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  4. Kmotexas

    • Kmotexas
    • Steve Sliwa

    Hi Steve,

    please update my profil.

    Own motor glider - YES

    Grob109 N109CN 



    1. Steve Sliwa

      Steve Sliwa

      I got your map location updated.  Congrats on your new plane!

    2. Kmotexas



      Trailerd her home to Houston from NH.

      2000miles with a 70 ft rig...




  5. flyvny

    Diamond HK36TTC XTREME

    ROTAX 914F Turbo TTAF:390 SMOH:240 Overhauled by (Master Overhaul-Rotech Research, Canada) 4/2014 with 15 year 2000 hr TBO and new short block crankcase. Prop, governor, accumulator overhauled 04/2014 by Ameritech Propeller. (2) new carburetors and new engine mounts installed. (8) year hose replacement completed 8/2017. Complete log books, no damage history and never a trainer. Excellent Maintenance and READY to fly. NEEDS NOTHING. Purchased from original owner with 156 hours. Turbo gets you high- Great Cross Country machine, KVNY to P52 Cottonwood Non stop and fast with a good tailwind! - Look at GPS photo 1. Oxygen System (1) MH Aluminum tank with Regulator. 2. Garmin GNC 420 moving map (Just like GNS 430 but without the VOR functionality) 3. PS 400 Intercom system; This is a suberb intercom with separate volume control for pilot/copilot 4. RC ALLEN 2600-3 Digital Attitude Indicator with Inclinometer includes new pitch sync feature 5. Davtron Digital Chronometer with battery Backup 6. Whelen LED Landing Light 7.Factory Navigation/Position Lights 8. Factory map shelves 9. Factory retractable canopy sun shade 10. Factory cargo net 11. Bruce Canopy, Wing, and Tail Covers (all Wx) 12. ILEC SC-7 Club Vario with digital battery and Temp display 13. Total Energy probe, 14. New PAI700 vertical compass 15. New 406 ELT with remote switch 16. Second Radio- Microair760- Great Digital radio! 17. 27:1 Glide Ratio 18. Full Feathering Constant speed Composite prop. Located in California. Will deliver Anywhere in the 48 states for expenses only. MORE INFO: http://www.xtremeglider.com/
  6. mikeschumann

    Phoenix Air Czech Republic

    Martin: Eric Greenwell has come up with an exhaust diverter that very effectively reduces the amount of oil that contaminates the bottom of the Phoenix fuselage. See this post: Is there any chance that you could create a retrofit part that replicates Eric's design. I'm sure that all of the current Phoenix owners would order one.
  7. Eric Greenwell

    Phoenix 912 engine loses 500 rpm during climb

    More on the rpm loss issue... A few weeks ago, I had an rpm loss like the others, except it wasn't as much of a loss, and it cleared up more quickly with the usual power reduction and leveling off. About 5 flights since then with no further problems. April 23, during the annual inspection, the mechanic found a red bit of debris similar to the first bit, but this time in the right carburetor bowl. The next day, at home, a friend made a call to Lockwood Aviation, and confirmed his suspicion that there are red rubber components in the mechanical fuel pump. We removed the pump, took the top off, examined the diaphragm and check valves, but every thing looked normal. So, we still don't know where the red bits are coming from. They look too big to get past the gascolator filter and the inline filter. I realized recently that all the rpm loss events occurred during full or nearly full power climbs after takeoff, so definitely a nose-up attitude. Perhaps there is a mechanism that could reduce power that's triggered by a nose-high attitude? For example, if there was water or other heavier-than-fuel contaminant in the carb bowl, would it be more likely to enter the orifice going to the carburetor body?
  8. Eric Greenwell

    Hot air leaking into cabin

    Martin Stepanak, the designer of the Phoenix, replied with this comment: "We can´t seal the flap – is too near muffler so rubber seal would not survive it. There must be a small „play“ due to material stretching = small leak will be there alyways." I will adopt the solution our dealer, Jim Lee, uses: "I use rubber stoppers from ACE Hardware stuffed into the 2 vents in the cabin. I can remove them with my toe in flight if I need the heat in a pinch." I'll try my toes, and if that seems unreliable, I might run a string from the corks to a place on the panel where I can pull on it to remove the corks
  9. Eric Greenwell

    Hot air leaking into cabin

    I had my mechanic look at the heater flap while he was doing the annual today. He confirmed my suspicion: it's built so it can't close completely, so it has to be modified to stop the hot air leaking into the cabin. I really noticed the extra on the flights over and back to the Seattle area, so I'm hoping someone has a suggestion about modifying the flap.
  10. Eric Greenwell

    Hot air leaking into cabin

    Recently, I realized the hot air I feel in the cabin during a fast climb (5000 rpm, 70 knots) comes from the hot air inlet under the panel. Looking at the muffler/heater shroud, I see there is a vane controlled by the hot air knob, but it doesn't close completely. It's hard to see, but it appears it's built that way, with seam or something keeping it from closing all the way. Does anyone know how to make the vane close completely? The heat isn't an issue right now, but it is in the summer, especially when ground temperatures can reach 100 F.
  11. edwalker

    Dynon transponder issue

    Yes, this appears to be finally working properly. Eric and I both now have appropriate Glider emitter category on our ADS-B performance reports as of this month. I did not get an email, but I assume this was a national fix. Has anybody else checked? Ed
  12. edwalker

    Carb bowl debris

    Hi, Mike The rubber replacement materials are about $1000, and the rest is labor. If I remember correctly it took at least a full day. My IA is a Rotax expert, so it might take longer for someone less familiar with the engine. He did mention that the Phoenix installation makes this replacement easier than some of the other LSAs he’s done where the engine has to be partially disassembled to gain access. Ed
  13. Sinus Flex Max

    Takeoff Requirement

    Check the performance specs of the gliders you are interested in. For example, Pipistrel Virus (13 meter span) at 1320 lbs MTOW, 1510' over 50' obstacle. Add 20% for grass, add more for less-than-perfect technique, add more for a safety factor. For Pipistrel Sinus (15 meter span), the published figure is 1312' and the same comments apply. Keep in mind that if you ask the local authorities for permission, they will likely say no. If you do not ask permission, you may be ignored unless a third party complains.
  14. TeriStar

    Sun 'N Fun

    I didn't fly the Phoenix down (it's spoiled and only comes out to play in sunshine) from Atlanta, but I am arriving today at Sun-N-Fun with camper in tow. I will stop by to check out the SunDancer and say hello. If you're in the camp grounds, you can spot my black Silverado with the word "EXPERIMENTAL" on the back window.
  15. TeriStar

    Osh-Kosh 2018

    My wife and I will be camping at Oshkosh all week. I volunteer at the EAA chapters resource center called the "Blue Barn". Stop in to say hi and discuss your motor glider. (BTW: I co-own a Phoenix with Dave.)
  16. tcamilli

    Sun 'N Fun

    Arrived safely in my SunDancer Motor Glider (www.flysundancer.com). After covering 2,500nm in a little over three days at 4 gph! Look for us next to the Pippestrel exhibit. Call ‭(559) 289-5519‬ for directions to out tiedown.

    • jhalsmer

    Hi, is the Lambada still available?






    • Bill

    Hi Bill, is the Lambada still available?




  19. Bvolcko

    Osh-Kosh 2018

    I am hoping to fy to Oshkosh this year. I am building a Xenos motor glider and am scheduled to have it inspected in May. Then I need to do phase 1 flight testing.
  20. tcamilli

    Sun 'N Fun

    I will have my Sundancer touring motorglider on display at Sun n Fun from April 10-15. Mike Tomazin and I flew it from Northern Ca this week. Three days across the country at full gross weight averaging 700 miles a day. Look for the SunDancer at the Distar Air booth in the display area. See you there, Richard?
  21. Dave

    Osh-Kosh 2018

    My friend George Feldman and I are planning to visit AirVenture at Osh-Kosh in July. We've made a reservation to hangar at KPCZ Waupaca. Any other motor glider drivers flying in? Dave Glosser
  22. Eric Greenwell

    Baggage Compartment Floor Pan Installation Tip

    Good info. I've added it to the "Phoenix Guide" I started a while ago that covers flying and maitaining topics that aren't in the manuals. At some point, I will put it online, perhaps as a website so it can be kept current and everyone will be using the same info, but it might start out as a PDF file on the TMGA site that is replaced by an updated version every month. It's a rough draft now, but growing.
  23. This week, as we were reassembling my Phoenix during its Annual inspection, we ran into a major challenge reinstalling the baggage compartment floor pan behind the pilot's seat. The following procedure ultimately worked: 1. Remove the locking bolt securing the main spar pin. This was the critical step to get enough clearance to be able to bend the pan enough to get it into position. 2. Place the pan into position with the back and outboard edges in their correct locations. Then push down on the pan, gently bending in the middle to force the front edge past the main spar pin and spar until it snaps into place. 3. Reinstall the main spar pin locking bolt. If you have a better procedure, please post.
  24. Dynon just released a new Skyview Firmware Update a couple of weeks ago that is suppose to fix some significant problems with the dual frequency ADS-B receiver. Based on what is posted in the Dynon forums, it sounds like they are also eventually going to come up with a hardware revision to solve some additional problems. No details yet on that, but the tone of the posts implied that it would be no cost exchange for those of us who were on the bleeding edge and got the 1st batch of dual frequency receivers. I installed the update a couple of days ago, and it does appear to significantly increase the number of ADS-B targets that I see. I would strongly encourage you to upgrade if you have a dual frequency receiver. Note: What is not obvious, is that after you do the update to the Skyview System, you need to go into the ADS-B setup screen to actually download the new firmware into the dual frequency ADS-B receiver.
  25. mikeschumann

    Carb bowl debris

    How much did your rubber replacement cost you?
  26. mikeschumann

    Exhaust diverter to keep fuselage bottom cleaner?

    I love it. I want one. How can we get a batch made? Can we get Jim Lee to issue an LOA. Maybe we should add this to Martin's product improvement list.
  27. Eric Greenwell

    Exhaust diverter to keep fuselage bottom cleaner?

    It works! When I added the exhaust diverter, I cleaned the area from the bottom opening of the cowling back to the landing gear - an area that gets oily and brown very quickly. That area, after 20 engine hours since adding the diverter, remains clean. No problems have emerged in the 20 hours: the diverter is still very tight on the exhaust pipe, pipe has no cracks in it or the welds, and the CO monitor doesn't show any CO in the cockpit. Simple, cheap, easy, and now known to be effective - it doesn't get any better than that.
  28. Richard Pearl

    Sun 'N Fun

    I'll be in Daytona Beach that week and might pop over. When will you be there, or best day? Richard
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