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  2. Ximango AMT200 Tyres

  3. Ximango AMT200 Tyres

    Hello, Does anyone know if Chuck from Ximango USA is active? I emailed him about tyres some time ago and did not get any reply. Alternatively, if anyone knows a source for similarly reasonably priced tyres, it would be good to know! BR D
  4. Russ Hustead

    The Diamond tailwheel HK36R with freshly overhauled 80 hp Rotax has just been reduced in price to $89,500.  Contact russ@skykingsoaring.com

  5. New Hampshire based Grob 109A, 1495 total time and just 170 hours since factory overhaul (Limbach L2000). Propeller has 80 hours since overhaul in 2015. Nice avionics package featuring dual KX155 NAV/COMS, Glideslope, PS Engineering audio panel, KT76A transponder with encoder and intercom. Nice features including wheel fairings, wing covers and canopy cover. Exterior colors allover white with orange and blue accent in very good condition (some fading of orange). Interior is burgundy vinyl and cloth in good condition. Annual due July 2018. Always hangared, no known damage history, complete logbooks , 420 pounds useful load and 7 hour endurance! All specifications subject to verification by interested parties.
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  7. HB23/2400 SP

    Side by side touring motorglider. TTAF: 2816.4. Engine TSO: 829. King 155 Nav/com and 67A transponder. Fun flying machine, great for touring, mountain wave, etc. L/D approx 22:1. Zander glide computer, hangers for oxygen bottle. Seats recently recovered. 5/17 annual. Big passenger side photography window slideout. Great way for a glider pilot to build time - no waiting for a tow plane!
  8. Engine failure

    Thank you, pdrav8r Yes,mechanic also said me that he never have seen a damage like that in 40 Years I always use suggested oil ( don't remember the name ) at 2% misture No unusual temperatures, only sudden propeller block Br
  9. Engine failure

    That is really strange for at least 2 reasons: 1) the belt tensioners are not adjustable, 2) the crankshaft & bearings of the Rotax 503 are very strong. What oil are you using? Are you mixing it 50:1? Have you noticed unusual engine temperatures?
  10. Engine failure

    Hi, I'm an owner of a Pipistrel Taurus, 150 hours of engine Flight ( belt changed at 100 hr ) 3 weeks ago I've had an engine failure. Rotax mechanic's found a seize up bearing and an extreme belt tension. Has anyone get the same problem ? Has anyone measured the belt tension ? Thank you
  11. Russ Hustead

    Diamond HK36TC tricylce gear motorglider for sale, 80 hp.  Perfect exterior, new canopy, new propeller.  Life limited repairs done!

  12. 2017 Fly-In Flightline Activity

    KCMA flightline activity.
  13. 2017 Fly-In Flightline

    Line-up of TMGs at the 2017 Fly-In.
  14. IMG_1212.jpg

  15. 2017 Fly-in.jpg

    Richard Pearl's morning discussion.
  16. 2017 Fly-in.jpg

    Breakfast at the airport, naturally.
  17. 2017 Fly-in.jpg

    Waiting for the high fog to lift.
  18. Dinner.jpg

  19. Camarillo Fly-in.jpg

    Camarillo Fly-in, 2017.
  20. Camarillo, 2017.jpg

    Breakfast at the airport cafe while waiting for the morning coastal overcast to lift.
  21. Camarillo Fly-in, 2017.jpg

    Some of the participants at the 2017 West Coast fly-in, 2017
  22. Camarillo Fly-in, 2017.jpg

    Breakfast at the airport cafe in Camarillo. Waiting for the morning forgot lift.
  23. Taping the wing extension joints

    I don't tape the joints on the long tips when I'm flying from my hangar because I'll have to take it off to put the plane away. The improvement in performance isn't discernible to me, it doesn't seem to reduce the cold air that leaks out of the spoiler handle slot, or reduce the noise in the cockpit, so the incentive isn't there. When I'm using tiedowns at a soaring camp or on a trip, I'll tape the joints; if nothing else, it keeps the rain out of the wing. My Schleicher ASH 26 E sailplane has turbulators on the bottom of the wing, on the vertical stabilizer ahead of the rudder, and both sides of the horizontal stabilizer ahead of the elevator. The Phoenix might benefit from the same thing, but (as Jim points out) it takes some special effort to determine the best location. I keep hoping the factory will do some tests, then tell us where to place them.
  24. 2017 West Coast Fly-In Event

    Wx was great.... at least it was cool 😎
  25. 2017 West Coast Fly-In Event

    Thanks for coming to KCMA. Sorry about the weather Today, Sunday, it was clear by 10:15 -- oh well!
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