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Battery charger recommendations?


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Hi folks,

I’m hoping for recommendations for a battery charger.

my front battery is an Optima 51R 38 amp hour “deep cycle/dual purpose”

rear battery is a Duracell DURAGM-14-US 12 amp hour “starting”

both are AGM, and I assume they can both be charged at the same time from the 12v outlet on the rear shelf.

thanks, bryan  N70JZ  U15/29


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Recommended battery charger?  A contributor to Flying magazine recommended a particular model of BatteryMINDer brand charger.  I called Batteryminder and found his recommended model had been replaced by Model 128CEC2.  It does interesting things to maximize battery life and has different modes for charging lithium or Lead batteries.  I use it and am happy with it.  Also found that if you call their tech-help phone number, a human being answers who knows what they are talking about.  Very nice to have access to someone who knows their product.

As an aside, my U-15 has one AGM battery in back and one lithium battery up front.  I have not seen a charger that recommends charging both varieties from the same charger at the same time so I'm not sure the wisdom of asking the aircraft to do that.  For example when the Phoenix battery selector is in position 1+2,  and the engine is running. So, I am selecting battery 1 OR battery 2 until I can get more information.

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