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Brake Adjustments Grob 109


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I am having trouble adjusting the Wheel Brakes while still maintaining Full Rudder Deflection.

If anyone has got any photo’s of the mechanism under the seats it would help. The Drawings Grob-Germany have sent me are poor quality and don’t show the detail. I think there is something missing from our Grob 109 (A) like a spring so that once full brakes are applied you can still obtain full rudder deflection.


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I took some photos of mine on the same side. I don't think you are missing any hardware. I did check with airbrake at full travel as well as the hand brake and mine engages the l/h master cylinder at full travel as it should. I take it you were measuring rudder travel in degrees and it stops before reaching the limits shown in the manual? 

We should have the rudder mounted back on mine in the next couple weeks and we can compare notes to figure out what's going on. 




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Many Thanks for the photo’s. I think we have got our one sorted, it was several things.


1. The cable run from the Master Cylinder to the Rudder cable mechanism wasn’t running

in a straight line (both sides) because the plastic grommet was positioned too low. This could have been

drilled wrong after a bulkhead repair. We drilled another hole and repositioned it correctly.


2. There was quite a bit of play in the actuating lever on the Master Cylinder (both sides), we

managed to get hold of a full set off a damaged Grob 109.


The Brakes now work correctly with the correct amount of Rudder Deflection.

Best Regards,


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