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  2. 2017 West Coast Fly-In Event

    Is there a specific time for the dinners on Friday and Saturday nights? Restaurants remain as above I assume. Thanks, Rick Hanson
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  4. Fuel Probe

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Fuel probe Started at 1st-June-2011 12:30 PM by John Lawton Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=102 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 1st-June-2011 12:30 PM Thread Title : Fuel probe Greetings Team, I refueled on Sunday just before a fabulous soaring flight and my left fuel gauge suddenly started reading empty. I buzzed the wires from the gauge to the probe and everything is Kosher. The probe is getting voltage. Swapped the sender leads at the gauge and the problem follows, so most likely it's the sender, although I'm going to do a little more investigating based on some suggestions by the Westach Guru's before I replace it. Question: Anybody know what Aeromot used for gasket material? It looks like an "RTV" type gasket, possibly 3M 847. Anybody ever done this before? If so, what did you use to seal up this beast? Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Ron Snedecor Date : 3rd-June-2011 08:09 PM Thread Title : Re: Fuel Probe Hey John, I had a leak problem on one of my fuel probes and we just got some fuel proof gasket paper from the local auto supply to fix it. It's been working fine for over a year now. It had been replace about 2 to 3 years before that. I don't know what they used but it appeared that the fuel had attacked it and turned it rather gooey. I have also had a continuing problem with my fuel guages. My left one works correctly most of the time but occasionally goes haywire. It also goes to full everytime I key the mike. My right tank guage most of the time just indicates full and occasional gives a correct reading. I've tried a number of things with no luck. I sometimes think it's water in the tank as a couple of times out of necessity I've used Mogas with ethanol and it has worked properly for a while after that. I just dip the tanks with a calibrated pipette from Sporty's and use time. Ron Snedecor AMT-300 Minden NV -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 3rd-June-2011 08:22 PM The Westec fuel probe gasket is a continual problem. The gasket leaks and water makes it go crazy. We installed a gas-resistant gasket, and it drips now and again. There's a long thread in the previous user group forum. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 3rd-June-2011 08:27 PM Here's the discussion from the archives on fuel gaskets: someone suggested that it be replaced with neoprene, and i'd much appreciate hearing about what kind of gasketing material (thickness, type) and what to use as a template. =============================================
  5. 80 HP to 100 HP Upgrade?

    Abstract: I have recently bought a half share in a Ximango 200 serial number 077 and have to replace the 80Hp Rotax motor as it has run out of calender life. I wish to replace it with a 100 Hp Rotax. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : 80 to 100Hp Rotax installation Started at 15th-December-2011 06:37 AM by Raytol Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=110 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Raytol Date : 15th-December-2011 06:37 AM Thread Title : 80 to 100Hp Rotax installation G'Day, I have recently bought a half share in a Ximango 200 serial number 077 and have to replace the 80Hp Rotax motor as it has run out of calender life. I wish to replace it with a 100 Hp Rotax. The engine mount frame looks identical to the "S" and the structure at the firewall looks identical as well ( I have two other Ximango's at my home airport) both 100 Hp models. The oil tank and cooler are the same size as the "S" as is the liquid radiator. I will re-mount the battery from the firewall to behind the baggage bulkhead, the installed weight is only a couple of kilo's heavier. The propeller has been overhauled it has the BT blades and has been pitched to 14 degrees as per the "S" model. Has anyone else done this swap? I have 30+ years of aircraft design, construction and major repair authorisation from the Australian Gliding Federation. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 15th-December-2011 03:25 PM There's really not much difference between the 912 and the 912s externally, except for really older 912 engines vs. new 912s engines. Off the top of my head you might notice you have a different fuel pump on your old 912 vs. what is used now on the 912s. Fuel pump vendors have changed a couple of times in recent years. There have been some other subtle changes, but you'd have to look close and know what you're looking at to tell. The new engine should bolt right up. Probably a good time to renew the Barry mounts. My 200s (#135, circa 2002-03) has the battery on the firewall, center top. The CG is a bit forward, most noticeable at thermaling speeds, but not worth the trouble of moving the battery, IMO. Aeromot moved the battery back to underneath the baggage area in the 300s (914 version), but that was because the 914 is heavier than the 912/912s. Claudio Vienna (owner of Aeromot) told me that they had to add about 12 lbs of lead to the firewall after the battery was moved to correct the CG. If you do decide to move the battery I would make sure your new engine has the new anti-kickback circuitry in the ignition boxes. Longer battery leads means more voltage drop between the battery and the starter. So, if you don't have the new ignition boxes you might be inviting some starter kickback issues. Otherwise, it should be pretty straightforward. Good luck with it! Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Raytol Date : 18th-December-2011 12:34 AM Thread Title : Thank you for the reply John So far, we have taken the old motor out and sent the heat shroud ( I took a mold off it first) to the Rotax importer. We had to specify the type of sump for the engine mounts ( if the bolts were seperate or if one bolt went right through the sump) we had the separate bolts. The new motor has arrived! Gee, they are pretty.That was really great service from Bert Flood Imports. Even the prop is back from it's "P" modification. Looks like Christmas is working on Ximango time! One of the common threads of advice is to replace the engine mount rubbers. Are the "Lord" mounts better than the 'Barry" MOUNTS? Both of the other Ximango's at my airport have replaced the oil pressure sender with a different type and guage after having trouble with the original. Any comments would be appreciated. I'll take your advice John, and leave the battery where it is on the firewall. I will fill the tailwheel with a soft rubber compound to help Cof G and stop it going flat. Best Wishes to all for Christmas. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 18th-December-2011 03:41 PM I don't have any experience with Lord's version of the shock mount on the Ximango, although I have used Lord products on other engines and they make good stuff. I doubt you'd go wrong with either choice. I renewed my mounts last annual and it was easy, even without removing the engine. I replaced Barry mounts with Barry mounts because I couldn't find the Ximango listed in the FAA/PMA approved aircraft list for Lord or Barry mounts, so I went back with what was on it to avoid 337 paperwork. Prior to replacing I had a 3/8" misalignment with the spinner/cowl. Now, it's right on the money. The general consensus on OP senders in the home built community here (which uses a lot of Rotax and Jabiru engines) is VDO senders are the best. When I went to Rotax school for the 912/914 at Lockwood they recommended VDO. I replaced the Chinese knock-off OP sender that came on the Jaibiru I put in my Europa XS with a VDO about 5 years ago and it's worked flawlessly. My Ximango has a VDO OP sender with a Westach gauge. Seems to work well for a steam gauge. Once you get the engine installed familiarize yourself with the oil purge procedure (Rotax SI-912-018). If you subscribe the Rotax Owner's Group they have videos available that show how it's done. There are also some aftermarket videos available that show this and other maintenance procedures for the 912/914. I cannot adequately stress how important the oil purge procedure is, especially on a new engine. It's also important to fill the oil filter with oil prior to installing it and starting the purge. I use a power purge system that uses 15 psi shop air hooked to the oil tank to help push the oil into the journals and heads and push the air out. Some people call this "burping" the engine because of the noise it makes when the air is pushed out of the engine and into the oil tank. Even with the power purge it wills till take 50-60 revolutions of the prop to adequately purge the oil system of air. The 912/914 uses hydraulic lifters and it's really important that you get the air out of the oil system to prevent collapsing a lifter(s). Rotax has a procedure in the Heavy Maintenance Manual that details how to check the lifters for proper oil purge. On a new engine I wouldn't hesitate to pop the valve covers off and put a few drops of oil on the rocker arms and valve guides prior to the first start up. Use caution when you reinstall the valve covers. Steel bolt/aluminum head. The bolt will win if you get carried away with the torque. Another thing you'll have to do is balance the carbs. There's a procedure in the Line Maintenance Manual for the carb balance. BTW, both the Heavy Maintenance Manual and the Line Maintenance Manual are available free on line and I think video of most of the common procedures are available on Youtube. Carb balance is a two part procedure, mechanical alignment first, then vacuum balance with the engine running at various speeds by adjusting the throttle cables/sheaths. It's not hard, but it does take a set of gauges and a bit of patience. It's also nice if it's a warm day, too, because you'll be standing in the prop blast for a good bit of it. Carb balance is something that really needs to be done periodically. Failure to keep the carbs in balance can result in A LOT of excess vibration which can lead to crankcase fretting and other avoidable troubles. So, when in doubt, sync 'em up! I have the standard "steam" gauge carb balance setup, but there are electronic units available that accomplish the same goal. I've used both and prefer the steam gauge type, but I think it's more a matter of personal preference. (old habits die hard) If you run leaded fuel you will need to change the oil more frequently. Lead in the fuel is picked up in the oil. If you use an oil that has lead scavenging properties (as recommended by Rotax) that lead is then deposited in the oil tank. If left alone it will build up and eventually get sucked back into the engine and deposited in all the wrong places. So, if you run leaded fuel change your oil every 25 hours, use TCP or similar lead scavenging additive and/or the correct oil. If you run leaded fuel you'll also need to remove the oil tank and wipe out the lead residue at every oil change. Better yet, if you can avoid using leaded fuel entirely. Rotax has specific oils and additives they recommend which will help scavenge the lead from the oil. There is a Rotax SI that has a listing of approved oils. Find the most current version, as there have been several SI's issued over the years concerning approved oil types. I run Valvoline Duralube now in my engine. Previously, I ran Pennzoil 3888, but it was discontinued. Most on the approved list are semi-synthetics of motorcycle origin. These type motorcycle oils are used because the crankcase oil also lubricates the reduction gear assembly, much the same way modern motorcycles use crankcase oil to lubricate direct drive shafts and drive gears. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the Rotax break in procedure and follow it verbatim. Early on you're trying to get the rings to seat. So, it's very important that you follow their suggestions, rather than just "kick a tire and light the fire". In any event, I know it sounds like a lot, but after you do the procedures a few times and get familiar it becomes very easy. The Rotax is a fine little engine, but it has to be broken in and maintained according to Rotax guidelines. If you try to maintain it like you would a Lycoming or Continental you're asking for trouble. Hope it helps! Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Raytol Date : 19th-December-2011 10:37 AM Thread Title : Thanks again John I really appreciate your input and will follow your and the Rotax manual to the letter. My partner and I have already agreed to use only 100LL Avgas in her as we have a distrust for the fuel supplied around here. My last car's gasoline tank developed a fungus that is supposed to only live in Avtur/kerosine! I certainly have a lot to learn about the Rotax motor as I have a Limbach in my Grob 109 that I have owned for over 4 years now. The VDO OP senders and guages seem to have nod from all the experienced Rotax people I have contacted. Do Rotax or you have a diagram of your carb balancing equipment and power 'burper'? Regards, Ray Tolhurst VH-XJH Camden (YCDN) Australia -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 19th-December-2011 01:00 PM Hey Ray, Here's the oil priming kit I use: Rotaxparts.net and 800-Airwolf specializes in Rotax Parts for Ultralight and amature built aircraft. We ship worldwide and offer services in English and EspaÒol. We ship our rotax parts world wide. - 800-Airwolf Rotax Parts Online Store features Ultr (http://rotaxparts.net/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=1401) Here's the carb balance kit from California Power Systems website: Rotaxparts.net and 800-Airwolf specializes in Rotax Parts for Ultralight and amature built aircraft. We ship worldwide and offer services in English and EspaÒol. We ship our rotax parts world wide. - 800-Airwolf Rotax Parts Online Store features Ultr (http://www.rotaxparts.net/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=1297) Here's a different version of the carb balance tool from Lockwood (page 166, right side) This is the carb balance kit I have ($10 cheaper) I think the only real difference between this one and the California Power Systems version is the gauges used. The small, inline valves are used to damp the vacuum oscillations. Their purpose is covered in the instructions: http://www.lockwood-aviation.com/Catalog2011-2012.pdf As I mentioned previously, there are also some electronic units available that do the same thing as the analog balance kits, but I don't have a link. One note of caution when using Rotax manuals, make sure you are looking at the manual section that pertains to your specific engine. Rotax does a great job of documenting everything, but their system is a bit cryptic and takes some getting used to. (and I'm saying this as an Engineer and Technical Writer). There have been several major engine revisions over the years. So, make sure whatever procedure you're using pertains to your specific equipment. This is particularly true of the electrical and ignition systems. Anyway, hope it helps. Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Raytol Date : 21st-December-2011 10:07 AM Thread Title : G'Day John Thanks for all your help. I will check to see if anyone else around here has this equipment. If not, then I will buy it and offer it to others. After more consultation with the other Ximango owners on this airport I am about to order a "Westach" combined oil temp and oil pressure guage from Aircraft Spruce. I will have to run an extra wire through the firewall but they have not had any trouble with this setup. They both had a lot of trouble with the original supplied parts! It must be horrible flying with no oil pressure especially if you are over "tiger country" or a long way from home! I would rather have analog equipment for this sort of testing, digital messes up at the speed of light! Regards, Ray Tolhurst VH-XJH (YCMD) Australia -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:34 PM.
  6. Rotax 912 Cracked Stack / Ceramic Coated

    Abstract: Once again, the stacks on my 912 are cracked. A three-year-old part, straight from the factory: treated with black ceramic coating. (And, yeah, I had the prop balanced.) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : 912 cracked stacks...ceramic coated, new source? Started at 18th-December-2009 12:17 AM by bruceschimmel Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=59 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 18th-December-2009 12:17 AM Thread Title : 912 cracked stacks...ceramic coated, new source? Once again, the stacks on my 912 are cracked. A three-year-old part, straight from the factory: treated with black ceramic coating. (And, yeah, I had the prop balanced.) I have not yet seen the pipes myself, so I don't know if only the ceramic is cracked or if the metal underneath is also compromised. (I had not previously seen any stains on the wrapping to suggest that exhaust is escaping.) Is is possible for the ceramic on coated pipes to crack and the pipe underneath still be quite viable ñ- as strong as ever? And assuming the pipes underneath the ceramic *are* cracked, who would repair them? And if they can not be repaired, where would you make up a new set -- now that the factory is closed? many thx, Bruce -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 19th-December-2009 03:46 PM Is is possible for the ceramic on coated pipes to crack and the pipe underneath still be quite viable ñ- as strong as ever? Hey Bruce, There's one quick way to tell. If you have a shop vac that also will blow air (usually you have to switch the hose to the outlet port) you can duct tape the shop vac hose to the stack and blow low pressure air into it. Take a spray bottle with soap/water solution and mist the areas where the cracks have appeared. If it's cracked all the way through the soap will bubble up as the air escapes through the cracks. If not, it's likely that just the ceramic is cracked. Hope it helps! Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:33 PM.
  7. 1995 AMT-200 Parts Needed

    Abstract: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : 1995 AMT200 parts needed Started at 10th-March-2010 10:59 AM by Mark Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=75 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Mark Date : 10th-March-2010 10:59 AM Thread Title : 1995 AMT200 parts needed Hi guys, This is my first post. I have purchased a damaged Ximango. only time will tell if I've done a good thing! Some of you may know the aircraft.....Anyway, I have been trying to get a reply via email from XimangoUSA and Aeromot in Brazil, but not having a lot of joy. I need a right hand undercarriage leg, plus I am hoping someone can have a look at a Ximango maintenance manual and tell me what type of glass cloth and layup is used in the outer wing panels. Many thanks Mark -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 15th-March-2010 06:09 AM Thread Title : Engine does not stop when mags are off Several times when trying to turn off the engine for soaring, the engine does not stop (occurs occasionally also on the ground) when turning the mags off. The only way to stop the engine then is to starve it by turning the fuel selector off. Has anybody else experienced this? I am worried that this may an indication of a bigger problem. Thanks, Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 16th-March-2010 11:55 PM Hey Mark, My maintenance manual has the following laminate schedule: Ref Fibers Weight per sq.yd (oz/sq.yd) 91110 Two directional 3.1 92110 Two directional 4.8 92125 Two directional 8.3 92140 Two directional 11.5 92145 Unidirectional 6.5 Manufacturer: Interglass (Germany) Foam - Klegecel ref. 55 or Conticell 60 thickness 0.12, 0.18, 0.24, or 0.45 Gel Coat - Geal Coat Ref. 03-69066 (white) Hardener - 07-20500 (10% by weight) Manufacturer - Lesonal - AKSO (Germany) (I'd use urethane for the top coat paint and primer in favor of gel coat and epoxy primer. We like De Beers Berocryl Series 400) Primer Epoxy ref. 005.024.861 / 004.400.862 (white) PU ref. 001.021.826/001.400.826 Manufacturer: Tecnoquimica (Brazil) Primer Epoxy ref. F391 PU ref. 350 Manufacturer: PPG (Brazil) Structure Plan - Wings inner 2 layers tissue ref. 92145 - Foam Klegecell 55 or Conticell 60 .0315" (8mm) thickness - 1 layer tissue ref. 92110 outer 2 layers tissue ref 92145 - Foam Klegecell 55 or Conticell 60 0.24" (6mm) thickness - 1 layer tissue ref 92110 Fuselage 1 layer tissue ref. 92110 2 layers tissue ref. 92125 Foam Klegecell 55 or Conticell 60 0.315" (8mm) thickness 1 layer tissue ref. 92125 (except vertical stabilizer) 1 layer tissue ref. 92125 (except vertical stabilizer) 1 layer tissue ref. 92110 (only vertical stabilizer) Hope it helps! Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 17th-March-2010 12:02 AM Thread Title : Mag switch problem Herman, Try testing your mag switches individually with a continuity meter and make sure the switch is functioning properly. It sounds like you may have one of your mag switches going bad, causing intermittent contact and not grounding the ignition modules (mags) when you switch it off. This would allow the engine to continue to run on one ignition circuit. I doubt that both switches are bad, probably just one. I've seen this sort of toggle switch failure happen before on another airplane (not a Ximango). Hope it helps! Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Alan Mayhew Date : 20th-March-2010 06:44 PM It is possibly one of the electronic mag units (A+B) situated on top of the engine - I had that - stopped the engine by semi feathering - UK cost new was about $700 Alan mayhew -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 21st-March-2010 02:57 PM Hey Alan, Wow, hadn't heard that. I'd heard the ignition modules either work or they don't. Hmmm. An intermittent black box. That would certainly add some mystery, wouldn't it? A broken wire in the ignition circuit could cause an intermittent problem like Hermann describes, too. That's certainly possible the way these Rotax beasties shake when they start up and shut down. Thanks for posting your experience! Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:11 PM.
  8. 2010 Fly-In Plans

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : 2010 West Coast Touring Motorglider Fly-In [Heads-Up!] Started at 28th-December-2009 03:57 AM by Webmaster Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=61 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 28th-December-2009 03:57 AM Thread Title : 2010 West Coast Touring Motorglider Fly-In [Heads-Up!] I have been interacting with Richard Pearl, Ray Buhr, and Fred LaSor who are the organizers for what we hope will be the Annual West Coast Motorglider Fly-In. Although the plans are still fluid, I though I would post them as soon as possible so people could make plans. Tentative Schedule: Fly-In: June 25-27 at Minden, NV. This will include dinners, social events, presentations, and outstanding soaring in prime season. Trek: June 26 through July 3 to Cedar City/Parowan Utah. The ASA will be hosting their annual (serious) soaring meet June 29 through July 8. The soaring can be outstanding at Parowan and the company is good. Since Parowan is crowded, they are suggesting we rendezvous at Cedar City (19 miles away). We can still join in on the meals and socializing and hook up for soaring. Last year we had 3 Ximangos at the Parowan meet and 2 at the Minden Fly-In. Perhaps this year with advanced planning we could do even more. Depending who signs up we can expand our activities. For example, does anyone want to work on soaring badges? Should we arrange for some aerial photos? There is a chance there might be some wave at Minden at this time (May is normally good, June has some occassional days.) We could also trek around and do some sightseeing. What sounds good? Anyone from the East want an adventure ... just join us. Last year Tom Muller from Georgia was one of the Ximangos. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 25th-January-2010 04:56 AM Thread Title : Updated Information for Fly-In Touring Motor Glider 2010 Fly-In The Second Annual West Coast Fly-In will be held June 25 ñ 27 at Minden, Nevada. Activities will include flying, technical discussions, a show and tell, Friday night Basque dinner, Saturday night BBQ, and flying. SoaringNV at Minden will again be the on-site host. SoaringNV will just be finishing up a glider cross-country camp so there will be a lot of glider activity out there. This year we are planning an optional fly-out after the main event to Cedar City/Parawon, Utah, where the Auxiliary Sailplane Association will be holding their annual Camp & Contest (June 28 though July 8). We plan on staging our group at the Cedar City airport. Everyone weíve talked to says that the Utah area is spectacular to fly in. Last year we had 10 ships and 20 pilot/spectators at the event. A great time was had by all, although the weather could have been more cooperative. Pilots came from north and south California, the southwest, and the northwest. Contact Richard Pearl (pennyrich@aol.com) or Ray Buhr (jb92563@yahoo.com) for details, comments, and suggestions. Updated information will be posted in the Yahoo group site: Touring_Motor_Glider Fly-In. Join if youíre not already a member. You need not have a glider to participate in the event, and I expect that glider flights with participants can be arranged. Ray and I will make basic arrangements with hotels, restaurants, and the airports. Obviously, everyone is responsible for their own tie down fees, hotel, and meal costs. Here is the website information: link (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Touring_Motor_Glider_Fly-in/) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 25th-January-2010 04:59 AM Thread Title : Logistics Richard Pearl asked me: Also, where did you stay in Cedar City? Would you recommend it for the group? Although the experts are Ron Snedecor and Tom Muller, who have open invitations to stay at Victoria's Bed & Breakfast - the spot at Parowan, I replied with the following: Hi Richard I will get this going on the website and will announce it to the group as well. BTW I think you meant July 8th below, not August 8th. A list of hotels is at: AirNav: KCDC - Cedar City Regional Airport (http://www.airnav.com/airport/KCDC) I have stayed at the Hampton Inn twice and think it is fine with several restaurants right near by. Note that the pilots recommend the Bed & Breakfast in Parowan Victoria's Bed & Breakfast (http://www.utahretreat.com/) but I suspect the rooms will be taken before we can sign up. But for people who go other times it would be good to know. Rental cars at Cedar City can be arranged through the FBO: Cedar City Airport :: Sphere One Aviation (http://www.cedarcityairport.com/) I am planning to come with Ximango and Cirrus. Besides me I plan to bring my brother and wife, both are glider pilots. My brother has a diamond. We all plan to head to Cedar City and stay through about July 3. I have contacted Ron Snedecor and Tom Mulller, the attendees from last year to get it on their calendar. We shall see if we can get more attendees. Should be fun. Steve -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 25th-January-2010 05:02 AM Thread Title : Current Intentions I am hoping to bring my family to the Fly-In at Minden and off to Parowan. My wife will fly our Cirrus and bring my brother's family. He and I will fly the motorglider. I think Tom Muller is hoping to make it and Ron Snedecor is likely. I hope others will start planning to overlap with us. It could be fun. Last year at Parowan we had 3 Ximangos in several thermals over 2 hours and got up to almost 18,000 feet (in thermals). Ron and Tom got some wave soaring in before I got there. It will be fun! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Horst31 Date : 29th-January-2010 01:00 AM Steve, Parowan sounds great. I would love to join the group, but can't commit yet. Minden is not possible for me. I will keep you posted . I am going on April 18 thru 24 to the soaring/wave camp in Marfa, Tx. Horst Stratmann N96SX -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 31st-January-2010 02:14 PM Thread Title : Any Eastern Ximangophiles interested in heading west? Greetings Team, Anybody on the east side of town interested in forming up and heading west to attend the motorglider event at Minden? I'm thinking seriously about going. Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 31st-January-2010 05:10 PM Thread Title : Easterners Heading West Hi John It would be great to host you. Tom Muller will be coming East and he starts near Thomasville, GA as I recall. I think this will be his 4th trip West with his Ximango. Steve -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Rob Morgan Date : 1st-February-2010 08:50 AM Thread Title : West Coast Fly In Hello Everyone, I just read the thread on the idea of a west coast fly in at Minden in late June. I don't know how fixed everyone is on going to Minden, but I personally believe Bishop to be the better destination for soaring conditions around the first part of July. I personally intend to head to Bishop around the 3rd or 4th of July and plan to stay for about a week. I've been flying the Sierras for about 25 years now and have flown Minden, Tuckee, Air Sailing, Bishop, Lone Pine, Inyokern, Tehachapi, and California City from Memorial Day to Labor Day during many of these past years. Though Minden offers beautiful views of Lake Tahoe, I believe soaring conditions are generally more consistent and favorable at Bishop. The furthest distance I've traveled in my Ximango with the engine out has been out of Bishop....275 statute miles. Bishop (like Minden) offers multiple runways. Bishop also offers closer restuarants and hotels to the airport. I'd bet if you ask people who have flown from Minden to get their 1000K flights, at least 80% will tell you they headed to the White mountains between Boundary Peak and Lone Pine. Well, Bishop is located in the Owens valley with the White Mountains running north to south just a few miles to the east of Bishop. If flying from Minden or from Bishop, come prepared with oxygen. This is a must! It's not uncommon to fly well above 10,000 ft. Being able to soar between 15,000 to 17,999 is a very real possibility. BTW....there is usually a really good 4th of July fireworks show put on at the Bishop airport every year. It's usually a big hit with pilots and families alike. If anyone would like to chat about flying the Sierras or Whites, you are welcome to give me a call at 858-442-6194. Rob -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 1st-February-2010 01:19 PM Thread Title : Minden and/or the Owens Valley Hey Steve, I swapped emails with Tom over the past couple of days. He's in New Zealand now on a soaring trip, but said he does indeed plan to attend the meet at Minden again. Tom and I are going to compare notes when he gets back from New Zealand and try to formulate a plan. I'm open for wherever the flying is good. I don't care at all about attending the ASA meet at Parowan. In fact, I'd much rather avoid that crowd entirely. I'm just wanting to soar somewhere with different scenery and big lift. June and July aren't the best months for soaring here in the Sequatchie. It'd be nice to have a couple of eastern Ximango's to form up with to make the journey for safety reasons, but I've flown back and forth across the country several times and have no qualms about doing it alone again if need be. The biggest deal for me is finding someone to keep my runway mowed while I'm gone. That time of year I need to mow every 4 days or so to keep it from turning into a jungle. The real difficulty for me is finding someone that I can trust to run a 65 hp diesel tractor and $30,000 mower and not tear it up or mow down my runway lights! Rob, I'd LOVE to fly in the Owens Valley! I've always heard great stuff about that area and I've been wanting to do some flying out that way since the early 80's, but just never had a chance to. I would prefer to go with someone experienced in the area, though. I've read that conditions can get pretty strong there in the summer. Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Rob Morgan Date : 2nd-February-2010 04:21 AM Thread Title : West Coast Fly In John, I didn't intend to mess up anyones plans to go to Minden. Minden is a nice place and fun to fly, but I personnally think Bishop is more consistent and favorable around the early July timeframe. I'll be glad to help anyone who might like to come to Bishop and learn and fly the Owens Valley, Sierras and the Whites. The Whites on a good day are the closest thing we have to a glider freeway out here in the west. Rob -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 4th-February-2010 03:59 PM Thread Title : Touring Motorgliders The best thing about having touring motorgliders is that we can adjust our tours. Tom and Ron are famous for getting up in the morning and deciding it's time to head on to the next location and then change as the weather and conditions dictate. The goal is to rendezvous at Minden with the other touring motorgliders for the weekend event - flying, sharing, and socializing. Currently the plan was to head to Parowan/Ceder City to overlap with the ASA meet. They have socials about every other evening, but they do up the weather in the morning. However, we can always fly down to Bishop, on the way there or the way back. If Rob isn't getting there until July 3 we could consider heading there for 4th of July weekend. Planning will be good for me as I am bringing family so I need to do some coordination on ground activities, reservations, and etc. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 4th-February-2010 04:10 PM Hey Rob, My intention is not to be a fly in the ointment. I would be traveling over 1600 nm one way to attend. I want to see and take in as much as I can. The Owens is high on my list and has been for many years. I'd also like to fly at Minden and SW Utah (probably SW Colorado, too). It really depends on what area is working best while I'm out there. Thanks for the offer of tutelage regarding the Whites and the Owens. I would feel much more comfortable flying with locals who are familiar with the conditions as opposed to wandering around on my own. Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 4th-February-2010 04:45 PM Thread Title : Possible Touring One thought is those who can rendezvous at Minden for the weekend June 25 with the Touring Guys and then head to Parowan/Cedar City. Perhaps we head to Bishop over the 4th of July. Let's keep the options open. Cliff - Can you join us? Seems like the flight up from your neck of the woods to Cedar City would be about 4 hours or something like that ... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Ron Snedecor Date : 7th-February-2010 01:07 AM Thread Title : So much soaring so little time. Wow, the soaring calendar is filling rapidly. I am definitely doing the Minden meet and the Parowan meet. I'd also like to fly with Rob Morgan and any others at Bishop. But Rob's dates fall right in the middle of the Parowan meet. Maybe I could catch up around July 8th or 9th? And King Mountain is having their safari again August 14th to 22nd. Just a thought on Bishop. Around July 4th Bishop is very popular with vacationers and tourists. May be some difficulty getting last minute rooms. Thinking about Steve Sliwa's January 24th post in this thread regarding 3 Ximango's thermaling together at Parowan. I was one of the three along with Tom Muller and Steve Sliwa. My friend Mark Weatherup was doing the flying in my plane. For about 10 minutes all three of us were absolutely nose to tail in a thermal climbing through 14,000. I wish my video camera had been out. It was one of those great moments in life. A picture of the intrepid crews that participated is on the July page of Steve's calendar. Steve, I thought I remembered seeing a video you made of some of the action? I can't find it in the gallery. Some links about the Parowan area courtesy of Region 9 Soaring: Parowan - Places to stay (http://parowan.soaringweb.net/Accomodations.html) Parowan - Places to visit during your stay in the Parowan, Utah area (http://parowan.soaringweb.net/Sights.html) Parowan - Photo Album for the Parowan soaring area (http://parowan.soaringweb.net/Photo.html) Ron Snedecor -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Brickey's Date : 19th-March-2010 03:30 AM Hi: My husband Bill and I will be attending the west coast fly in, and are very interested in getting a chance to get a flight in a Ximango. It is on our short list of motor gliders as we consider what to purchase. We looked at one that was for sale, was very impressed, but it was out of annual and we could not fly it. Any help from those going to Minden would really be appreciated. Bill has his commercial glider rating. I am a student. We currently own a Grob 103 Twin Astir, and have been flying for about 5 years. Thanks, Marge Brickey -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Horst31 Date : 20th-March-2010 05:30 PM Marge, where are you located? I would love to show you a Ximango. I am based in Austin, Texas. best regards Horst N96SX -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Brickey's Date : 22nd-March-2010 02:37 AM Hi Horst: We live near Portland, Oregon, and fly out of Willamette Valley Soaring Club in North Plains. Will you be at the motorglider fly-in? Marge Brickey N107SE -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Cliff Goldman Date : 27th-March-2010 11:07 PM Steve -- I was planning on it, then discovered that Sharen's school in southeastern Colorado is having one of their every-5-year reunions that weekend so looks like it'll be motorhome to Lamar instead of Ximango to Parawan this year. Maybe next year. Cliff -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 5th-April-2010 10:29 PM Thread Title : Near Portland Hi Marge Actually I used to be a member and have my Ximango based at KDLS (Dallesport). I would be happy to get you a flight before the trip to the Fly-In. I will contact you via e-mail. Steve -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 2nd-June-2010 01:07 PM Hey Guys, All systems are go here. Is everyone still planning to meet up in Minden and/or Parowan in 3 weeks? Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Horst31 Date : 7th-June-2010 09:20 PM I will not be able to join the group this year. Horst Stratmann N96SX -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 7th-June-2010 11:07 PM Thread Title : Minden/Parowan Assuming my bird makes it out of annual on schedule I will be there for both Minden and Parowan. If not, I will fly up Commercial to Minden. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 28th-June-2010 07:18 PM Thread Title : Touring Motorglider Fly-In Update I flew my Cirrus down to Minden with my brother as my Ximango was in the shop for its annual and waiting for parts. So here is the initial report: 3 Ximangos came: Ron Snedecor (currently keeps his Ximango in Minden) Tom Muller (flew in from Thomasville, GA) John Lawton (flew in from TN) We also had (about) 2 Taifuns, 3 Grobs, 3 Lambadas, and 2 Carats. In all, about 25 people came. We had a dinner at JT's Bar and Basque restaurant on Friday night and barbecue hosted by Soaring NV on Saturday night. Presentations included soaring brief each morning, safety brief, maintenance hints for motorgliders, battery maintenance hints, and a description of a world record distance flight about about 2500 km in New Zealand (across multiple islands). The group's initial plan was spend 3 days in Minden and then several days in Cedar City UT, but the weather may change the plan. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 28th-June-2010 07:29 PM Thread Title : Sunday Update On Sunday 2 Ximangos and 1 Cirrus departed for Bridgeport NV to get lunch and get closer to the Whites for soaring. Ron had to turn back due to a maintenance issue. I landed the Cirrus first and was followed by John and Tom. My brother, Dave, flew with Tom. We had terrific fish tacos and shakes. My brother and flew home to White Salmon, WA from there in the Cirrus. Tom and John continued down the Whites to Bishop and returned back to Minden. Here is a link to some pictures that John posted in the gallery. He uses a tail mounted camera to get great pictures. Picture 1 with caption: link (http://gallery.xopa.org/showphoto.php?photo=471) Picture 2 with caption: link (http://gallery.xopa.org/showphoto.php?photo=472) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 22nd-July-2010 03:43 PM Thread Title : Post Event Summary 2010 Motor Glider Fly-In: Minden, NV http://gallery.xopa.org/data/500/TMG_pic01.png The 2010 Touring Motor Glider Fly-In, held again at Minden Nevada, was an unqualified success. Sixteen different touring motor gliders, including seven different manufacturers, arrived June 25 and departed June 28. Between pilots, friends, and spectators, the gathering totaled twenty-five MG enthusiasts. Shown above are five of the types of aircraft and their enthusiastic owners. On hand were aircraft representing: Grob, Ximango, Taifun, Lambada, Samba, Carat, and Pipistral. The winner of the award for the pilot flying the longest distance to the event went to Steven Chase, who over a three-week flying odyssey from his home base in South Carolina covered a total of 6,593 miles over 62 hours (including side trips). Steven was flying his newly purchased Lambada, and reported that it performed flawlessly. Another participant (Tom Muller, Ximango) flew in from Georgia via Texas; other pilots came from California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. The on-site host again this year was SoaringNV, who once more opened up their hangar, operations, staff, and hearts to the group. THANK YOU, Laurie Harden, Fred LaSor, and your great team. Laurie and Fred are the driving force behind SoaringNV and if you ever want to learn the REALLY fine points of glider flying, go fly with their team. World-class experience in a phenomenal setting! After flying in on Friday night we all went to a Basque restaurant for one of their gut-busting, family-oriented dinners. Great fun. Saturday morning we had group introductions, weather and safety briefings (Fred LaSor), and an aircraft maintenance discussion by Michael Haisten of Auburn Aircraft Works about all those pesky FAA regulations, plus maintenance tips. The afternoon was devoted to area flying, in generally good conditions. SoaringNV put on a chicken and tri-tip BBQ that night, washed down with lots of cold libations. Sunday morning was another excellent weather briefing, some general lying about how far and high we flew the previous day, and staging of the aircraft for the photo above (thank you Laurie for climbing up on the motor home to get the shot.). Many of us departed after lunch, some for home and some to Parowan to link up with the Auxiliary Sailplane Association’s contest and fly-in. If you missed this year’s event, start planning now for next year. We’ll be posting pictures on the site. If you have any photo’s, please send them in. Members of the special aircraft groups (Grob, Ximango, Taifun, Lambada, and Pipistral) please feel free to join the Touring motor glider group (Touring_Motor_Glider_Fly-In@yahoogroups). If anyone wants to organize an East Coast, etc. fly-in, please feel free to use the site to explore that potential, or contact Ray Buhr or myself (Richard Pearl) for advice. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 22nd-July-2010 09:53 PM Thread Title : What an awesome trip! other pilots came from California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Hey Steve, Don't forget the Tennessee contingent! My trip was just over 5000 miles in 13 days. 61.4 hours TT, flying over 10 states, stopping in 8 and soaring in 3. Any chance I could get a copy of that group picture? BTW, I'm working on a summary of my trip. I'll post it in the forum category about touring trips in the next few days. Still going through the 5000+ pictures I took on this trip. I've posted a few to my gallery if anyone is interested. The soaring was nothing short of spectacular. For the most part the weather cooperated except for a brief diversion on the way out in northeast New Mexico and on the trip home in Texas and Arkansas where I had to do a little "scud running" around T-storms. There was also one day at Parowan where we decided to not fly due to wind. Otherwise, we could not have had much better weather. I was calling this "the trip of a lifetime" but I know I'll be going back, hopefully next time with my co-pilot, Susan. Enjoyed meeting you and Dave. Thanks for all your hospitality and for carting my arse around in Minden. Cheers! John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : tumuller Date : 27th-July-2010 12:28 AM Hey Steve, Finally joined your site. Very nice. Thanks for the calander and hope your bird gets airborne soon. Enjoyed flying with yall -your brothers a good stick and hope to fly together again soon. Cheers Tom -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 8th-August-2010 04:15 PM Thread Title : Update Hi Tom Thanks for getting my brother in the air. He talks about soaring a lot now. If I could just get my motorglider out of maintenance I could probably get him soaring again. They finally found the problem with the engine. I had a broken part in the gearbox. Factory (Rotax) was shocked as it had never had that failure mode before. Parts are on the way (under warranty) and should be flying soon. Of course, I didn't know anything was wrong ... it was just uncovered in the annual process. Looking forward to rendezvousing for next year's sojourn west. Steve -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 07:56 PM.
  9. 2010 Ximango Calendar is Available

    Abstract: I used some of the photos stored in the gallery at www.xopa.org (http://www.xopa.org) and pasted together a calendar for 2010 using the iPhoto tools on my Mac. It looks like the price will be $20 + shipping to me and then to you. So I would say the approximate cost will be under $30. If you want one or more please reply with an address. I will pass the bill on to you when I complete the order. I will make special arrangements for international orders, if any. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : 2010 Ximango Calendar is available. Started at 28th-December-2009 03:05 AM by Webmaster Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=60 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 28th-December-2009 03:05 AM Thread Title : 2010 Ximango Calendar is available. Hi Ximango Enthusiasts: I used some of the photos stored in the gallery at www.xopa.org (http://www.xopa.org) and pasted together a calendar for 2010 using the iPhoto tools on my Mac. It looks like the price will be $20 + shipping to me and then to you. So I would say the approximate cost will be under $30. If you want one or more please reply with an address. I will pass the bill on to you when I complete the order. I will make special arrangements for international orders, if any. I have attached a link to the draft of the calendar as a .pdf file (see below). I am not the best at graphics layout and I didn't get everyone's pictures effectively included, but I think I got a good smattering of what was posted. Thanks to Roland Martin, Neil Watt, John Lawton, Rob Morgan, and Horst Stratmann, among others, for submitting photos. Let's collect up some good pictures during the coming year for next year's calendar. If the response is good this year, I might even get a pro to spend a little more time laying out the calendar. Happy New Year! Steve Sliwa volunteer webmaster PS - I plan to do some annual maintenance on www.xopa.org (http://www.xopa.org) after the first of the year. Please send me any suggestions or comments so I can tune it for maximum benefit. Calendar File [12.4MB]: http://snipr.com/tvukm-lxz -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 14th-January-2010 07:54 PM Thread Title : First Batch of Calendars in the Mail The first batch of calendars are in the mail. If you want one, let me know. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 19th-January-2010 04:43 PM Thread Title : Calendars Hey Steve, Mine arrived on Saturday. Great work! Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Ron Snedecor Date : 23rd-January-2010 12:47 AM Hey Steve, Just got my calendar. You must have put a lot of work into it. It's beautiful. Thank you. Ron Snedecor T Ximango #115 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Cliff Goldman Date : 24th-January-2010 05:23 PM Hey Steve -- Great calender. I don't recall ordering one (CRS?), or paying for it but I'm not about to send it back. What do I owe you? Cliff -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 25th-January-2010 04:27 AM Thread Title : Calendar -- Donation Works I got a bunch of calendars and distributed. I have a few more. Rather than going through the pain of issuing invoices and depositing checks, this year I am just encouraging people to make a donation to a favorite charity, perhaps one that supports Haiti. Calendar plus postage came in at about $25. Next year I hope to collect more photos in the gallery, hopefully with many XOPA members contributing. I will arrange to put the XOPA calendar into a shopping cart so people can just buy it with credit card or PayPal or something. In the meantime, I have a few more left. If anyone else lets me know we can send them out. First come, first serve! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 29th-January-2010 09:39 PM Thread Title : Calendars available Online via Shopping Cart I got in bed with the owner of Morning Wings and was able to get Ximango products offered through her online shopping cart. Additional calendars can be order at my wife's website: Morning Wings - Shopping Cart -- Smart Products for Plane People (http://shop.morningwings.com) The product listing can be directly addressed at: Morning Wings :: Ximango :: XOPA 2010 Calendar (http://shop.morningwings.com/ximango/xopa-2010-calendar.html) The Morning Wings team will provide the order fulfillment as well. Regards, Steve -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:14 PM.
  10. 2011 Fly-In Plans

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : 2011 Touring Motorglider West Coast Fly-In Started at 30th-November-2010 05:29 AM by Webmaster Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=93 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 30th-November-2010 05:29 AM Thread Title : 2011 Touring Motorglider West Coast Fly-In Note being posted for Richard Pearl: Greetings Touring Motor Glider enthusiasts, and happy holidays. Were beginning our planning for the 2011 Fly-In. Last year we had 15 ships representing 7 different manufacturers, and a total of 25 pilots and guests, attending. Two pilots flew out from the East coast - impressive! We've had such great success at Minden, Nevada that we're again going to hold it there, this year from Friday June 17 thru Sunday June 19. This will also give those who want to fly out to the ASA's Pawowan, Utah annual meeting an opportunity to link both events. SoaringNV will again be the on-site host. They've been terrific in providing meeting space, presentation equipment, a Saturday BBQ, and local area and general aviation knowledge. If you want some specialized training, they're the people to see. I'd like to get a "feel" for the potential number of participants, so I'd appreciate it if you would respond to me whether you're anticipating attending. If you know of any other likely attendees, have them sign up for this Yahoo group. We'll be using it for the Fly-In coordination. For those new to the Fly-In, its an informal gathering to share experiences, learn from each other, and have fun. We have a group dinner at a local restaurant, a BBQ at the SoaringNV hanger (chef Fred), prelaunch weather briefings, advanced soaring presentations, and a technical roundtable about common aircraft situations. We arrange for local hotel accommodations and motel-airport transportation. There's no event fee. The past two events have seen potential Touring motor glider buyers show up, and this is encouraged, so spread the word. This site can also be used for anyone who wants to set up other Touring Motor Glider fly-ins, so if you've got any ideas, this is the place to float them. If you have any ideas, please call or email me. Richard Pearl Grob 109 Sacramento, CA 916.715.9666 pennyrich@aol.com -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Admin Date : 5th-December-2010 08:28 PM Thread Title : Updated Announcement Richard updated the announcement specifically for XOPA: The Third Annual Touring Motor Glider Fly-In will be held (again) this year at Minden, Nevada from June 17 - 19, 2011. Last year there were 15 ships representing seven different manufacturers, and 25 overall participants in attendance. Activities include informational briefings on aircraft maintenance and flight optimization, social events (a group dinner at a Basque restaurant, and a hangar BBQ), and of course flying. June is an outstanding soaring month in Nevada. Last year several Ximango owners participated in the event, with one coming from the East coast. The timing for the meet has been coordinated with the opening of the Auxiliary Sailplane Association's annual meet in Parowan, Utah, for those who want to fly from Minden to Parowan for that event. If you're interested, please sign up at the organizer's website: Touring_Motor_Glider_Fly-In@yahoogroups.com There is no fee for the event, and the only requirement is to have fun. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Admin Date : 5th-December-2010 08:32 PM Thread Title : Predicted Attendees Based upon side conversations, I am predicting we will have the following attendees: Ron Snedecor (XOPA host since he hangars at Minden) John & Susan Lawton (John had such a great time last year is coming from TN again, this time with wife so he can stay longer) Tom Muller (I think this will be his fifth annual trek from Georgia to the West Coast in a Ximango) Steve & Dave Sliwa (we hope to bring the bird this year and do some soaring trips) Are there any others that want to come? Let us know and we can help you with the planning. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 5th-December-2010 11:57 PM Thread Title : Picture of 2010 Motorglider Fly-In Here is a picture of last year's event, click on it for a bigger view: http://www.xopa.org/gallery/data/500/thumbs/MGflyin2010.jpg ('http://www.xopa.org/gallery/data/500/MGflyin2010.jpg') -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : hpeier12 Date : 27th-May-2011 01:00 AM Thread Title : Minden I might bring out my Stemme on June 17th Kind regards Heinz Peier -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 29th-May-2011 03:22 PM Hey Guys, The weather is going to have to dramatically improve for me to make Minden this year. I'm really not interested in flying 3000 miles to sit and watch the wind blow. Still looking at heading to Driggs, ID, for some soaring over the Tetons at some point, but the weather up there is going to have to improve, too. A friend of mine who lives in NW Wyoming told me the snow pack is still thick and it's not melting due to cool temps. Unless some dramatic improvements in the weather happen, and soon, my western trip will likely be postponed until later in the summer. Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 29th-May-2011 05:18 PM Thread Title : Weather Check We will continue to monitor the weather for you. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:38 PM.
  11. 2012 Fly-In Plans

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : 2012 Touring Motor Glider Fly-In Started at 20th-November-2011 09:52 PM by Webmaster Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=107 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 20th-November-2011 09:52 PM Thread Title : 2012 Touring Motor Glider Fly-In The 2011 TMG Fly-In was a roaring success. Twenty-four (24) ships graced the flight line, including: Grob, Taifun, Ximango, Stemme, Lambada, Samba, Phoenix, Diamond, Pipistral, and Fournier. Aircraft came from California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Between pilots, friends, and prospective buyers, 40 people participated in the flying, presentations, and meals. We believe it is the largest gathering of TMG's in the country, and most likely the world. Five ships went on to Parowan, Utah to link up with the Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Association's annual soaring event. Responding to suggestions, we are adding a day to the event this year, starting on Thursday July 12th and concluding on Sunday July 15th. Perfect weather is guaranteed! With an extra day we can organize a fly-out to an area airport for lunch. Besides, it is Minden, Nevada, with some of the best soaring conditions in the country, so let’s take advantage of it. SoaringNV will again be the on-site host, providing facilities (office/hangar for meetings), general logistics and soaring expertise. We’ll also have presentations on topics of general interest: weather, soaring, and mechanical issues. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. For those interested, you can link up with the ASA fly-in at Parowan, which is scheduled for July 2 – 12. See their web site for details. On another note, I am in discussions with the Soaring Society of America (SSA) about the possibility of creating a separate division within their organization devoted exclusively to TMG’s. Our ranks are growing, and our missions are different from standard non-powered and even auxiliary-powered sailplane operations. We could use this organization as a force to promote the sport, disseminate information common to TMG’s, and coordinate meets and fly-ins. The Grob 109 Yahoo group has pilots not only from America, but also around the world sharing information, support, and camaraderie. Your thoughts on this will be appreciated. Finally, if you are out here in the West, don’t forget about the SSA’s annual convention in Reno, Nevada, February 2-4, 2012. I’ll be giving a talk on TMG’s and would love to see you there. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestion. If you’re interested in the Fly-In, or just want to keep informed, you need to join the: Touring_Motor_Glider_Fly-In@Yahoogroups.com (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Touring_Motor_Glider_Fly-in/) web site. Once you do, please fill in the database section. Please pass this message on to your personal contacts in the aviation community. Remember, everyone’s welcome. Regards, Richard Pearl TMG Fly-In coordinator pennyrich@aol.com 916.715.9666 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 21st-November-2011 03:31 PM thanks for the invite. unfortunately, I am unable to access Touring_Motor_Glider_Fly-In@Yahoogroups.com it's being marked as a phishing site, and even when i say "ok," am still unable to access. i have the most up-to-date Mac OS with two up-to-date browsers (safari and firefox). please advice. bruce@schimmel.com -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 23rd-November-2011 03:04 PM Thread Title : Updated link Here is a link that works for me: Touring_Motor_Glider_Fly-in : West Coast Touring Motor Glider Fly-in (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Touring_Motor_Glider_Fly-in/) "http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Touring_Motor_Glider_Fly-in/" I will go back and edit the first entry in this thread to use this link as well. Thanks. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:38 PM.
  12. 3000 Hour Lifetime

    Abstract: The useful life of the motorglider structure is limited to 3000 hours being extended progressively to 4000, 5000, and 6000 hours if inspection procedures in SB no. A100-10-021 are accomplished in a Maintenance Shop authorized by Aeromot. Any other life limit extension only may be done with prior CTA and FAA approval. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : 3000 Lifetime Started at 6th-August-2010 06:03 PM by Webmaster Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=84 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 6th-August-2010 06:03 PM Thread Title : 3000 Lifetime Here is a note from Pierre Beaudouin: Hi, I own a Ximango (AMT 100) and have flown 2200 hours on it. I am considering opening the ownership in partnership with another pilot, who asked me about the TBO for the cell... I had not worried about it so far. I found in the maintenance book that the cell life is limited to 3000 hours, and RenÈ Fournier confirmed that the RF10 was originally so defined. However, the composite structure of these aircrafts is exactly similar to that of modern gliders such as Janus, or other Pegase, and some composite ultralights. which are autorized up to 12000 flight hours, and some are not even limited. I know that many people in the States fly a lot more than in Europe, and I guess that many have reached higher flight hours than me, so I wonder how they solved the problem of the 3000 hours limit, which seems to be a nonsense. I had no response from Aeromot on the subjectÖ they may have other prioritiesÖ. So I wondered if you who own an AMT200 ñclosely identical to the AMT100 as far as the cell is concerned- have the same limit, or if the airworthiness authorities in the USA have taken position on this limit, and accepted to make it consistant with other identically built aircrafts. Hoping you can help me with this information, eventually with other owners in the States, thanks in advance. With my best regardsÖ Good flights! Pierre Beaudouin HELIO INTERNATIONAL Paroles de Nature PrÈsident d'Honneur de la FRAPNA -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 6th-August-2010 06:07 PM Thread Title : Extension ... Here is a response from Horst Stratmann: My maintenance manual has the following entry: 8. Useful life of motorglider The useful life of the motorglider structure is limited to 3000 hours being extended progressively to 4000, 5000, and 6000 hours if inspection procedures in SB no. A100-10-021 are accomplished in a Maintenance Shop authorized by Aeromot. Any other life limit extension only may be done with prior CTA and FAA approval. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 07:56 PM.
  13. Aeromot

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Aeromot Started at 12th-December-2009 05:09 PM by Horst31 Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=57 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Horst31 Date : 12th-December-2009 05:09 PM Thread Title : Aeromot Chuck, I heard the rumor that the Ximango division of Aeromot has been shut down and that no parts delivery can be made. Is that just a rumor or is it true ? Please shed some light into this Thanks Horst Stratmann N 96SX -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 13th-December-2009 08:13 PM Thread Title : Aermot Rumors Last I heard the factory was on furlough waiting for economic conditions to improve. I am not sure about parts shipping status. I pinged Chuck to request that he post an update on this forum. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 14th-December-2009 05:05 PM Thread Title : Ximango Factory's virtual disappearance. It's been many months, going onto years, since the factory has responded *directly* to owners' inquiries from this group. The best we've gotten is a letter that Chuck *relayed* from Ximango's president. My efforts to reach him, directly, have failed --whereas in the past he's been responsive. If you google the aeromot site, looking for any mention of ximango -- site:aeromot.com.br ximango , you'll find nothing at all. So whether the factory is actually gone, in effect it's virtually gone. So I hope we, as a group, will be able to find fabricators to fill the void. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : chuck Date : 14th-December-2009 06:56 PM Aeromot has been hit by the economic situation, like all aircraft manufacturers. In Aeromot's case, they shut down the production line for several months and only were active with a skeleton engineering and quality team. This we understood as being prudent management of a tough situation. We were told just last week that the production line is back open and that a Ximango (surveillance version) delivery was made in early December. Aeromot is again taking orders for new aircraft. However, the supplying of spare parts from Brazil to North America (and elsewhere) was also halted since the production shutdown. Only those few parts in Ximango USA's on-hand inventory have available to be shipped to owners. Several owners need parts to repair damage and have been waiting a long time - over six months in one case. We have had numerous communications with Aeromot management about the parts situation, but they have apparently been unable to restart that function and we still have no firm date from Aeromot for re-starting spare parts shipments. I wish we had more information to report, but, unfortunately, that's what we know. As soon as firmer info is available, we'll send it on right away. In the meantime, if you need parts, call or e-mail us and we'll work with you any way we can. Chuck Cheeseman Ximango USA -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:34 PM.
  14. Balloon Fiesta and Canyon Hopping

    Abstract: One characteristic of flying VFR-only is that you get the opportunity to stay in places you never planned to visit. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Balloon Fiesta and Canyon hopping Started at 3rd-October-2009 01:13 PM by N97SM Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=52 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : N97SM Date : 3rd-October-2009 01:13 PM Thread Title : Balloon Fiesta and Canyon hopping I need another trip. Starting today, Saturday Oct 3rd, I'll fight my way west against headwind. Hoping to avoid bad weather and trying to reach Albuquerque not later than Monday. Will be based at AEG. Wednesday, I'll meet my wife in Las Vegas. We'll do some Canyon-hopping for 5 days. Any suggestions from pilots who know the area? I am aware of the special flight rules over Grand Canyon. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : N97SM Date : 4th-October-2009 03:26 AM Thread Title : Day 1: N57 (new Garden, PA) to BMG (Bloomington, IN) Drove to the airport in light rain. Visibility 2 miles in mist, slowly rising. Wheels up at 11:00 am. 20 miles west unlimited visibility and still light wind for a while. This changed soon. 25 kts from 250. Bearing 278. Groundspeed in the low 80's. I stayed at 3000 ft. which brings me just over the ridges of the Appalachies. Strong thermals. Got a good workout for my arms to keep wings level. I have the old style of ailerons that get really stiff at 100+kts airspeed. Fuel stop at I23 in Ohio. Had to wait until FBO mgr/line boy/flight instructor landed to buy fuel. Take-off at 04:00 pm. Hit some rain S of Indianapolis. Landed in Bloomington. The town has a big ball game tonight. Got the last hotel room at a rip-off price. The FBO was very helpful and gave me a Caddi to get to the hotel. Needed a 1 1/2 beers some food and a shower - in that order. You can track my trip online at: http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0PAqVyWTNdxj0ZRtHGlre6V1QnZRNutyJ Data are real-time and stay online for about 1 week. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : N97SM Date : 6th-October-2009 01:38 AM Thread Title : Day 2 and 3: Wild West One characteristic of flying VFR-only is that you get the opportunity to stay in places you never planned to visit. On Sunday I had two legs in mostly ideal weather. The plan was to get to (or as close as possible to) Albuquerque for the ballons. Leaving Bloomington, IN I had planned fuel stops in Clinton, MO and Meade, KS. A few mile before reaching Meade I found low overcast and poor visibility. I diverted to Dodge City, just because I was sure to find somebody at that airport. The weather forcast for the route ahead convinced me to stay. Today (Monday) was IFR until 5pm. I had a great experience learning about the Wild West in that really cute town. Also enjoyed their beef immensely. I used up the relaxation time originally planned for ABQ and Santa Fe - I'll do that another time. Forecast for tomorrow morning looks ok. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 07:55 PM.
  15. Beautiful Ximango Desktop Models for Sale

    Abstract: Source for desktop models. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Beautiful Ximango Model for Sale Started at 4th-June-2009 06:16 PM by N97SM Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=26 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : N97SM Date : 4th-June-2009 06:16 PM Thread Title : Beautiful Ximango Model for Sale A couple of years ago, I met Ray Kleber, a retired Air Force Colonel. He sold me a very beautiful Ximango Model, Good quality, accurate in detail. It sits on my desk. On rainy days (like today) I look at it, spin its prop and dream of flying. Ray still has a few for sale. Just 85$. To get one contact Col. Ray Kleber USAF (Retired). 695 E. New Hope Rd. Goldsboro, NC 27534-7005; email address: modelman@nc.rr.com (http://us.mc523.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=modelman@nc.rr.com) Ph. 919-778-4211; Cell 919-705-9900. http://www.xopa.org/gallery/data/514/Model.jpg -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 07:53 PM.
  16. Broken Variable Pitch Propeller Cable

    Abstract: I have a broken variable pitch prop cable. I have tried to get a hold of XimangoUSA, but have not yet received a reply. I am gounded until I can get a replacement. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Broken Variable Pitch Prop Cable Started at 14th-April-2010 10:43 PM by mwestphal Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=78 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : mwestphal Date : 14th-April-2010 10:43 PM Thread Title : Broken Variable Pitch Prop Cable I have a broken variable pitch prop cable. I have tried to get a hold of XimangoUSA, but have not yet received a reply. I am gounded until I can get a replacement. The cable has a special end on it that has to be specially bonded to the cable end. Does anyone have a spare cable they are willing to sell or borrow? Does anyone know of somewhere I could purchase one or have one made? Thanks Mark Westphal -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Cliff Goldman Date : 16th-April-2010 02:58 AM Mark -- Don't know if it'll work for a Ximango (I haven't looked that close at the cable ends) but Aircraft Spruce custom makes cables in most any common diameter and any length. I've had then make several in my former life as a homebuilder. Incidentally, I'm getting the same response from XimangoUSA on clear wingtip lenses -- I'm planning on installing LED nav/strobe lights for greater visibility. Good luck, Cliff Goldman #160 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 16th-April-2010 10:36 PM Cliff, I have a set of wing-tip lens for my ximango #113, which I'm never going to install. gimme a rattle at bruce@schimmel.com, and let's work something out. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 18th-April-2010 02:17 PM Hey Guys, In regard to the wingtip lenses, I wonder if Aeromot made them or if they had them made? If Aeromot isn't going to support the fleet with parts like this since they are essentially shut down maybe they would be willing to give us the vendor name so we could have a run made? I wouldn't mind having another set just so I won't break my first set. In regard to the cable, I'd bet ACS can make the part. I've noticed a lot of things on the Ximango that are available from ACS. Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Jim Braid Date : 19th-April-2010 07:57 PM Thread Title : cables Have you tried the Ximango web site down in Brazil? Grupo Aeromot? Just my 2 cents. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 20th-April-2010 07:09 AM Thread Title : Factory Support Have you tried the Ximango web site down in Brazil? Grupo Aeromot? Just my 2 cents. Welcome to XOPA Jim. Actually, the factory has been on furlough for almost a year now. So we are all anxious about parts, and hope to see a limited supply in the future. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : sidlinger Date : 20th-April-2010 08:36 AM Thread Title : Mark, Welcome to My Nightmare N319BS has been AOG @ KSAT for months with the same problem. A legal fix may finally be in the works. I'll update this forum if/as anything happens. -Bruce -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : chuck Date : 22nd-April-2010 03:00 AM Mark, A separate e-mail is off to you also, but, for everyone, We will have prop cables (cables only, not the complete assembly) in stock here at Spruce Creek late next week on/about April 30, price $75 plus postage, including installation drawing and Aeromot part tag.) Please e-mail me if you need one or want a spare on hand. If anyone develops a prop cable problem, be sure to keep all the bits and pieces for the attachments at the prop end and the lever end. These have changed in configuration several times over the years and its a lot easier to use the old pieces that fit your plane rather than try to figure out with the factory which configuration you have. Also, please note that the replacement cable must be fed forward from the cockpit end to the engine compartment, then measured and fitted to the prop change mechanism. The swaged Nicopress is a field-installed step, so you or your mechanic need to have access to a Nicopress tool. Chuck Cheeseman at XimangoUSA@aol.com -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Horst31 Date : 23rd-April-2010 05:55 PM Cliff, my ship came with strobe lights and the manufacturer is Whelen, Whelen Engineering - 1-860-526-9504 (http://www.whelen.com/home.php) I hope this might help. Regards Horst Stratmann S/N 096 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Cliff Goldman Date : 24th-April-2010 03:05 AM Thread Title : LED strobes Hi Horst-- Thanks. I'm familiar with the Whelen equipment (they are listed in my 'approved equipment' list). I'm going with the AveoFlash units for several reasons: (1) they only weigh about 1.5 ounces each; (2) they are self contained & don't require a power supply box like Whelen; (3) you only have to run 18 gage 12V wire -- no high voltage cable; (4) they produce no radio interference which the Whelen system can, especially if it is not grounded carefully. Assuming this goes as planned, I'll end up with an approved 337 which I'll make available to the Ximango community. Thanks again, Cliff -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Mark Date : 9th-May-2010 04:42 AM Bruce, If you want to sell those lenses, let me know! Cheers Mark -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 10th-May-2010 07:53 PM Mark, If someone can come up with a fair price, I'll hold a lottery. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Cliff Goldman Date : 10th-May-2010 10:57 PM Bruce -- Van's gets $37.25 each for very similar wingtip lenses. Please include me in the lottery. We'll be out of the country till June 1. Cliff -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Mark Date : 18th-May-2010 02:17 AM Bruce, I'm happy to pay $50 each if you include standard airmail to Australia. Mark -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Mark Date : 26th-May-2010 11:47 AM Bruce I'm still interested in those lenses! Cheers mark -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 31st-May-2010 10:33 PM Mark, changed my mind. sorry. gonna keep 'em and install 'em myself. how in the world are we gonna get replacement parts? fellow xogers:...what would it take to buy the rights and have the stuff fabricated here? I mean perhaps they could be licensed on a per piece basis? Otherwise, maybe we should buy the grounded air force trainers for spare parts? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 1st-June-2010 02:11 PM Hey Bruce, Jim McCann told me all the Air Force Academy Ximango's were distributed out to CAP units except four that went to Edwards AFB for "research" and two that might have gone to a Sheriff's Department in Alabama. Do you know if the Aeromot factory closed for good? The President of Aeromot said a while back in a letter that Aeromot intended to support the fleet during the factory furlough. It's hard for me to believe that they're having trouble selling this fine machine. It significantly outperforms the Lambada, Dimona, Grob 109, and Katana. Probably the Taurus, too, from what I've been told by folks who have flown it. I've heard directly from four people who've flown the Taurus and every one of them said the factory performance numbers are grossly overstated. I'm having an absolute ball with my Ximango. I just passed the 400 hour mark. We get a constant stream of pilots coming through our shop for glider repairs. My Ximango sits right outside the door in another part of my hangar. Every glider pilot I've shown it to and/or taken for a ride has the same reaction: WOW! Most glider folks I've shown mine to have never seen one. I'd bet if Aeromot would do a little promotional push and hit all the airshows this summer they could get quite a few orders, even in a down economy. I've never seen them display at any of the SSA conventions I've attended and I've never seen them display at Sun-n-Fun or other such airshows. They may have displayed, I just haven't seen it. Until I went to look at mine before I bought it I'd never seen a Ximango close up and I've been a glider enthusiast for over 30 years. The promo pictures I've seen all show it with the engine running, too. The Ximango is really a pretty decent glider. I've soared thermals, ridge and wave here and done several long powered cross country flights in it. It's a fantastic all around flying machine and it's hard to beat the convenience factor of being able to go soar right now, IOW, not needing a tow. Motorgliders are, without a doubt, increasing in numbers in the USA as more and more glider tow operations shut down due to liability exposure. Seems to me like the market is ripe for the pickin', but when you're selling something you can't wait for people to find you. Ain't gonna happen. Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 1st-June-2010 03:07 PM John, As far as I know, no owner has been able to contact the factory directly, and Aeromot's president has not responded to multiple emails from me. I put in an order for some 10-year replacement hoses with Chuck over 3 months ago, and have gotten neither a shipping date nor a price. So I suspect that the Ximanago factory is barely operational, if at all, and will remain so for a long while. In cases like this, owners groups have brought the rights to have critical parts manufactured. Do anyone know how this can be done? bruce -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 2nd-June-2010 01:01 PM Hey Bruce, What hoses do you need? Have you tried Lockwood or California Power Systems? I don't notice anything special about any of the hoses on my engine compared to Rotax's I've seen in other airplanes. The oil feed and return lines to and from the oil tank might be custom in terms of length, but the rest appear to be stock Rotax parts. Lockwood should have all the coolant lines, fuel lines and associated hardware in stock. As far as the oil lines any decent A&P should be able to make up a set if that's what you need. I think they're just Aeroquip lines with fire sleeve on them. If not, there certainly should be an approved substitute available. Have a chat with Kerry at Lockwood and I bet he can fix you up pronto. As far as the rest of the parts on the airplane it seems that there are a lot of proprietary metal fittings and such on the Ximango. If you need some of that type stuff it might be a problem. There's quite a bit of "off the shelf" stuff on the Ximango, too, most of which is available through Aircraft Spruce. My guess is Aeromot would want a left nut for the rights to the proprietary parts. Of course, if anybody needs composite repairs, a canopy replaced or a refinish for gel coat crazing we can help. I'm reasonably sure the canopy is made by Mecaplex. We can usually get those direct. In fact, we're doing a canopy on a Lambada now, just set it and bonded it on yesterday, and Urban Air (maker of the Lambada) is out of business. The canopy came from a different canopy supplier in Europe, but it was still available despite Urban Air's demise. Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 4th-June-2010 07:43 PM Thread Title : Hoses Needed Here are the hoses I'm trying to get. It's been three months since I queried the factory (through Chuck) and haven't gotten a quote or delivery date. Anyone have experience getting these made? thx, Bruce -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : chuck Date : 9th-June-2010 06:09 AM Mark's prop cables (2) were FedEx-ed to him last month and we e-mailed him a scan of the installation drawing that was inadvertently left out of the package. W have two more in stock for anyone who needs one. Ximango USA -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 17th-June-2010 02:02 AM Hey Bruce, One of my fuel lines sprung a leak today, or more likely I noticed it today while synchronizing my carbs. I talked to Kerry at Lockwood and although he didn't have the part I needed in stock he's having one drop shipped to me. I don't know if it's coming from Austria or Canada. My guess would be Canada. Should arrive hopefully be the weekend. The bad news is you have to buy the fuel pump to get the lines. It comes as a set, $750 worth. So, assuming he sends me the right parts the fuel hoses from the gascolator to the banjo fitting and from the banjo fitting to the fuel pump, along with the return line that goes to the firewall is available through Lockwood. I specifically told Kerry this was going on a Ximango and he said he knew the correct part I needed with all the right fittings on either end. I sure am glad I found this today and not next week in Moose Butt, OK while on my way out to Minden! Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 07:56 PM.
  17. Denon EFIS for Ximango

    Abstract: I am considering to exchange my (inoperable) Attitude Indicator with a Dynon EFIS. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Dynon EFIS Started at 4th-August-2009 02:07 AM by faselh Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=45 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 4th-August-2009 02:07 AM Thread Title : Dynon EFIS I am considering to exchange my (inoperable) Attitude Indicator with a Dynon EFIS. Has any body done this? Are there problems with FAA certification? Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 4th-August-2009 06:54 AM Thread Title : Dynon EFIS 10, EMS 10A, and HS34 Hi Hermann My new bird, 200.175, that I just picked up from Ximango USA had the Dynon EFIS, EMS and HS34 installed. So that can be a reference for you. Check with those guys. I was covered under the new bird provision provided by the factory and its agents. However, this standard may make it easy to get a 337 done, if that is needed. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : N97SM Date : 4th-August-2009 11:23 PM Thread Title : Dynon's response My attitude gyro was out for repair 4 times in 10 years. Never worked longer than a few weeks. Those EFIS look very nice. Both features and price. I sent an email to Dynon for advise about installing non-TSO'ed gear in certified aircraft. Here is the response: Hi Roland. Yours is a very common question for us. Our equipment is not TSO'd, STC'd, or otherwise certified for installation in type-certified aircraft. It is designed for use in Experimental/Homebuilt aircraft and in Light Sport aircraft. There is a process for installing some types of non-certified equipment into certified aircraft through Field Approval, which relies on documentation using the FAA Form 337. While it may be theoretically possible to obtain FAA field approval for installation of one of our EFIS displays in your aircraft, the Dynon EFIS products need to be permanently mounted and require pitot, static, and power connections. Therefore, it is unlikely you would be successful in obtaining such a field approval. We do not provide supporting documentation for any Form 337 applications. We appreciate your interest in our equipment and hope you may find the opportunity to use it in other aircraft in your flying future. Regards, -- Dynon General Support info@dynonavionics.com (http://us.mc523.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=info@dynonavionics.com) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : N97SM Date : 5th-August-2009 02:54 PM Thread Title : Another email from Dynon Roland, One follow-up note regarding your inquiry. We are not experts in the certification of gliders and motor gliders. It is possible those certification requirements may differ in such a way as to permit installation of equipment such as ours. We recommend you contact the aircraft manufacturer, or possibly their US representative/dealer, to inquire further. Regards, -- Dynon General Support -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 5th-August-2009 05:49 PM Thread Title : N175XS Dynon Installation My installation was handled by the factory and tuned/extended by Ximango USA. They might be able to give some guidance on the installation. Normally, 337s are easier to get if there is a factory reference. Note I think Dynon would be cautious since their system could be used for night and/or IFR in other type certificated aircraft. Since ours is limited to day/VFR I think we should be easier to convince the FAA to consider a 337. To motivate people to check it out I have a very brief video here (use free Quicktime Player). Note you can right click the link to download the file, it's about 4MB. Link: Dynon_Snippet.mov (http://www.xopa.org/kb/kb_upload/media/Dynon_Snippet.mov) I will try to do a video in the future showing the various functions. I use the EMS a lot and the EFIS a bit, but mostly during trips. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : N97SM Date : 5th-August-2009 08:37 PM Thread Title : Chuck believes FAA will approve EFIS installation Roland, Yes, it should be able to be done. We have now delivered about ten new Ximangos with Dynon EFIS 10A's installed, all factory-certified and approved by the Brazilian ANAC and the FAA. Based on that history, Jerry Owens has recently obtained 337 approval of an installed Dynon 10A EFIS in an older Ximango, SN 52, I believe. Jerry has the details. He's vacationing a lot but I think can be reached at jowens1824@bellsouth.net. Please keep us posted. Regards, Chuck -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Cliff Goldman Date : 10th-August-2009 02:42 AM Thread Title : Dynon D10A Hi Hermann, My 200S came from the factory with a D10 installed. It cratered and was upgraded by the previous owner to a D10A. You're welcome to use me as a reference if it will help you get a 337 approved. Good luck & booming thermals. Cliff Goldman N9MQ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : N97SM Date : 12th-August-2009 02:18 PM Cliff and Steve (and other owners with Dynon EFIS installed): Would you be willing to post a copy of your airworthiness certificate and a picture of your instument panel? This might help to get a field approval for retrofitting D10A's in older Ximangos like mine. I talked to Eric Bubny, the avionics inspector at my FSDO in Philadelhia. Here is what I learned: The easiest and fastest way to get an approval to install non-TSO'ed avionics is via a Service Bulletin issued by the airframe manufacturer. I asked Chuck to try to get an SB from Aeromot. That will take some time. Short of that my FSDO must work through an FAA enineering office located somewhere in NY to evaluate the case and get a so called 'field approval'. To speed up that process anything that shows prior evaluation by FAA of similar cases is helpful. This includes names and numbers of inspectors who signed the airworthiness certificate of aircraft imported with such equipment. An other way to speed up the process is to present approved 337's for similar cases. If anybody has such a form, please share it with us. I cannot wait to get a new gadget in my old bird. Thanks a lot, Roland Martin N97SM -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Cliff Goldman Date : 19th-August-2009 02:45 AM Thread Title : Dynon D10A My panel & airworthiness certificate pic files are attached. Hope they are helpful. Cliff Goldman N40CG -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 28th-August-2009 06:53 AM Chuck, I emailed Jerry Owens several times - no reply. Do you have a telephone number? Thanks, Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 28th-August-2009 06:54 AM Cliff, great thanks! Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 28th-August-2009 07:06 AM Cliff, do you have a document which shows that the installation/upgrade to the D10A was approved? Equipment list which shows D10A? I am starting the 337 process. Thanks, Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 28th-August-2009 07:08 AM Cliff, in the picture of your panel I see a variometer. Did you or the previous owner do a 337? Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Cliff Goldman Date : 31st-August-2009 04:10 PM Hermann -- the original equipment list from Aeromot shows a D10. The original one failed and was upgraded/replaced with a D10A last December via a logbook entry. The Ilec variometer was installed via a 337. If you'll email me you fax address I'll fax them to you. Cliff n40cg@mac.com -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 2nd-September-2009 06:10 AM Cliff, Steve, my mechanic tells me, that an Equipment List showing the Dynon D10A as installed equipment would help in the 337 process. Could you provide a copy of that? Thanks, Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 3rd-September-2009 06:10 AM Thread Title : Equipment List I will pull together some materials this weekend to help. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 3rd-September-2009 10:35 PM Thread Title : Documents from N175XS Roland and Hermann Here are some files that may help from my bird 200.175: Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM): file (http://www.xopa.org/kb/kb_upload/file/N175XS-AFM.pdf) Near the end of the document is the List of Equipment (LoE): file (http://www.xopa.org/kb/kb_upload/file/N175XS-LoE.pdf) You can see pictures of the panel below (icons linked to the gallery). Note that I have a new slim panel configuration that the factory has been working on with the guys at Ximango USA. http://www.xopa.org/gallery/data/519/thumbs/SDC10036.jpg (http://www.xopa.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=243) http://www.xopa.org/gallery/data/519/thumbs/SDC10021.jpg (http://www.xopa.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=231) http://www.xopa.org/gallery/data/519/thumbs/SDC10022.jpg (http://www.xopa.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=233) http://www.xopa.org/gallery/data/511/thumbs/175_Panel_Buildup.jpg (http://www.xopa.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=148) http://www.xopa.org/gallery/data/511/thumbs/N175XS_prepanelb.jpg (http://www.xopa.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=7) http://www.xopa.org/gallery/data/511/thumbs/Slim_panel.png (http://www.xopa.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=5) Let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help with your installation. Note that the guys at Ximango USA may be able to help you with the default values and calibration values for the instruments. Good luck! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 07:54 PM.
  18. FAA Approval for Variometer Installation

    Abstract: I plan to install a Cambridge 302 Variometer (and logger). For FAA approval I need to do file Form 337. Does any body have this Variometer (or any other Variometer that uses Pitot and Pitot Static input) installed and approved by the FAA? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : FAA approval for Variometer Started at 2nd-September-2009 06:29 AM by faselh Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=49 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 2nd-September-2009 06:29 AM Thread Title : FAA approval for Variometer I plan to install a Cambridge 302 Variometer (and logger). For FAA approval I need to do file Form 337. Does any body have this Variometer (or any other Variometer that uses Pitot and Pitot Static input) installed and approved by the FAA? This would help me to get FAA approval. Thanks -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 3rd-September-2009 06:09 AM Thread Title : 337 for Vario Installations I remember when I had my ASW-27 (STC'd) I researched if I needed a 337 for a vario installation and it was determined that I did not. I did get a mechanic to install it and sign it off. As I recall the argument was that it (a) it was not needed/required for the valid STC (day VFR), did not replace a required instrument, and the manual showed a hole in the instrument panel that said variometer. I was surprised to read that others thought about getting a Form 337. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 5th-September-2009 07:35 AM Steve, the difference may be that your ASW-27 was "experimental" while the Ximiango FAA certified. Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Steve Sliwa Date : 5th-September-2009 07:59 AM Thread Title : ASW-27 Standard Type Certificate Hi Hermann Actually, my ASW-27 was certified (STC'd) and I had the paperwork done by Embry-Riddle when I imported it. I am sure they were very careful. I also remember that we switched variometers quite a bit in our certified Schweizer sailplanes as well. Happy to hear if anyone had to get a 337 for switching variometers? Steve -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Cliff Goldman Date : 11th-October-2009 12:57 AM Thread Title : Vario 337 Hi Hermann -- I have an Ilec SC7 vario installed by Depot Avionics of Alamosa, CO on a 337. The Ilec only connects to the TE probe, not the pitot or static. Will fax you a copy of the 337 if (1) it'll help and (2) you'll email me your fax number (I didn't keep it). The Cambridge is good stuff. I'm going to stick with the Ilec and add a King AV8R in a snap-in panel mount with See You soaring software (It's the only hand-held GPS that will run See You) and an EW recorder (see the Cumulus Soaring website) when I get my RV-7A sold. Cliff Goldman -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 07:55 PM.
  19. Fuel Gauges

    Abstract: Has anybody ever had to replace the fuel level sensors? My gauge in the panel is working. but both tank indications are wing (always showing empty). I could not find the part number (or manufacturer in the Ximango parts list. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Fuel Gauges Started at 4th-August-2009 01:50 AM by faselh Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=46 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 4th-August-2009 01:50 AM Thread Title : Fuel Gauges Has anybody ever had to replace the fuel level sensors? My gauge in the panel is working. but both tank indications are wing (always showing empty). I could not find the part number (or manufacturer in the Ximango parts list. Thanks, Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Holliday Obrecht Date : 7th-August-2009 07:05 PM Hi Hermann, I had a problem with my left fuel guage sender when I first took delivery of #130 back in 2004. The panel was marked "left fuel guage inop." Well, I had to get to the bottom of that! I drained the left fuel tank dry and removed the sender. At the base was a small hole that was filled with a white precipitate. This caused the center wire electrode to make contact with the side of the aluminum sender tube, grounding it out and always causing the gauge to read "full". I cleaned this white crud out and resealed the sender and cork gasket with Permatex Hylomar HPF sealant, sealed the threads of the mounting bolts with blue Locktite, and screwed the whole assembly back in place with only "snug" torque on the bolts. The gauge has worked fine ever since. But, this may not be your problem--as your gauge reads "empty". I have found this usually means a loose wire in the sender, poor ground, or dirty connections at the gauge where the wires connect in at the back. Also, check the white wire plug connectors behind the gauge for loose wires. I hope this helps! Holliday Obrecht SN 130 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 11th-August-2009 03:31 AM Holliday, thanks for your excellent suggestions. I will try all of them. Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 28th-August-2009 07:12 AM I have to replace a fuel level sensor. Does anybody have a parts list which provides a part number? My parts list does not show it. Thanks hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 07:54 PM.
  20. Fuel Probes

    Abstract: I refueled on Sunday just before a fabulous soaring flight and my left fuel gauge suddenly started reading empty. I buzzed the wires from the gauge to the probe and everything is Kosher. The probe is getting voltage. Swapped the sender leads at the gauge and the problem follows, so most likely it's the sender, although I'm going to do a little more investigating based on some suggestions by the Westach Guru's before I replace it.
  21. Fuel Selector Valve and Diesel Effects

    Abstract: My fuel selector valve does not shut off the fuel flow when in the vertical up position. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Fuel Selector Valve and "Diesel Effect" Started at 27th-October-2009 05:00 AM by faselh Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=53 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 27th-October-2009 05:00 AM Thread Title : Fuel Selector Valve and "Diesel Effect" My fuel selector valve does not shut off the fuel flow when in the vertical up position. I noticed this when I tried to shut off the engine for soaring after a long climb to about 13000 feet (very hot day). The engine kept running ("diesel effect") even with both mags off. Therefore I tried to starve the engine by turning off the fuel flow. To my surprise it kept running (with mags off) and developed full power when the throttle was opened completely. So I cancelled the soaring plans. After landing, I checked if I could starve the engine by shutting off the fuel selector valve but the engine kept running (with both carbs on). After about 5 minutes I gave up, and then tried to shut the engine down by turning off the mags. To my relief, the engine stopped immediately. I had already feared sitting in the plane for a long time and waiting until the engine would finally stop running. I have 3 questions: 1) Did anybody experience this "diesel effect"? 2) Did anybody have a problem with a defective fuel selector valve? 3) With the fuel selector valve in the off position, how long can the engine run in your plane (due to the fuel already in the carbs and the fuel lines)? Thanks, Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Holliday Obrecht Date : 18th-November-2009 06:43 PM Hi Hermann, I too had problems with my fuel selector valve a while back. When I had it selected to the right tank, it would feed off the left tank and vice versa. This was a real "head scratcher" and made fuel management in flight quite a guessing game!! When we removed the whole blue anodized fuel selector valve and took it apart, we found a set of white nylon "cups" that fit around a metal ball that has holes drilled in it to direct fuel flow. The nylon cups act as seals to seal off fuel flow when you turn the fuel selector in the cockpit. The right and left cups are threaded and had vibrated out so they no longer made a leak proof seal up against the metal ball. On close examination, the fit is quite sloppy--the cup's diameter or threads need to be machined slightly larger so they fit snugger and do not back off with vibration. I have a feeling the third white cup that seals the "off" position for the fuel selector has probably backed off and does not seal off the fuel. Therefore, some fuel is always sneaking by, which is enough to keep the engine running. I wrote several emails to Eng. Casthillo alerting him to this deficiency in my ship, but never got a response. I feel these nylon cup seals need to be re-engineered so they fit snugger. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : faselh Date : 24th-November-2009 06:18 AM Holliday, thanks for the information. I will try to open up the selector and see what is going on. Hermann -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 07:55 PM.
  22. Hose Fittings

    Abstract: I had my engine overhauled at the last annual (Lockwood did a great job) and I decided also to change all hoses since the old ones were 13 years old. The mechanic who did the change over used new hose fittings (except for one) so I now have an almost complete set of my old fittings. If anyone needs one or more please let me know. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Hose fittings Started at 26th-May-2011 09:53 PM by tedjgordon Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=101 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : tedjgordon Date : 26th-May-2011 09:53 PM Thread Title : Hose fittings Ladies and Gentlemen: I had my engine overhauled at the last annual (Lockwood did a great job) and I decided also to change all hoses since the old ones were 13 years old. The mechanic who did the change over used new hose fittings (except for one) so I now have an almost complete set of my old fittings. If anyone needs one or more please let me know. Best Ted Gordon -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:39 PM.
  23. Landing Gear Re-Build

    Abstract: My landing gear has been leaking nitorgen. It is not the valve, so it has to be the o ring. With winter approaching, it seems like a good time to rebuild the struts. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Landing Gear Rebuild Started at 20th-October-2010 06:18 PM by mwestphal Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=90 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : mwestphal Date : 20th-October-2010 06:18 PM Thread Title : Landing Gear Rebuild My landing gear has been leaking nitorgen. It is not the valve, so it has to be the o ring. With winter approaching, it seems like a good time to rebuild the struts. I was wonder if the people that have already rebuilt their struts have some advise to give. More specificly, once you have remove the gas what did you do to dismantle the strut. Are there things that you wish you had done differently. (Trick of the trade) What parts did you replace (o-rings) and where did you order them from (part #) I plan to use 5606 aircraft grade hydraulic fluid (red) and nitorgen gas to charge it up as mentioned in one of the other threads. Thanks - Mark Westphal 200-054 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:40 PM.
  24. Leaking Fuel Sample Drain Valve

    Abstract: Yesterday in pre-flight, after taking a fuel sample from my right wing fuel tank, I saw a continuing dribble of fuel. I pushed in again with the sampling cup probe and still drip drip, in fact more of a minor stream. Two or three more cycles cured the drip, but I know it's only temporary. This is a repeat of a similar experience two weeks ago. So the questions are: what is the replacement for the sampling valve? Can it be replaced without draining the tank (like the Dutch Boy with his finger in the dike)? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : Leaking fuel sample drain valve Started at 22nd-November-2009 02:48 PM by tedjgordon Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=55 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : tedjgordon Date : 22nd-November-2009 02:48 PM Thread Title : Leaking fuel sample drain valve Hi all: Yesterday in pre-flight, after taking a fuel sample from my right wing fuel tank, I saw a continuing dribble of fuel. I pushed in again with the sampling cup probe and still drip drip, in fact more of a minor stream. Two or three more cycles cured the drip, but I know it's only temporary. This is a repeat of a similar experience two weeks ago. So the questions are: what is the replacement for the sampling valve? Can it be replaced without draining the tank (like the Dutch Boy with his finger in the dike)? Ted Gordon -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 23rd-November-2009 02:47 PM Hey Ted, I had something similar to this happen with a Citabria that I owned once. Turned out it was a tiny little piece of grit that somehow made it's way into the seal on the sump drain. The grit would occasionally hold the valve open just enough to let it drip. I ended up having to take the drain valve off and flush it backwards with acetone to clear it. I doubt there's a way to rectify this without draining the tank. Hope it helps! Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : tedjgordon Date : 23rd-November-2009 03:27 PM Thanks John. Chuck Cheesman tells me that this is a standard Cessna part :)but he doesn't know the part number. :(Oh well. Best Ted -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 23rd-November-2009 03:54 PM Hey Ted, Check Aircraft Spruce. They carry it. Quite a few things on the Ximango that aren't proprietary to Aeromot are available through ACS. Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 30th-November-2009 02:40 PM Ted, I wouldn't give up on clearing the grit from the valve, even if you have to remove it. what the heck...it'd be a good time to adjust the fuel gage. hope all's well. b -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Holliday Obrecht Date : 8th-December-2009 06:20 PM Hi Ted, I had to replace one of my tank drain valves when I first got my Ximango. John is right: it is a standard part, found in the Aircraft Spruce catalog. ($20+) if I recollect right. Usually these valves have a small "o" ring that can be easily replaced, but this valve is a sealed unit, with no way to get to the "o" ring to clean and replace it. It more easily captures sand and grit and is harder to flush out by letting it run. Run the offending tank down to reduce head pressure and get a few corks handy about 1/2" OD. Get a catch can ready with more volume than you have left in the tank, just in case! Unscrew the valve, and just before the last thread, get that cork ready to push in the hole as you remove the valve. If you are fast, and the cork fits tight, you will loose only a little fuel into your catch can. Then you can eyeball the valve to order the correct one. Hope this helps, Holliday SN 130 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : tedjgordon Date : 11th-January-2010 04:27 PM Thread Title : I found the replacement valve Dear All: Thanks for the responses. In the process, I found the part number for the replacement drain valve. It is a valve also used on Cessna's 152, 172, 180, and 185. The Cessna part number is PT# 52106-2. It is made by Manufacturing Division (sic) of Canfied Ohio (330 533 6835) which gives the part number as Model F391-72. Best' Ted Gordon -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:14 PM.
  25. LED Nav and Strobe Lights

    Abstract: Has anyone installed the AeroLED or similar nav/strobes on their Ximango? If you haven't seen them, they only weigh a few ounces, pull about 250 milliamps and require no external power supply. I could sure use an approved 337. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : LED nav/strobe lights Started at 20th-January-2010 12:02 AM by Cliff Goldman Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=66 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Cliff Goldman Date : 20th-January-2010 12:02 AM Thread Title : LED nav/strobe lights Has anyone installed the AeroLED or similar nav/strobes on their Ximango? If you haven't seen them, they only weigh a few ounces, pull about 250 milliamps and require no external power supply. I could sure use an approved 337. Cliff Goldman -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Admin Date : 25th-January-2010 05:46 AM Thread Title : Lights ... I really like this idea. Apparently Ximango is working on some Nav lights and approval for night flying (VFR). Perhaps that will be a good foundation for this project. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:14 PM.
  26. New Interactive Weather Link

    Abstract: My cousin sent me this link: CWSU National TAF METAR maps - NOAA NWS (http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/zoa/mwmap3.php?map=usa) It's an interesting interactive map that displays current weather info at various airports around the country when you scroll over the markers. Haven't played much with it yet, but I thought I'd pass it along to the group. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : New interactive weather link Started at 3rd-January-2011 04:31 PM by John Lawton Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=94 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : John Lawton Date : 3rd-January-2011 04:31 PM Thread Title : New interactive weather link Hey guys, My cousin sent me this link: CWSU National TAF METAR maps - NOAA NWS (http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/zoa/mwmap3.php?map=usa) It's an interesting interactive map that displays current weather info at various airports around the country when you scroll over the markers. Haven't played much with it yet, but I thought I'd pass it along to the group. #135 and I ushered the New Year in properly yesterday with a nice ridge flight here in the Sequatchie Valley. The ridge was solid yesterday allowing for a flight end to end here in the valley (about 140 nm total) until my toes got chilly. I hope this is a sign of things to come in 2011! Regards, John Lawton Whitwell, TN (TN89) Ximango #135 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 7th-January-2011 02:07 AM Thread Title : Online Weather Resources Hi John Actually, that one was added to our list at link (http://kb.xopa.org/index.php?View=entry&EntryID=54) in the Knowledgebase. Manny Sousa spotted it several months ago. If any one has any other useful links, let me know and I will add it. Thanks, Steve Volunteer Webmaster -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:39 PM.
  27. New TBO for Rotax 912?

    Abstract: My ten-year old engine, with 750hrs, has recently been deemed by Rotax to have a TBO of 15 years or 2000hrs. What does this mean for an aircraft used exclusively for private transportation? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread : New TBO for 912, mandatory overhaul? Started at 18th-December-2009 12:04 AM by bruceschimmel Visit at http://forum.xopa.org/showthread.php?t=58 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : bruceschimmel Date : 18th-December-2009 12:04 AM Thread Title : New TBO for 912, mandatory overhaul? My ten-year old engine, with 750hrs, has recently been deemed by Rotax to have a TBO of 15 years or 2000hrs. What does this mean for an aircraft used exclusively for private transportation? On other certified aircraft engines, an overhaul at TBO is (I believe) NOT mandatory unless used air taxi, etc. Do the exact same rules apply to Rotax? NO overhaul unless used as air taxi, etc? thx, Bruce -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Author : Webmaster Date : 24th-December-2009 08:17 PM Thread Title : TBO notes ... Hi Bruce I found the following notes online: link (http://www.aviationlawmonitor.com/2009/12/articles/claims-and-defenses/running-past-tbo-smart-economics-or-owner-negligence/) A key quote from this article: The FAA (http://www.faa.gov/) does not require private owners to comply with the manufacturer’s stated TBO interval. The manufacturer's TBO is therefore advisory only. As long as a properly certified mechanic has within the previous twelve months certified that the engine is airworthy, then the owner is, from a regulatory standpoint, free to operate the engine as many hours as he wishes. But if an owner does operate past TBO, and the engine fails, and a passenger is hurt as a result, could the owner be held accountable despite the fact he was in compliance with all FAA regulations? You bet. An owner can be held accountable for an accident after TBO if a judge or jury decides that: 1. in not complying with the manufacturer's overhaul recommendations, the owner was negligent (http://www.aviationlawmonitor.com/2009/07/articles/claims-and-defenses/proving-negligence-in-an-aviation-lawsuit/) (not "reasonably careful" under the circumstances) and 2. the negligence was a cause of the accident. The article in the link above goes on to state: Some proponents of running an aircraft engine beyond TBO downplay the risks. They argue that the manufacturer's TBO is a "made up" number, and few engine failures have actually been attributed to the owner's decision to run past it. One prominent aviation maintenance expert (http://www.twincessna.org/tbo.pdf)even suggests that there have been no cases where running past TBO resulted in an owner being held responsible for a passenger's resulting injuries. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Downloaded from XOPA Forums (http://forum.xopa.org) at 16th-February-2012 08:33 PM.
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