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  2. Hi I'm new to the TMGA so perhaps I'm not posting this in the correct category but here it goes... I started making a list of every active TMG we have flying in Sweden. Found the TMGA while doing so. Feel free to check out the website, but it's not translated to english yet. You can find my website with the list here: https://www.tmgsverige.se/ Hopefully I can help if anyone plans to visit Sweden and wants to fly a local Touring Motor Glider.
  3. Thermalseeker

    Wing Folding Help

    It consists of a 10' carbon tube (what I had from an old delta hang glider) Pure genius, Steve! I flew hang gliders for 28 years. I thought that tube looked like a carbon crossbar. from a topless glider. LOL! I've got an old topless in my barn. I may have to rob one of the cross bars and make one of these. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thermalseeker

    Wing Folding Help

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  6. HiFlite

    Thermal soaring in winter

    Winter soaring is something I'm looking forward to exploring by motorglider. One thing I'm noticed that Michigan seems to get, being surrounded on 3 sides by relatively warm water, is convergence zones "banding" E-W across the state. Enough lift to soar? Unknown!
  7. (2) sets Faro ear bud type headsets (David Clarks hurt my jaw). Used one season. Includes a 13 X 10" zip bag, extra buds of assorted sizes and shipping within CONUS. Paid $380 each - asking $450 for both.
  8. wout

    Pipistrel Sinus before storm

    Great looking plane.
  9. Jamey Jacobs

    Dynon ADSB-472 and GPS-2020

    Ed Thanks for the info and pics. This old post made it much easier for me to upgrade to ADSB-472 and GPS-2020 today. It took a few hours of planning and contortions, but it would have been a lot longer without learning from your post. Jamey Jacobs Phoenix s/n 18
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  11. aeromac

    Cavalcade of Planes Bolingbrook IL

    Would like to invite anyone with a motor glider to come to our event Cavalcade of Planes 6/6/2020 and 6/7/2020 130 S Clow International Parkway Bolingbrook IL. 1C5 Clow Airport. This would be a great chance to show off your Motor Glider and introduce Motor Gliders to the area. https://photos.app.goo.gl/okoUCWBLndrbbEz89
  12. Eric Greenwell

    bringing Motor Glider into youth aviation program

    I'm glad my suggestions are helpful. I"ve been helped by many pilots in the past, and know how useful that help can be. By "going to Europe to purchase a Motor Glider", do you mean going there and buying a used one? Or maybe to visit the factory to closer examine what they make, and possibly buying one at the factory?
  13. Ridge soaring Comb ridge and catching thermals off the ridge. Brasov IS28M2 Feb, 7 2020
  14. bruce erickson

    bringing Motor Glider into youth aviation program

    Thanks so much for your great suggestions, especially since I know they come from a lot of experience. I have been checking out and flying some various Motor glider types and I agree about the Rotax power. We are located at an airport with an elevation of 4600 above MSL. So horse power is a consideration, also cost and parts availability is a big concern. I have a fellow retired , airline friend with one of the Schweitzer 2-37’s that came from the Academy. I haven’t been able to get him to let go of it, yet, but I’m working on it. Has anyone got experience going to Europe to purchase a Motor Glider? That may be a next step for us. Thanks Bruce
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