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  3. Our soaring club in Michigan has a Limbach L2400 EB engine for sale. 14 TT since overhaul, with logs. The ad is presently running in Barnstomers in the "Gliders" section.
  4. Rally2B

    Grob 109B brake hoses

    Has anyone replaced their Grob 109B brake hoses that interconnect the rudder pedal brake actuators to the reservoir and the rigid brake lines to the wheel brakes? If so, where did you get the brake hoses? Typical aircraft hoses can usually be fabricated by various aircraft sources but those for the Grob are meant for DOT 3 brake fluid and typical aviation suppliers cannot supply them. Mine are getting worn and need replacing. Any suggestions and “lessons learned” are greatly appreciated! Robert Grob 109B N300BG
  5. Rally2B

    Flight test Grob 109B

    Great article! I actually own this very aircraft N300BG and just completed a cross country trip from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma last week. It flew well and particularly enjoyed cruising at 2200 rpm (cruise pitch setting). The trip took around 13 flight hours and I made several stops along the way. The Grob can outlast me anytime when it comes to endurance! Thanks for posting the article.
  6. Dave Troxell


    Is there anywhere in Pennsylvania that rents/trains in touring motor gliders? I recently obtained my glider certificate and am looking to expand into motorgliders. Thanks!
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  8. Robert Anderson

    Trailer for grob109b

    Does anyone have photos of a trailer for the grob 109b. I am in process of buying the Grob 109b and want to protect it from the colorado sun. Thinking about buying a 8.5 x 30 cargo trailer and modifying it for storing
  9. HiFlite

    Limbach Electric Fuel Pump

    The pump turned out not to be my problem. But for potential future reference, I believe it's a HANDI pump, built mostly to replace mechanical SU pumps used mostly by classic British cars. The historical connection, I think, is that they were also used on a number of older 4 cylinder Porsches and Limbach started out as a modded Porsche engine. Anyway, here's the link. I *think* it's the 100 hp (100PS) version with the #9912 end. No guarantees given or implied ... https://www.hardi-automotive.com/en/products/pumps-1224v/
  10. HiFlite

    Rubber Engine Mounts

    Interesting, but I got a new one from XimangoUSA already. Considering it tends to get greasy from the tailwheel post, I'd think that the neoprene version would be the better option.
  11. HiFlite

    100 unleaded = potential disaster?

    The recent news of a certified unleaded replacement (now only by STC) for 100LL has the GA world abuzz. Odds are pretty high that a 100UL will be replacing 100LL sooner rather than later. However, this could present a big problem for Ximango owners and others airplanes produced in small volume or for those whose manufacturers are now defunct. Many will run just fine on UL100 or 94UL or mogas, but specify only 100LL on their original airworthiness certificate and are hence only legal to fly with 100LL. Presently, if I understand it correctly, this can only be changed upon petition and proof fro
  12. Subject: ESA 2021 Western Workshop Plans The Experimental Soaring Association's annual Western Workshop will be held at a reduced scope due to Covid-19. The workshops will consist of informal open air gatherings and some presentations on Saturday Sept 4, 2021. All events will be at Mountain Valley Airport (L94) in Tehachapi, CA and all events will be free of charge. There will also be an informal Vintage Sailplane Association Regatta during the event. We expect there will be a number of hangars open and available for viewing of the sailplanes and p
  13. Beloved 808JB for sale. One owner. Delightful cross country and soaring machine. well equipped Becker radio, Trigg TT21 ADSB-out ADSB-in, ifly GPS, Borgelt B500 VE with remote averager display, Winter 80mm, Rotax 912 80hp, engine time 602hr, total time 830hr. Zanon collision avoidance systim MRX, MGL artificial horizon, ASA flight timer.
  14. Barry.h

    Pure Flight

    I got a more detailed reply from Petr at Pure Flight - and it is encouraging. He said: Company Pure Flight s.r.o. purchased a part of a production plant from company Phoenix Air s.r.o.. Due to this transaction Pure Flight owns all rights for production Airplane U-15 Phoenix. The production of Rotax version running and will continue. All means of production are in our possession. Company Phoenix Air owns nothing about U15 Phoenix. No Rights for certification and production. I asked if that means Pure Flight now carries the responsibility for the LSA certification and the associa
  15. Barry.h

    Pure Flight

    Does anyone understand what is going on with PureFlight? Their announcement says they are taking over the Phoenix, but any questions about the Phoenix are getting diverted. They have just bounced me over to Jim since my aircraft was sold through Jim. On facebook, after announcing "PURE FLIGHT has purchased the complete production of PHOENIX aircraft." they then reply to one questions with "Our company PURE FLIGHT has nothing to do with the situation at Phoenix Air." I am very confused.... Who holds the LSA certification now? Who will make spares? Is it just me that is confu
  16. TomSw1ft

    Engine failure

    @Luca, Did you ever determine the cause of engine failure?
  17. Hi, Anyone know the correct rebuild kit for the Grob 2500 engines Carburetors. The model is 150 CD3 with the B5CK Needle, but on http://zenithcarb.co.uk/carburettor-kits/cd-stromberg-rebuild-kits.html?limit=96 there is a bunch of them. I believe it is the same carburetor that was used in a Hillman Hunter GT. BR, Tom
  18. benettlr

    Rubber Engine Mounts

    These two rubber isolators (one neoprene rubber and the other natural rubber) from McMaster-Carr have the same dimensions as the stock part. Unknown if the 50A hardness is a match. The parts are inexpensive (domestic shipping will likely cost more) so its probably worth a try. Feedback appreciated if someone explores this avenue. Isolator (50A neoprene rubber) Part number: 9225K83 Isolator (50A natural rubber) Part number: 9217K53
  19. Rob

    Phoenix Polar

    thanks Jim😀
  20. Jim Lee

    Phoenix Polar

    Best angle= 55kts Best rate=60kts L/D speed light weight= 55kts L/D speed max weight= 60kts
  21. Thermalseeker

    Fuel Pressure Gauge

    Very simple to install. Talk to Lockwood Aviation or California Power Systems. Either will be able to help you install a fuel pressure gauge. If you're having fuel starvation issues you'll also want to make sure your carbs have been rebuilt according to schedule, especially the float valve and needle jet. The vibration tends to wear these parts.
  22. Rob

    Phoenix Polar

    My efis AVmap ultra has an update. Now i can enter best angle of climb speed, best rate of climb speed and best glide speed. Does anyone has does numbers?
  23. HiFlite

    Fuel Pressure Gauge

    Various problems have convinced me that a fuel pressure gauge should have been standard equipment. (Rotax agrees) Has anyone done this addition? If so, you be so kind as to share details and, even better, supply a copy or reference to the 337 for that installation? Thanks ...
  24. skolysz

    Grob 109B

    Complete fuselage with wings and basic instruments ( no engine) PROJECT!! All logbooks,Airworthiness certificate, trailer available.
  25. Rob

    Pure Flight

    PureFlight and ΦNIX - Announcement.eml
  26. Eric Greenwell

    Pure Flight

    I did not know/recall production was halted. When did that happen? What is the status of the factory, the employees, Martin, etc? Is Pure Flights intent to resume Rotax Phoenix production, or just for the electric Phoeniix?
  27. mikeschumann

    Pure Flight

    I had a chat with Tom Zidek the other day. He is one of 4 European Phoenix owners who are taking over the factory. They are initially focused on restarting part and airplane production. Very good news for Phoenix owners around the world.
  28. Eric Greenwell

    Pure Flight

    Can you post the entire content of the email? I didn't get one, and neither website mentions anything about the purchase.
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