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Stemme S12, S10 pics needed for 3D modeling

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Hi everyone, I hope this request is OK. A friend of mine is 3D modeling a Stemme S12. He has gathered manuals, pics and videos for reference, but he is missing some angles. If anyone here owns a Stemme we would be thankful if he could snap a few quick pics next time he has an opportunity.  Even another Stemme model would be OK, as many details are similar.

He mainly needs a view from below the open landing gear doors, to have an idea of what can be seen through those.

He also needs one of the tail assembly close from behind, to see the area of clearance between the elevator and rudder.

Closeups of any intakes and exhaust areas would be nice to have too, but not as important.

Best Regards!

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Is there a chance that this friend has flown, or knows some one who has experience in, the Stemme S-12?  I'm interested in perhaps owning one, and would like to speak with someone who has experience with it to see what they think.

Thanks -

Alan Gurevich



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