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Electrical problem


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Lately I have An electrical problem.

After starting the engine my voltage shows 13.8 volt.

After 5-10 minutes it drops suddenly to 15.4 volt and keeps dropping till 7.5 volt ( after 2 1/2- 3 hours flying, ( all electrical equipment fails of course).

Yesterday I put A new voltage regulator on my plane with the sams results as above.

A mechanic did some checks but did not find anything yet.

{Plane is about 1 1/2 year old)

Does anybody has any idee's?

Grt Rob


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test batteries for loading, test charging, trace ground wires from battery to engine and engine to voltage regulator. make sure wires are secured and tight everywhere. loose connections will reduce charging efficiency. if your losing volts its either battery wont charge, generator not charging, of wiring is not secure enough to enable charging.

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Problem solved.

Battery plus pole corroded, and one electrical connection was a bit lose.

now showed 14 volt during flight and 12.8 volt  after flight.


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