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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)

New Leadership and New Webmaster Needed for the TMGA

Steve Sliwa

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Steve Sliwa

Richard Pearl (Chairman of the TMGA) and I (Webmaster and board member) have discussed it's time to for each of to let go of the TMGA.  Richard and I are unlikely to own a TMG in the future.  Richard was elected City Treasurer for Lincoln, CA and is traveling heavily in his retirement.  I sold my Touring Motor Glider a year ago.  My wife and I took delivery of a Cirrus SF-50 earlier this year and we have our hands full staying current and operating it.

Ideally, Richard and I would like to find replacements.  We need a chair that would help provide energy and possibly help organize events in the future.  For many years we hosted annual fly-ins.  Richard lined up volunteers to help host and organize such events mostly on the west coast.

Our website is still a good resource, but we need someone to take over as webmaster.  The website software is based upon a commercial package by www.InvisionCommunity.com.  I estimate to keep it going is probably a couple of hours per month doing updates and handling pop-up issues.  Of course, if someone invested more time moderating, it could make the website more valuable.  We have enough funds in the treasury to fund the software and server costs for a couple of years.

Another option would be re-host the group in either FaceBook group or a Google group.  Neither one of these may not be popular for some, but they have easy to use tools for a group and would be free.  The Phoenix pilots have decided to move their content to a Google Group.

Any volunteers or suggestions out there?  If not, we will probably need to wind things down the end of the year.

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Jim Lee

Steve, an SF-50, really?  Congrats!  We expect you to attend the next TMGA fly in wherever that may be (should only take you a couple hours air time no matter where).  What next, Richard is getting a Cessna Mustang?  Thank you Steve and Richard for your long term work and time on the TMGA behalf, we will miss you both.

There is a lot of useful content on this site, and it would be a shame for it to get lost.  Hopefully no matter which on-line track the TMGA takes, this content will be preserved.

As to the Phoenix owners and fans moving to a Google group, that is news to me.  Either this is incorrect or I am missing something.  Wouldn't be the first time.

Thanks again for your work on our behalf and good luck with future endeavors.  And try not to turn that Vision Jet into a motorglider, ok? :)



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Eric Greenwell

Thanks to Steve and Richard for their creation and development of the TMGA and it's website. I've enjoyed being a member and taking part annual events they produced. I hope they will find people to continue the Association, events, and the website. 

 Ed Walker, who started the first Phoenix group, and I have discussed the TMGA situation with Steve for a while now. Neither Ed nor I feel we could take over from Steve and Richard. ED and I think, if the TMGA does dissolve, the best choice for TMGA Phoenix group members is to join the Phoenix group that uses Google Groups. Many of us have been members of both groups almost from the beginning of the Google group. It's simple to join the group - just ask the group moderator: Mike Exner <mlexner@comcast.net>

Ed and I will archive the TMGA Phoenix site as PDF documents, which can be stored on the internet and searched or printed as needed. I intend to remain a TMGA member as long as possible.

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Hello Eric,

I purchased a Sun Dancer in September and signed up with the TMGA website in December.  I created and run a website for a car club I belong to in Central California called the Vapor Trailers (https://www.vaportrailers.com) and have a background in web development.  I am retired and spend a lot of time on the front and back end of custom websites and would be willing to help out from the website design, maintenance and management side.    

I'm still rather new to motor gliding and don't know much about the TMGA's history or prior activities but would be willing to learn more and help out.  In the interim I'll check to see if anyone else I know may be interested in getting involved and giving any assistance promoting and furthering the TMGA.  

Certainly would be a waste to see this site disappear. 

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We can not loose this resource.  I live in South Carolina and look over at Stemme USA from my office. I just can't afford the planes 😄 I can help out with moderation.  The classifieds are a mess because members can't delete or mark a plane sold. The COVID ( like the boogie man but a boogie virus ) has killed events in the glider community and I am sure that's not helping this community either.  There are some really nice airfields that would be great to host events here in South Carolina. 

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