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YAPO (Yet Another Phoenix Owner)

Steve Sliwa

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Hi Phoenix Gang:

I decided that I missed having a touring motor glider.  I just signed the paperwork with the new Phoneix Air USA LLC for a new Phoenix from the factory.  I'm still working with Ed on the options list and panel design.  Also, we are working on some minor changes from the option list influenced by my experience with my Ximango.  We'll see what the new factory does with these requests and if they will be practical and helpful.  So far the conversations have been great.

My summer location is now Minden, NV.  I am building a hangar across from Jim Lee's.  I recently took delivery of a JS-3 18M (Jet Sustainer) but I wanted to have something for introducing friends to soaring and sightseeing around Lake Tahoe.

One outcome is that the fear that this website might not survive has been significantly reduced.


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I will be #69.  They are thinking 8 months or so to get it in the country.  I have suggested switching to the Dynon Pitot/AoA sensor.  This requires a new set of wings.  They have built some fiberglass parts ahead so it would be faster if I could have used the wings in the current production pipe. 

For planning my bird, I have a good situation.  I am building a hangar across the taxiway from Jim Lee (the new 2023 Senior Soaring Championship winner).  So I get great advice from Jim and I am working with Ed Babovec who is in constant contact with the factory.  It looks like my bird will be the 4th one based at Minden.

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That's super exciting Steve.  Congratulations on the new iron.  You peaked my curiosity on what has changed on new planes since 2019.  Love these "new" standard features.

   5.  McFarlane vernier-assist throttle (NEW).

   7.  WoodComp feathering propeller w/hydraulic assist (NEW).  (Don't "love".  Just not sure what was wrong with the purely mechanical version)

   9.  USB's on panel (2 if space permits).

14.  Turbulators on wings and tail surfaces (NEW).  Adds more control at slow speeds and is safer.

17.  Acrylate (MIPI) paints system (NEW).  More UV resistant, and whiter/harder than gel coat.


Also love the idea of having an AOA sensor.  I had one on a previous airplane.  If you decide it's worth the wait, it will make you a better pilot.

Thanks for keeping the website alive.  It is really appreciated.


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