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TMG in a lease back program or club setting…


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I am purchasing a Phoenix air and am trying to put it in a lease program. Who has a TMG in a rental program or club setting and what does that program look like?

separate fees for power on/off? Fees for each?

Insurance policy. What company is willing to insure a rental or club program? How much might that cost?

What are the training requirements for student glider pilots, private glider pilots with no power experience or tail dragger training, private pilot airplane pilots with no glider and tail wheel time or no tail wheel experience?


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I got insurance estimate for a grob 109 from costello through the SSA.  It was about 5K for flight instruction and leasing.


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We have a 50/50 partnership on a Phoenix, both of us are Light Sport Maintenance Repairman and I can offer this info:

- I can't even imagine an underwriter giving insurance for a student/group in this aircraft.  Hull value is much higher than a Grob 109 no matter how old the Phoenix is.  Probably only two companies will offer to insure it and premiums will be high because insurance industry went nuts over the last two years.  I would estimate $8K or greater for 4 or more pilots.  It costs us over $5K and we have 7 years/100+ hrs each (though some claims).   I also have 200+ hrs tail wheel experience.

- Insurance company added requirements this year like: BFR annually in the exact aircraft, no pilots but those named, etc.

- This aircraft requires very strict transition training unlike many other gliders.  Not well suited for student flight training.

- Plan your budget for major maintenance costs like Rotax 5 year rubber replacement, Magnum BRS chute 7 year inspection, BRS Rocket 12 year replacement, etc.

- BRS Chutes can take up to 4 months to turn around, so get a loaner or insert equivalent ballast to keep flying.

- Rent the aircraft dry by electronic flight timer and there is no need to worry whether they fly it without power.

I applaud your goals, as there needs to be more TMG available for training and rental for those that can't afford to own.  I would enjoy hearing more about your plans; message me privately.



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costello just insured my phoenix rental for $7500. could you please send location to get rubber kit and possible price?


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