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Eric Greenwell

Rotax Service Bulletin - CHT temperature gauge range change

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Eric Greenwell

Rotax a has new bulletin (SB-912-066UL / 914-047UL) for the "Change of measurement method from cylinder head temperature to coolant temperature for ROTAX® Engine Type 912 and 914 (Series)". This bulletin covers engines with the "new" cylinder heads; basically, the "red line" label for your CHT temperature gauge must be changed to 120 deg C. It was 150 deg C for my engine, so this is a big change. The reason is the new heads have their CHT sensor in a different location, leading to different temperature readings (compared to readings in the old location) under identical circumstances.

The only issue I see is for engines (with the new heads) that have had CHTs between 120 deg C and the old 150 deg C limit: should the owner do anything in addition to the gauge change? The SB is silent on that.

I got the SB in an email from rotax-owner.com, and you can get the SB from that website.

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