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  3. btrjillo

    JMB phoenix

    FWIW: https://news.jmbaircraft.com/2024/phoenix-the-ultimate-fusion-of-flight-and-freedom/
  4. Hi everyone We're looking for an English version of the Sauer engine manual (the S2100-1-SS1 in this case). We have the German version, but an English copy would make life easier if anyone has it in PDF format. Many thanks, and greetings from sunny Spain!
  5. Tom Clary

    Dynon Skyview Battery Test

    Ground Speed
  6. Huddart33

    Brake Adjustments Grob 109

    Many Thanks for the photo’s. I think we have got our one sorted, it was several things. 1. The cable run from the Master Cylinder to the Rudder cable mechanism wasn’t running in a straight line (both sides) because the plastic grommet was positioned too low. This could have been drilled wrong after a bulkhead repair. We drilled another hole and repositioned it correctly. 2. There was quite a bit of play in the actuating lever on the Master Cylinder (both sides), we managed to get hold of a full set off a damaged Grob 109. The Brakes now work correctly with the correct amount of Rudder Deflection. Best Regards, Malc
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  8. El_Guapo

    Brake Adjustments Grob 109

    Huddart, I took some photos of mine on the same side. I don't think you are missing any hardware. I did check with airbrake at full travel as well as the hand brake and mine engages the l/h master cylinder at full travel as it should. I take it you were measuring rudder travel in degrees and it stops before reaching the limits shown in the manual? We should have the rudder mounted back on mine in the next couple weeks and we can compare notes to figure out what's going on.
  9. The Phoenix is a light sport aircraft. Why is “certified” an issue? Why are these parts no available from the factory?
  10. Unable to get from manufacturer at this time. Any spares out there or alternative ideas?
  11. In desperate need of engine mounts (hardware and rubber ware) please help. unable to obtain from manufacturer at this time. anybody got spares or alternative ideas? Parts must be certified.
  12. Foley

    Prop Vibration hoffman

  13. Foley

    Prop Vibration hoffman

    turned out to be the set screw on one of the blades had sheared off causing one blade to over flatten.
  14. I'm seeing this banner on https://phoenixairusa.com/ (yes, the left side is cut off in Chrome for me). JMB has this post up which pretty much gives it away: https://news.jmbaircraft.com/2024/🗓️-1st-of-march-we-unveil-new-series-of-aircraft/ I wonder how this will affect distribution in the US. I know the manufacturer changed just a few years ago. Seems a bit strange to see another change so soon.
  15. Robert

    "TaxiCam" - a nose camera for the Phoenix

    Hi Eric, I trust you are well and enjoying your Phoenix. Are you still using your camera? Did you wire the camera for power supply? Is it using bluetooth? Thanks! Best, Robert
  16. Hi All, I have tried to get 43TC's Dynon to go into battery test for a couple of years now. What I learn from Jim was that I needed to fly for an hour and a half that then try. No luck. Finally, I ask our mechanic (Scott Zumwalt) to look into it. He first tried to charge both batteries and then run the test. No luck. At that point he called Dynon. Dynon told him that they had just discovered another reason why the unit would not go into test. Apparently the unit will not go into test if it thinks the plane is moving. The solution was to go into setup and recalibrate the airspeed to zero. It worked! Not sure if anyone else has run into this, it was a new one on Scott. Tom
  17. AlanKoz

    Magnum chute

    I texted Dennis at Magnum chutes over the past week. No reply and no chute or rocket. Anyone else have any luck??
  18. Habilis1

    TMG in Mexico

    Baja bush pilots requires paid membership. Does anyone have free current info?
  19. Huddart33

    Brake Adjustments Grob 109

    I am having trouble adjusting the Wheel Brakes while still maintaining Full Rudder Deflection. If anyone has got any photo’s of the mechanism under the seats it would help. The Drawings Grob-Germany have sent me are poor quality and don’t show the detail. I think there is something missing from our Grob 109 (A) like a spring so that once full brakes are applied you can still obtain full rudder deflection.
  20. I did try by removing the pin, while it was a little easier it was still difficult. I must have the wrong technique. A video would be great! Also, the wings didn’t fall off removing the pin, but I did need some help jiggling the wing tips to get the pin back in. Barry.
  21. On my aircraft, the RH side floor pan is no problem at all. There are 3 screws attaching it to the LH side floor pan, near the middle of the airplane. Remove the screws, and the pan comes out quite easily. According to Jim Lee, the way to remove the RH side, is you have to take out the wing spar in. You can then bend down the floor pan in the middle and pop out the pan on the front side, next to the wing spar. Jim assures me that removing the main spar pin does not result in the wings coming off. I haven't tried this. It would be very helpful if there was a video showing the assembly and/or disassembly of the main wings, so we can see exactly how this works.
  22. A really good question Mike. I have been meaning to ask the same thing for a long time. I nearly cut my finger off trying to install mine. You only asked about the LH side. Does your RH side come out easily? Mine is equally as hard to get in and out. I trimmed the rear flange of my RH side pan at my annual inspection to try and make it a bit easier but it didn’t help too much, and I don’t want to compromise the seal.
  23. Does anyone have any tips on the best way to remove the floor pan behind the pilot seat in the baggage compartment so you can inspect the push rod linkages to the left wing?
  24. flyingcircus

    Queries about the Taifun

    Hi Jorge, That is very useful, I have never come across an editable format before. Muchas gracias - gran trabajo! Best regards - Peter
  25. Just stumbled across this incredible story and a quick search for Lambie returned zero results, so I figured I would share it. Source: http://www.captoscana.com/captoscana/Documenti_generali_files/motorglider.pdf motorglider.pdf
  26. blackcloud

    TMG in Mexico

    https://www.bajabushpilots.com has best current info on mexico
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