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Battery Issue


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A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the front battery in my Phoenix (an Odyssey PC-625 AGM battery) seemed to be failing.  The Dynon display showed voltage of ~9.5 V.  When I selected the back battery only, everything looked fine.  Note:  Both batteries were the original batteries delivered with my Phoenix ~ 6 years ago.

I assumed that the battery just needed to be charged, because I haven't been flying much this summer.  I put a charger on the battery.  The battery didn't seem to want to hold a charge, so I came to the conclusion that the battery needed to be replaced.  I was somewhat surprised by this, as the Odyssey batteries have a great reputation and according to everything I read should last 8-10 years.  I also would have expected the generic rear battery to fail before the Odyssey.

While removing the battery, I discovered that the bolt connecting the ground cable to the battery was completely loose.  I tightened the bolt, reconnected the charger, and everything worked fine.

Another strange electrical story related to grounding issues.

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