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Rudder Pedal Traction

Tom Clary

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A couple of weeks ago I had just landed and was doing about 20 knots.  There was a slight right cross wind. 

Then my left foot slipped off the rudder pedal and I took an unexpected right turn.  Luckily there was a taxiway there for me to turn on to.  So basically no harm no foul. But if it had happened 30 - 60 seconds earlier it might have been a different story.  

As I thought about it, I realized that there is enough room on the left side of the left rudder pedal to allow ones foot to fall off it.  

So I decided to add a bit of traction to the pedal.  Basically it is thin stair treads.  So far it seems to work.  I am guessing that I will need to secure the ends with some form of tape to make sure they do not unravel at some point. 





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