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  3. alexress99

    cheng shin 2.50-3

    Ordered some new tires from the Desser.com site Jim listed above. I thought I would add their part numbers to this thread as the names have changed slightly from those listed. The prices have also changed (you'll have to guess which way they went). These part numbers came from Juan Gomez in sales. Main Tire - DTR1280; Main Tube - GL-4087B; Tail Tire - DTR1430; Tail Tube - DTR20-600 Also a heads up that the main tires are out of stock. Juan says they are 3-4 weeks out which means no earlier than May 7th, 2021. I'm a new (used) Phoenix owner.
  4. HiFlite

    AN6 to metric bayonet fuel line fitting

    Thanks, ThermalSeeker, but nope. In the Rotax stuff, it's shown only as #956312 which is a Banjo-to-1/4" hose nipple fitting. Nothing shown either on the Rotax diagrams or on these supplier websites does this conversion for an AN6 end. The match is rather critical, since the banjo bolt contains a restrictor which divides the ~20 gph flow through the fuel circuit to the ~5 gph feed to the carbs and plays a key role in final supply pressure. Altering this balance, set during manufacture by Aeromot, seems unwise. Surely a solution exists or perhaps every Ximango is flying around with 20 year
  5. Thermalseeker

    AN6 to metric bayonet fuel line fitting

    Check with Lockwood Aviation https://lockwood.aero/ or California Power Systems https://www.cps-parts.com/ That's called a "Banjo" fitting. You'll need new copper crush washers top and bottom, too.
  6. HiFlite

    Ximango AMT200 Tyres

    An interesting factoid from my IA guy: In case you were wondering why our weirdly-sized main gear tires are offered in "8-ply" load ratings, the most common use for them is for DC-3 (C-47) tailwheels!
  7. Does anyone know where to get the aluminum fitting that guides fuel between the AN hose and metric fuel metering block? (It's the black thing in the picture). Considering how tightly AN connections are screwed together, it's unlikely that I'd be able to remove this one intact enough to be reused. TIA
  8. HiFlite

    Ximango Brakes and Wheels

    Sorry, I haven't logged in for a while. AFAIK, all of these fittings are standard AN and the rest are Cleveland or copies of Cleveland.
  9. Thanks for posting Dave! It's the little things that get you all riled up.
  10. Gents, Here's a heads up that took me a frustratingly long time to figure out. Bottom Line: If you use a SPOT PLB (and I recommend that you do use a PLB) do not mount it anywhere close to the Skyview GPS module on the glare shield. When Terry and I flew from Atlanta to Chico, CA he was the left seat. I mounted my SPOT on the Right side of the glare shield in front of me and sometimes clipped it to my seatbelt shoulder strap. We had no problems with the Skyview or any other systems. The SPOT works great and gives a significant measure of security. On the return trip, I was left seat and moun
  11. Eric Greenwell

    Main switch and charge fail light

    I'm surprised a panel light (the 3W lamp) is part of the charging circuit, and not just an indicator. Perhaps the 3W incandescent lamp fails often, and that's the reason for using an LED and a resistor, as the resistor (the part the charging system needs to function) should be more reliable.
  12. Ok, file this one under you learn something new everyday. I was taxiing out to fly when all hell broke loose with the charging system. Dynon lady (Nora) yelling at me, lights flickering, electrical power loss then resume, radio off and on, etc. Huge static noises from the radio, so shut down all equipment to not cause further damage. Engine was running fine. Needless to say, did not fly. I thought it was a battery or battery connection problem. Looked at the batteries, charged them up, looked at all power connections, everything was fine. Looked at power connections under the hood,
  13. Tom Clary

    Introducing another happy new owner

    Barry, Congratulations. I asked Jim if there were any Phoenix's in New Zealand and apparently there are not any there. Hey it is only a 1000 miles over open water. I hear that the flying there is amazing. Of course, it might not compete with Morning Glory. Still it is on my bucket list. I am with you on your desire to work very hard to learn fly the Phoenix. It is a great plane but I too have much to learn. I got my glider pilots license at 19. I am now 69. I am so grateful to now get to fly the Phoenix after hoping to own an airplane for 45 yea
  14. Tom Clary

    Introducing N43TC (#54)

    Here is one of Rainier and one training in Minden. It was a great flight. Tom
  15. I made a set of rudder pedal extensions for one Phoenix owner. See photo. They are adjustable, but don't have to be. Another owner placed plastic cylinders around the rudder pedals to increase the diameter of the rudder pedals by an inch or so which was the only extension that he needed.
  16. Vic

    Hoffmann Propeller

    Aviation propellers were wanting $8,600 for a new prop in 2020. Anyone know if the calendar time limit applies in the US?
  17. Yep, that is my baby! VH-GHX. The Glory season is late September/early October. I hope to make my first trip in 2022. I will be very happy to get a wave like the one John got! But I have lots of learning to do before that...
  18. Jim Lee

    Introducing N43TC (#54)

    We had a great flight to Seattle via the many volcanoes and Crater Lake. I lost all of my photos Tom, post one for us!
  19. Welcome to the forum Barry! Your Phoenix has already explored the Morning Glory by John Strickland the original owner. Good luck with your flying!
  20. Eric Greenwell

    Introducing another happy new owner

    Welcome to the Phoenix club! I envy you your plans to fly the morning glory, as I've been fascinated by it for years, but it's a long ways from the US and my home in Washington state. When do you think you might make the attempt?
  21. I am very proud to introduce myself as the proud new owner of #21 - the only Phoenix in Australia. It is very well set up with a Dynon Skyview, all the dynon options including autopilot, an LX9000 and a ballistic chute. I have been on this forum since 2013 when I was flying a hired Dimona HK36R but I lost access to that about 3 years ago and have been looking at options ever since. I learnt to glide at age 13 when my father took me along on some of his gliding weekends. I soloed about a week after my 15th birthday and had a few years great flying in Dad's Grob Astir CS. I dropped out
  22. Jamey Jacobs

    Introducing N43TC (#54)

    Congratulations! Beautiful NEW plane and hangar. They’re truly a joy to fly and seem to treat you well when given a little TLC.
  23. Doug Levy

    Introducing N43TC (#54)

    That is so great to hear. I've been concerned about the Phoenix still being made and part availability. Hope Jim can keep us supported. Doug Levy
  24. I am very pleased to announce that after waiting almost 3 years for it, #54 is finally home in Arlington WA. I decided to purchase a trailer made for the Phoenix in Poland because the idea is that we will eventually take the plane to various parts of the country for a month or so at a time. I am grateful for all of the support I have received from Jim Lee, Ed Walker and Tom Zidek. Tom Clary
  25. David Gofman

    Parts. A Fuel Line Fitting.

    Hello, I am looking for a fitting-connection to the fuel drain. Thread size 11 / 1.2 Please, contact with me if you have this spare part. 408-750-7666 David.
  26. Emmanuel Parrein

    Windex 1200c

    Hello Everybody, I'm new on this forum, looking fo any documents on the Windex 1200c . I've got a second hand kit but no building manual. The windex company is no more involving with aviation. Does anydody knows a Windex builder or owner. Thank a lot! Emmanuel
  27. Steve R.

    Wing Folding Help

    So as we mature the wings do get harder to fold (old age) at 5'7" 130 lbs. and 74 years of age they can be daunting so I came up with a solution. I simply made two wooden frames that fit the wing nicely with some on-skid rubber attached to the wing side of the frame. I had an old carbon tube from a delta glider and fitted a dumbbell handle into the end of it with some epoxy so that I could attach barbell weights to it. (I found 2-3 25 lb. weights to be the right amount). I put a quick pin in the far end so the tube wouldn't slide out when the wing was vertical. At that point it became ea
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