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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
  • Here are list of FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) for using the website that we have accumulated over time.  Click on question to see the answer.

    • What do I do if I lost my password?
    • If you have lost your password or other credentials, you can recover them through the "Lost Password" process contained within the software.  For documentation for how to recover your credentials see this guide or this tutorial.  You may also just contact us here for help.
    • How do I post questions to the members for help or information?
    • The best way is to start a topic in the forums.  If in doubt about which forum to use, just post your topic in "Hangar Flying."   Hopefully others will see your post and contribute.
    • How much does it cost to join this website and/or the Touring Motor Glider Association?
    • Registering on this website is free, just click on "Sign Up" shown in the upper right corner.  If you'd like to contribute to our not-for-profit association you might consider joining as a paying member (we have different classes of membership) and/or contribute directly.  Please go to the NavBar menu item above called Payments.
    • What's the difference between 'Do not send me any notifications' and 'Unfollow'?
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      'Unfollow' means that all of the following characteristics are turned off similar to as if it has never been marked with the following box.  A key aspect of 'unfollow' means that it inherits all of the following characteristics of it's parent category.  So if it's in a forum that has been marked to send notifications once per week, any changes to that topic will be sent with the weekly notification.  If it has been marked 'Do not send me any notifications' it will not transmit any notice even though it's parent specifies once per week.
    • I am trying to upload pictures to content and it only allows me to upload one picture and it only places it on top.  How do I get around this?
    • We suspect you are actually uploading the picture and placing it on the "Header Image" rather than "Attach files" area.  Just drag and drop on the other area and it should work as you expect.
    • I have a problem with or suggestion for the website, how should I report it:
    • Understanding Issue or Suggestion:  If the problem you have coule potentially be helpful for others (it's likely others are having the same or similar issue), post in the forum for 'Website New Features, Feedback and Suggestions'.  This way others might post their related issues and when answer are found it helps everyone.

      Technical Glitch:  Report the issue in the Support section of the website at Help > Support.  This way we can track it and ultimately get back to you when we find or implement a solution.

      All Other Issues or not sure:  Contact us at Help > Contact and send us a note.  We'll get back to you soon with our suggestions or a fix.

    • If there is a picture I really like in the gallery, is there a way to download it to my machine.
    • Yes. View click on it and then in the lower left hand corner click on view it full-size.  Then you should be able to right-click or control-click on the photo and select an option to download it.