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  2. Keith


    Grob 109 B Sparkplugs. Bosch have stopped producing the WC7D shielded spark plug and they are fast becoming unavailable. Has any one found an alternative plug or converted the ignition harness to use auto style plugs,
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  4. Chris Rogg

    BRASOV IS-28M2

    BRASOV, IS-28M2 Motorglider Project; 1978, sn. 008 Rotax 912; MT Prop. - 1995 Bought in 1999; stored indoors; location Connecticut Wings Re-furbished and painted in 2000 Includes Brand New Transparencies (not yet installed) Need new owner to finish this project $13,000 O.B.O. Brasov IS-28M2.pdf
  5. Chris Rogg

  6. Eric

    Moni Motorglider

    Did you finish? I have to fabricate and attach the monowheel to mine. Any guidance/ help would be appreciated
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  8. biplanebob

    G109B Timing mark

    The notch on the propeller hub should line up with the split line of the crankcase. bob
  9. Juha Nissi

    G109B Timing mark

    Hello, I found a little timing mark from the propeller plate but where I should align it?
  10. edwalker

    Oil leak after radiator hose replacement

    I had my rubber replacement last year and decided to check on this just to be sure. I also found that my hose clamp had been replaced with the clamp adjustment bolt on the upper portion of the hose, and the oil filter was dimpled by repeated contact with the clamp bolt. It did not rupture the metal casing of the oil filter, but it was clear that the dimpling pattern demonstrated repeated contact. The clearance between the clamp and the oil filter was very tight prior to the fix, but after repositioning the clamp adjustment bolt away from the top of the hose I was able to get my fingers easily around the oil filter. The easy test, if you want to check this without removing the lower cowling, is to simply try to curl your fingers under the oil filter from above during your next preflight. If you can get them around you likely have enough clearance. If your fingertips are stopped by the clamp adjustment screw the clearance is likely too small, and you should probably pull the lower cowling to take a closer look.
  11. Juha Nissi

    G109B Slick ignition harness

    Slick Champion customer service: "I have an M2266 approved for the Grob with a VW engine and 4300 series mag. I checked and the firing order is the same as your’s 1324. My lengths are 1-29”; 3-29”, 2-24” and 4-24”; this is the measurement between the outside of the mag cap to the center of the swedged ferrule where the plug nut seats. If this works for you in lengths it will work fine!" So you can use G109A harness to G109B.
  12. Ian Pattingale

    Grob 109B Maintenance Manual

    Hi Roger - please see PM I sent to you, will try to get you a copy ASAP. Rgds, Ian P
  13. Capt balwant


    Hi I am interested to join as a glider instructor anywhere . I have an experience of more than 900 instructional hr. on motorglider and glider . I am from India if anybody have required please give a mail to balwant.ranchi@gmail.com
  14. Capt balwant

  15. Capt balwant

  16. Juha Nissi

    G109B Slick ignition harness

    Hello, Does anybody know which Champion ignition harness should be used on G109B with Slick magneto? Br. Juha
  17. Roger Banks

    Grob 109B Maintenance Manual

    Hi Ian, I'm also in need of a maintenance manual for my Grob 109B as one was not available when I bought it from Denmark. I would be very grateful if you could please send me a PDF of your manual to: rb_kl58@outlook.com. Many thanks, Roger
  18. Roger Banks

    Grob 109B Maintenance Manual

  19. brasov


  20. Recently, I noticed oil spatters on the under side of the fuselage, between the firewall and the landing. Eventually, I discovered the oil was coming from a tiny hole in the side of the oil filter that faces down. Note this filter is shown off the engine. The hole was caused by the upper left hose clamp on the radiator, vibrating against the filter when the engine ran. The hose clamp was rotated 180 degrees and retightened, so the clamp's gear housing was below the hose, which is the original, factory position for the clamp. A new oil filter was installed. How can this happen? In my case, the clamp position was inadvertently changed during the 5 year "rubber replacement". It's a easy mistake to make, because when the cowling is off, it allow's the radiator to hang down with about 2" of room between the clamp and filter. I suggest all owners check the clamp position, especially if they've had a rubber replacement.
  21. Resilient

    Lambada L/D

    Yeah, I will give it a few more gos. I may just be too fast. I was pretty light when I was testing so I may have just never slowed down enough.
  22. While I was cleaning the some oil leak residue off the lower part of the engine installation, I noticed the cabin heater control flap just lying there, unhinged at this end (right side on the plane). I think this explains the erratic cabin heat control I've had this year. The hinge rod was still partially in the flap, but it looked like this: The right end is nearly severed by wear from the engine vibration on the rod against the sharp edges of the hole in thin (0.040" I estimate) stainless "heat box". The right end is flattened to keep it in place. The left end, which I assume also had a flattened end or other means of keeping it in place, has been completely severed, allowing the rod to work it's way out of the hole (note, right and left here refer to the picture; on the engine, the flattened end was on the left). I repaired it by getting some stainless hinge rod of nearly the same size (0.088" vs 0.095" OEM), bending 1/4" of one end at 90 deg to retain it. The other end is retained by a small collar with a setscrew. On the advice of a mechanic at the field, both ends were smeared with RTV to prevent vibration from causing problems again. During the next flight, I noticed the heat control worked well, like it used to. Eric
  23. Randy Newberry

    Lambada L/D

    I've had a 2001 tricycle gear Lambada since 2006, but have never flown it with the small tips. With the extended tips I'm pretty sure I get a glide of around 28/1 and a sink rate of around 200fpm at 65 mph. I've never really done a test on purpose in calm air, but from what I've seen over the 13 years of flying this wonderful aircraft, these are the averages I've come up with. Your numbers really do sound too high. You probably did this, but make sure you do your test early in the morning before the ground heats up, in different directions and do it a couple of times on different days. An average of those results will tell the tale.
  24. Resilient

    Lambada L/D

    I recently bought a Lambada and through some experimentation I am getting a glide ratio of around 15:1 at 65kts with the short tips. According to the polar I should be getting something a lot closer to 26:1. At 65kts with the prop feathered I am getting a descent of around 400-450ft/min. Again according to the polar, that should be happening at more like 85kts. Anyone else experienced similar differences? It really seems odd to be so far off.
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