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Suspend a Phoenix in a hangar?


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Is anyone aware of someone having built a rig to suspend a Phoenix from the rafters/beams in a hangar? I have two ships in my hangar now, and I’d like to suspend the Phoenix, but in such a way that I can quickly safely lower it, say with a chain hoist and frame with wide web straps….

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I am part of a glider club in MN that does this for regular gliders.  Given the geometry of the Phoenix, with the large canopy and the structure near the front and rear attachment points of the wings to the fuselage, I don't think this would work very well.  In addition, raising and lowering the gliders with an electric hoist was definitely a two or three man job.

There are companies that make mechanical plane lifts to do exactly what you want, that would work much better.  Here's one option, which appears to be tricycle gear only:  http://armaerospace.com/.  I would think that there would be a similar product out there that could handle a taildragger.

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