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(Electric) Tailwheel tug solution?

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Ximangos are heavy and have about 155 lbs supported by the tailwheel. I could use some help getting it into and out of my crude hangar. I don't see a commercial solution to grabbing the tail without heavy modification. Anyone come up with a good one? Or perhaps use this robot "platform" type robot? https://acairtechnology.com/product/ac-tracktech-t-mini-grab-cradle/


AC airtechnology.JPG

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I have a "nose dragger dragger" that was left by a previous hangar tenant. The way it's built there isn't enough weight on the wheels of the dragger to move a Ximango by the tailwheel.  I could probably modify it so it would work, but it would take a lot of cutting and welding. This looks like a much better idea. 

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