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Grob 109 (a) Fuel Cap


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Does anybody happen to know what fuel caps fit the 109a? I measured the neck dimension as 2" and the openings for the cam tabs at 2 5/16" but no luck finding replacement caps. 

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OK I took a bunch of pictures of my gas cap.

The 10 is aligned with the edge. So the inside diameter is about 1.75 inch




The prongs are about 2.25 inches



The text, I really could not make sense of it. 



The magic go juice goes here.



My attempt to make sense of the text.  Not very good with german. 😄 


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Thank you very much. This give me a starting point. 

"Blau" - Is the manufacturer. 

"Mit Luftung" - with ventilation

Blau has probably one of the best catalogs but so far I'm not down to an exact part. But this gives me hope. 


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Update - I contacted Grob about getting parts for the noseplate inspection panel and thought I'd give them a try. The panel kit they have for $500.  After a month of back and forth they informed me they cannot sell me the gas cap due to "documentation". 

Good news though - if anybody wants to purchase the 3000 hour airframe extensions for a fee, and of course shipping the aircraft to and from Germany (not included in the price), they've got somebody who can do the job. 

Gas caps - Nein! 
Airframe TIS extensions - JA!


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