably be very difficult to undo that down the road, which might limit the resale value of your A/C. The key is to find a competent ROTAX shop in your area. Given the popularity of those engines, that shouldn't be too difficult. I would try to figure out who is maintaining light sport aircraft in your area, in particular Flight Design, Pipistrel, etc. Doesn't Jim Scott know someone he could recommend?
  16. Hi everybody, Let me start by telling you that I’ve been totally spoiled for the last seven years. The person who does the maintenance on my Phoenix is Jim Scott of Aircore Aviation, a local legend, generally regarded as the light sport/Rotax guru of the Pacific Northwest. My hangar is less than 200 feet from his shop, and I’ve effectively been in an apprenticeship with him over the years. Eric Greenwell and I took a 2-day Rainbow Aviation light sport inspection course from him a few years ago, and he has supported both of our planes. Jim is leaving the Pacific Northwest later this summer and retiring near his wife’s family back east. This is a well-deserved retirement, and I’m very happy for him. Nevertheless, I have to figure out what to do next for maintenance. I’m sure he’ll have some recommendations, but I already know that many A&P‘s don’t like to touch Rotax aircraft, and some who do, shouldn’t. I was thinking about taking the LSRM course that many of you have done, but at age 69 I don’t think it’s a good value for my remaining flying time. My light sport inspection certificate allows me to work on my own plane if it’s an E-LSA, so another option is to change it to experimental and just coordinate with an A&P on the things in which I don’t feel confident.The final option seems to be to find a good A&P who is not against my doing some of the maintenance and signing it off. Since all of you have struggled with this question at some point, I’m curious what you ended up deciding to do. Might make for an interesting discussion until the soaring weather improves. 😀 Ed
  17. Hi I'm new to the TMGA so perhaps I'm not posting this in the correct category but here it goes... I started making a list of every active TMG we have flying in Sweden. Found the TMGA while doing so. Feel free to check out the website, but it's not translated to english yet. You can find my website with the list here: https://www.tmgsverige.se/ Hopefully I can help if anyone plans to visit Sweden and wants to fly a local Touring Motor Glider.
  18. Thermalseeker

    Wing Folding Help

    It consists of a 10' carbon tube (what I had from an old delta hang glider) Pure genius, Steve! I flew hang gliders for 28 years. I thought that tube looked like a carbon crossbar. from a topless glider. LOL! I've got an old topless in my barn. I may have to rob one of the cross bars and make one of these. Thanks for sharing!
  19. Thermalseeker

    Wing Folding Help

  20. HiFlite

    Thermal soaring in winter

    Winter soaring is something I'm looking forward to exploring by motorglider. One thing I'm noticed that Michigan seems to get, being surrounded on 3 sides by relatively warm water, is convergence zones "banding" E-W across the state. Enough lift to soar? Unknown!
  21. (2) sets Faro ear bud type headsets (David Clarks hurt my jaw). Used one season. Includes a 13 X 10" zip bag, extra buds of assorted sizes and shipping within CONUS. Paid $380 each - asking $450 for both.
  22. wout

    Pipistrel Sinus before storm

    Great looking plane.
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