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Simulator Software to assist tmg training?

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Hi, I hope you all are well.

I am new to the forum, I am starting tmg lessons on Sa, I thought it might help to have some simulator software to hone my skills at home during the week. Is there any specific package you can suggest? And any hardware that you would consider essential?

I have read a bit about Condor, Silent Wings, FSX and X-plane, the consensus seems to be Condor for glider simulation, but I can't find any information on how accurate the software is with regard to tmg's.

As far as I know I will be taught using a SF-25C Falke if this makes any difference.

Thank you, enjoy your day!

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Steve Sliwa

I think most of the soaring simulators like Condor will help most with decisions about soaring, but don't help that much with the stick and rudder skills needed for your initial training in the SF-25C or other motor glider.

I can tell you from my observations as a simulator test subject at NASA and in my GA flying career that low fidelity simulators (no motion cues, reduced visuals, etc.) don't help much with stick and rudder flying until the pilot has more flight experience. Once the pilot has flight experience he/she tends to 'feel' the cues even when they don't exist.  The brain is a wonderful instrument.

Note that pilots who can get their type certificates without ever being in the airplane need full high-fidelity simulators since those cues haven't been programmed into the brain yet.

FSX can be helpful for cockpit procedures.

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To supplement Steve's post.

I used Condor extensively before and during my glider training and I think it helped tremendously with the basic concepts of flying / stick and rudder.  The filed of view can be limited but using a Track IR head tracking device it was very realistic.  Some anecdotes:

  • I had done a lot of rope break simulations in Condor.  When I had one in real life at 200ft (for real not simulated) it was no problem to handle and I was cool and calm during the whole process.
  • After not flying for six months during training (but flying in Condor), an instructor I never met before was willing to send me up solo on my second flight with him.  I took a few more lessons to get myself comfortable.

I would highly recommend using Condor to practice gliding and stick and rudder.  See glidercfi.com for some structured lessons based on Condor.  Check out "Condor Corner" articles from back issues of the SSA Soaring magazine.  Many / all of the articles are available as PDF from https://www.cumulus-soaring.com/condor.htm

When you add an engine, Condor becomes less relevant.  When getting my ASEL add-on (and for my IFR training) I went to a school with a Redbird FMX and at home I used Prepar3d with a corresponding aircraft model from A2A for the C172 (this was almost exactly the same software the Redbird used).  It was very realistic (but not as realistic as Condor was for glider). 

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