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  6. Jamey Jacobs

    TMGA active?

    It's a pleasure to report that my new (to me) Phoenix has been a real pleasure to fly! So far, I have done some local touring and thermal soaring - both wonderful and successful. My Phoenix (s/n 18) belonged to Hugh Bickle who is an exceptional pilot who grew up around soaring (Paul Bickle, his dad, held many soaring records and ran the Edwards AFB flight testing for decades of spectacular milestones in aviation). Hugh took excellent care of the Phoenix along with his P-51 and other great aircraft. Jim Lee (US National Open Class soaring champion - 2019) has provided excellent instruction and support - Thanks Jim! The handling of my Phoenix is as-advertised - well harmonized, responsive and very fun! Landings do require a good set-up and attention especially in gusty conditions - but it's feeling pretty natural as long as I don't try to push it in gusty crosswinds! Here are a few pictures from a recent flight touring Yosemite National Park and a soaring flight with thermals to over 10,300'.
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  8. Jim Lee

    Parachute cover attachment

    Tesa transfer tape from Wings and Wheels. https://wingsandwheels.com/tapes-seals/tesa-transfer-tape.html But the most important tape is the top seal. It must be fresh tape, not old. Use Bowlus maxi seal tape also from Wings and Wheels. Retape at least once a year when you do the annual inspection when the cover is removed to inspect the parachute.
  9. Lost our parachute cover in flight this weekend. I have tried several times to retape the double-sided tape underneath as well as the white sealing tape on top. Alas, the adhesives are not sufficient under the hot summer sun and the hangar temperatures up to 115 degrees. Anyone know of better tape that is less susceptible to heat? David Sheridan U15 / #14
  10. Jamey Jacobs

    Canopy seal

    Doug, have you resolved this yet? If not, I used the Tesa Transfer double-sided tape from wings and wheels. It's working so far (about 2 weeks). I also did some research on glues which bond to silicon, but will try them if the tape solution doesn't work.
  11. brasov

    Hoffmann Propeller

    I sent 1st run Hoffman prop to Aviation Propeller in Fl. The overhaul quote was $8,200.00
  12. Kmotexas

    Carbon fiber panel

    Electro air EA-1300 / I modeled the instruments in SW and inserted a picture of the instrument .
  13. Norm

    Carbon fiber panel

    Where did you find the models for the gauges?
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  15. Andrew

    Carbon fiber panel

    Thanks in the process of generating the engineering to replace with a 100hp Rotax so will need to update the panel shortly. where did you get that nice ignition switch panel from
  16. Kmotexas

    Carbon fiber panel

    The File is still in REV status. When done I will post the design. just found out you own a 109 too......... material is aviation approved carbon fiber. About $900 included cutting ( without markings ) markings silkscreen about $300 ipad support ( 3D printed $80 each ) All engine instruments UMA ( set about $3500) redesign to your spec $ 50 per instrument . SolidWorks2018 is required to redesign. Klaus klaus
  17. Kmotexas

    Carbon fiber panel

    The File is still in REV status. When done I will post the design. klaus
  18. Andrew

    Carbon fiber panel

    Looks great, any chance of sharing the Solidworks file Thanks Andrew
  19. Andre99

    Taifun 17E

    Valentin Taifun 17E S/N 1031 , A/F 1050 TSN, Eng 82 TSO, Limbach L200EB1.AB, Overhaul Germany Nov 2013 Prop 82 TSO, Hoffmann HO-V62-R/160BT, Overhaul Germany Feb 2014, New blades New tinted blue Rear canopy from Mecaplex Switzerland , installed at Aviation R. Goulet (CZBM) Seats redone, new safety belts. Landing gears removed to be repainted . Light weight Odysey battery, JPI FS 450 flow meter.Transponder serviced in USA 2019. 406 K ACK Transponder . Cloud Dancer all weather cover complete kit and canopy travel cover. O2 portable kit. Support jack system for gear check. One man rigging system. In 2016 experience wheels up landing . Damage limit to 1 sg ft belly rub and propeller blades . As precautionnary engine and propeller sent to germany for inspection and overhaul . Engine mount sent locally for NDT and repaint. Fuselage repair at Aviation R Goulet ( Bromont A/P CZBM) approved for plactic glider repairs in accordance to Original Valentin engineering drawing. Purchased In USA in mars 2012 (N14XX) and parked in heated hangar since , never flown in winter. Price $65,000 CDN
  20. Kmotexas

    Carbon fiber panel

  21. Kmotexas

    Carbon fiber panel

    Hi , Just have some time on my hands ..."alway dangerous " Don't liked my paint peeling and holes drilled all over the place panel anymore. I spend a few Hrs with SolidWorks and designed a new one...... Klaus
  22. mannebk

    G109B Rigging/Derigging Tool

    I would like to join this rigging tool list ...
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  25. Dave

    LX Nav Vario

    Have co-owned a Phoenix U-15 for about 4 years and am very happy with it. Flew it back and forth from Philadelphia, PA to Chico, CA in April/May with no problems. Fuel consumption was under 4 gallons/hour. Average ground speed out and back was about 110 kt at 4,700-800 rpm. Operating from high elevation airfields at mtow was no problem. The plane has no ground loop tendencies. It soars about like a Grob 103...not a world beater but quite respectable and pleasant. Changing from short tips to full span takes about 2 minutes. Note that the wheel pants are designed for low drag and have relatively little clearance above runway. I like to fly from a grass field, but it has to be well maintained and mowed to protect the wheel pants. I have no experience with the Pipistrel. Photo is of our crossing Lake Tahoe from Minden, Nevada side of Sierra Nevada mountains towards Chico, California at about 4,400 meters MSL (on oxygen).
  26. I found a small brake fluid leak near one wheel cylinder fitting. After tightening it I have less of an issue with brake fluid lost. I still have a small amount of fluid at the back of the master cylinder. Russ Owen gave me a lead to Kasper in Cz. I've been in contact with them and have pricing on some parts I'll probably order. The cost of shipping is almost $200. If anyone is interested in getting parts, let me know. Doug Levy NAB-19-066-1.pdf
  27. mikeschumann

    Electric Fuel Pump

    I replaced the pump. The part number was on the component list that came with my motorglider. Bought the pump on E-Bay for $85 (new). Solved the problem, so it was definitely a defective fuel pump. The check valve was OK.
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