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  2. xintersecty

    Prop Vibration hoffman

    I just recently had a experience with prop vibration while climbing out. I continued my climb until 300 feet AGL and then I idled back, turned around, and landed. I called down to Aviation Propellers who did the overhaul 30 hours back in 2019. The plane was not flown much until I took ownership. Grob owners what is the max RPM on the Grob Motor for your prop?
  3. Welcome Can you describe where the turbulator tape has been placed? Or show a photo...?
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  5. alexress99

    Terrain towing Phoenix

    You paid a lot of money for a motor so you don't have to tow!
  6. Congratulations Robert! Throw in a picture of the panel if you can. I'm curious if the set up is any different from a few years ago. How long was it from deposit to delivery? -Alex
  7. I would look on the sonex aircraft website, they have an excellent data base of flying aircraft. They might have a specific forum for pilot support. https://www.sonexaircraft.com/single-category/flying-aircraft/?sort=custom-date-desc
  8. Dave McConeghey

    Rectifier / Regulator replacement

    B&C Specialty has a replacement regulator that has an identical shape/size and mounting hole width and uses the same plug. Based on their reputation it has a much higher quality than the original Zenith Part. It costs a little more but is probably worth not having to replace it for life of the ship. www.bandc.com
  9. Dave McConeghey

    Terrain towing Phoenix

    Rope tied to the main gear struts. Pilot in the cockpit steering and braking. Worked in a Ximango.
  10. Dave McConeghey

    Why the lack of participation

    Foley posted “costello just insured my phoenix rental for $7500.”
  11. My customer’s Insurance requires instruction from a CFI-G Self-Launch with at least 1 hour Xenos Motorglider Experience. Are there any CFIs out there who can help with that? He lives in Menomonie Wisconsin, I live in Wichita, KS.
  12. HiFlite

    Average Fuel Consumption

    115 kt TAS or indicated? If you could be so kind, I'd love to have some pictures and tips for smoothing the airflow around mine, which, as you say, is quite noisy. Pm'd my email ... Thanks!
  13. xintersecty

    Need Flight Instructor East Coast for 109B checkout

    All, just as a follow up, I worked with Phil in Tuscon and received some very good instruction. I got where I can put the plane on the ground but it's ugly. 😄 So if you need a GROB 109B checkout, I would connect up with Phil.
  14. Congratulation Robert and welcome to the club!
  15. Last week I went to the Tsjech Republic to pick up my brand new Phoenix from Pure Flight. I first flew 5 days with Petr Bezděk, Pure Flight's excellent instructor (and much more!), then passed my Tsjech MLA licence exam and then ferried the plane home to the Netherlands. It was a great experience and I am very happy with my new plane!. The guys at Pure Flight (Petr Marecek, Tomáš Plaček, people in production, etc.) were very helpful. reliable and friendly. Everything was taken care of.... I can once again highly recommend the new owners and team....Plus, my plane was the first they equipped with mylar and tabulator tape, apparently a great difference (as could also be seen on the computer simulations Pure Flight made) All in all a very positive experience!! Robert
  16. Foley

    Electrical issue

    Found out the strobes are also causing pulses
  17. alexress99

    Electrical issue

    The "something wierd" that happens on startup is the advanced start system that delays the ignition timing for 3-8 seconds after the starter relay is not powered anymore. This is normal and is described in the service instruction added below. https://rotax-docs.secure.force.com/DocumentsSearch/sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/download/06812000002q89iAAA?asPdf=false
  18. mikeschumann

    Electrical issue

    I'm talking about the pushbutton breakers located in the center of the panel right above the throttle, which let you turn on and off the EFIS, Nav Lights, Fuel Pump, etc....
  19. Foley

    Electrical issue

    Thank you everyone. Will rewire ground from battery directly to engine. Used jumper cables and this solves the problem. Will also ground batteries separately to the frame instead of in series. Mechanic says it back fills the battery not in use. Even though hot pole not connected.
  20. Barry.h

    Electrical issue

    Hmm. Well when the engine is off you are only showing 10.n volts… on both batteries. If the batteries are charged I think you have to trace the voltages from the battery (should be 13.n Volts) And see where it is dropping.
  21. Foley

    Electrical issue

    Mike are we talking about the bus bar? Mounted to the panel
  22. Nikola

    L13SE Vivat manuals in English

    Dear Vivat friends, I am looking for L13SE Vivat manuals such as: flight manual, repair manual, maintenance manual or maintenance programme or protocols in English. We recently bought L13SE from Czech republic and all of it is in Czech. Looking forward to your help and hope to keep our small community of Vivat alive. Thanks all
  23. mikeschumann

    Electrical issue

    My problem was the EFIS pushbutton circuit breaker on the panel. It is soldered to the PC board behind all of the pushbutton breakers, so you need someone with the necessary soldering skills to replace it. I was having very strange symptoms with the Skyview system cycling on and off. Replaced the Skyview display, which didn't make any difference. Finally ended up putting a volt meter on the output from the circuit breaker, which showed the voltage going up and down. At the same time, the voltage going to the 12V plug on the panel was stable.
  24. Foley

    Electrical issue

    Only use one battery at a time. Trickle charged separately. Load tested 2 weeks ago. Never used in parallel. EFIS battery tested as well.
  25. Barry.h

    Electrical issue

    Did you say “lithium” then “lead acid”? Do you have 2 batteries with a 1 + 2 switch? You can’t put dissimilar batteries in parallel, as they have different voltages. I believe you will have charging problems. When the engine stopped both voltages were very low. The Lithium battery will (should, better) have a battery management system and that might be getting upset having a lead battery across it. When my engine starts it also runs rough for a second or so then smooths out. I have never watched the voltage, but I have also never run with such low voltage. I would start with similar/compatible batteries. Barry.
  26. Foley

    Electrical issue

    Other video
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