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    Sometimes during a long climb in hot weather oil temp will creep into the 220"s, then I will level off, reduce power and let it come back down. I was wondering what relative wind the intake was seeing, so the other day temp reached 223-224, I pulled the cowl flap knob out about half an inch. Temp immediately responded, and in a minute or two went down to 213, no other changes made. Weird, looking at the angle of the door on the ground it is tilted toward closed quite a bit. Can't explain it, maybe someone else can .
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    Joe and Jimmy Kulbeth (brothers) are planning this summer a one month tour of the Colorado Rockies and do some great soaring. I have friends that live there and own Lambadas. They tell me unbelievable tales about high altitude soaring and unbelievable scenery. I have not experienced that kind of soaring in a very long time. I want to do it again, my brother Jimmy has never had a taste of it and now wants to give it a try. We are open to having anyone to join us. If you are interested let us know and we all can be included in the planning. Our thoughts at the moment is fly to different airports like Gunnison, West Cliff, Long Mont, Greely, Meadow Lake (KFLY) and any other place we feel like. Take what ever we need in the baggage compartment, rent a car if we need one, and just simply nomad our way around the state. I flew across Colorado from Madera, CA to North Platte, NE to watch the eclipse last year. Crossing the Rocky Mountains from Salt Lake to North Platte was one of the best trips I have ever made in any vehicle. The SunDancer made a dream come true. Of course it doesn't need to be a SunDancer, any motor glider will work. Come on join in. Joe Kulbeth 559-960-7873 joekulbeth.airusa@gmail.com
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    From the album: Roytol

    The new oil cooler was mounted on two aluminium angles on each side of the sump. Only existing holes or threaded holes wwwere used. I had to cut off a small alloy lug that stuck out from the bottom of the sump. It was not used for anything.The oil cooler was mounted with sheet silicone between the cooler and the mount to allow for expansion, etc.
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