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Zig Zag turbulator tape

Jim Lee

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This just in from Pure Flight:

TURBULATOR on the tail

Clean the place for the turbulator. Bring the aircraft into flight position. Measure the appropriate distance according to the picture and mark auxiliary points with colored tape.







Stretch the colored tape from top to bottom so that it

starts almost at the top and ends just short of the

cover of the rudder control rods.

 Make sure that the tape is as straight as possible and

will help you stick the turbulator correctly.

 Stick the turbulator at a distance of approx. 50 mm

from the upper edge. Its length will come out exactly.

 Keep a safe distance from the tape so that it can be

removed after sticking the turbulator.

 We glue the turbulator by gradually tearing off the

adhesive covering layer by tip.

 Finally, just remove the colored tape.



 TURBULATOR on the wings


The turbulator on the wing sticks to the underside of the wing.

Clean the place for the turbulator.

 The principle of gluing the turbulator is the same as gluing the turbulator to the tail.

 The wing can be glued together with mounting on the plane, but you can't do it in one person. An easier way, both for the correct measurement and the actual gluing, is to turn the assembled wing and place it on some benches.

 For the correct distance, it is necessary to have the flap in the 0° position.

In the green lines, we will measure the distances according to the picture. We mark the distance with squares of colored tape. We will connect these points with colored tape (with 2 people you will achieve better directness and accuracy)

 For the possibility of replacing the wing extension with a winglet, the turbulator must be cut at the cut position.

Finally, just remove the colored tape.


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