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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
  • We are community dedicated to the safe and efficient enjoyment of Touring Motor Gliders. Here are some of the reasons we are so enthusiastic:
    • We can combine soaring and flying
    • We can travel, visit, trek, and tour
    • We can fly even when soaring is not good and still complete the mission
    • We do not need a tow-plane
    • We utlize our engines to minimize the risk of off-airport landings
    • Pilots without FAA medicals can still fly motor gliders.
    • We can fly complex aircraft that power pilots need a bunch of separate endorsements for, like Retractable Gear, Variable pitch/Feathering props, tail draggers, Jet engines, Multi engines etc.
    • Glider pilots have no limitations on how far, high, or long we can Fly like some Pilot Ratings, and we can fly into any class of airspace we are equipped for and can get clearance into.
    • Many TMGs can be registered as either SEL or Glider aircraft type to suit your existing pilot rating.
    • TMGs are available in price ranges to suit just about any budget from the Moni ~$3K to the Stemme ~$200K+
    • TMGs are available as Manufactured ready to fly, Kits or scratch built to suit any pilots interests
    • Some TMGs even have extended aerobatic capabilities
    • TMGs are generally more fuel efficient by nature and design
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