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Removing Floor Pan Behind Pilot Seat for Annual Inspection


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Does anyone have any tips on the best way to remove the floor pan behind the pilot seat in the baggage compartment so you can inspect the push rod linkages to the left wing?

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A really good question Mike. I have been meaning to ask the same thing for a long time. I nearly cut my finger off trying to install mine.

You only asked about the LH side. Does your RH side come out easily? Mine is equally as hard to get in and out.

I trimmed the rear flange of my RH side pan at my annual inspection to try and make it a bit easier but it didn’t help too much, and I don’t want to compromise the seal.


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On my aircraft, the RH side floor pan is no problem at all.  There are 3 screws attaching it to the LH side floor pan, near the middle of the airplane.  Remove the screws, and the pan comes out quite easily.

According to Jim Lee, the way to remove the RH side, is you have to take out the wing spar in.  You can then bend down the floor pan in the middle and pop out the pan on the front side, next to the wing spar.  Jim assures me that removing the main spar pin does not result in the wings coming off.  I haven't tried this.  It would be very helpful if there was a video showing the assembly and/or disassembly of the main wings, so we can see exactly how this works.

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I did try by removing the pin, while it was a little easier it was still difficult. I must have the wrong technique. A video would be great!

Also, the wings didn’t fall off removing the pin, but I did need some help jiggling the wing tips to get the pin back in.



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