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  • 11 - Posting Classified Ads

    Steve Sliwa

    Our website actually gets quite a bit of traffic and almost $2M of aircraft and related items were sold after being listed on our site.  As we migrated to this new site we did an upgrade to our classified ads.  This is a quick tutorial on how to post a classified on the website.  We support postings for new motorgliders, user motorgliders, used auxiliary-powered sailplanes, equipment, services (maintenance, training, etc.), clothing, and even a section for wanted ads.  Here we will demonstrate with placing an ad for a Used Motorglider.  First, navigate to where you want to place the ad.  Select 'Classifieds.'



    Now select 'Used Motorgliders':



    Now select 'Add new ad':



    You'll end with a big form.  The top item is the name of the record that will appear in the list.  It should be descriptive enough for viewers to want to check it out, but details will follow.  In the main description field is where you can put as much text copy as you like about your motorglider (or item if done elsewhere in the classifieds).  Let's say you've composed your ad copy in something like Microsoft Word.  If you try to cut and paste it in to the ad, the formatting will look out of place.  So here's a trick.  Hover your cursor over the text editing area and a message will appear appropriate for you machine.  In this case (Mac OSX) it tells me more options will be available if I right click with the cmd key held down in the space.



    Then it gives me the option to paste or paste without formatting.  I want the latter:



    A new window opens up that lets me paste into the window my text from something like Microsoft Word.  I right clicked into the window and got the message to 'Paste and Match Style'.



    After pasting into the box I can now hit OK as shown below:



    The the text comes in as normal format.  In the box below, I deleted a leading blank line to get text seen below.  By the way, do not drag files to this location as it will screw up the formatting of the add.  We provide separate field below for pictures and then operate a LightBox Slider for the viewers of the ad at the bottom of the ad.



    Continuing onto the form I can put in Make & Model (fairly completely), Year of manufacture, Status (For Sale, Offer Pending, Sold, ...), and Airport Location (hopefully as an airport designator:



    Continuing on the form we add the Geographic Location of the motorglider, the Date of the Last Annual Maintenance Inspection, Asking Price (numbers or words), and Phone.  The Phone and Seller's e-mail address (slipped off the view) will only be visible to those who are logged into the website.  This is to minimize bots scrapping your contact information and spamming you.



    Now comes the trickiest part of the deal.  Uploading the slider images.  Put as many images as you like by dragging into the yellow box shown.  Do not drag them onto the Header Image box below.  This is a common mistake and it causes unusual behaviors which is confusing.  The Header Image appears as an avatar for the ad at the top.  The Slider Photos appear as a LightBox Slider (slideshow) at the bottom of the ad and allow them to be magnified.  So large pixel sizes are permitted.  The header image is small so you can use a smaller picture for that if you like.



    After adding images to the Slider Photos area it looks like this:



    Now pick out one of the photos (can be a repeat) to be a header image and put it in the box below.



    After putting in the Header Image you can now Save the Ad:



    Note the Header Image highlighted below:



    To test the LightBox Slider click on the one of the images at the bottom of the ad:



    The LIghtBox Slider has several controls as indicated:



    The ad is complete.  To edit the ad, just make sure you are logged into the site and then an option will be provide for you and only you to edit the ad by selecting the link at the bottom of the ad:



    Edited by Steve Sliwa

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