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June 9, 2015 It has been a very long time since I have posted anything concerning the SunDancer. It has been a slow boat to China in getting all the details of production back up and running. Two new SunDancers has been delivered and subsequently delivered to the new owners. The first two were received in California April of 2014. The Airworthiness Certificate were issue without a gliche. Now we are waiting for the next two to have their final test flight, signed off and put into a container. The exciting part about the next two SunDancers is they are flaperon versions, and the flaps and spoilers are separated now. In the past there was one control for both the flaps and spoilers which activate both. The old way of the flaperon was, in order to get spoilers, you had to slow down to flap speed of 58 knots, then spoiler out. Not any more. This will make a very nice flying machine.

Some better news is that the preliminary final testing indicates that the Vne will be at the original 119 Knots of the Lambada. The SunDancer and the Lambada or essentially the same airplane with a few exceptions. The SunDancer has been tested more times than any other LSA aircraft in history I believe. All wind tunnel testing, vibration computer preliminary show that the 119 knot will be the Vne. Distar has improved upon the flight control surfaces and all of the testing is near complete. The only thing left to do is to crunch the numbers and get LAA CZ final approval and then the last test flight. Hopefully that will occur this very week.

It is my understanding that because of the flight controls for the SunDancer have been proven, since the Lambada break ups, there will be an opportunity to relieve the Lambada from it's 81 knot Vne. I understand that certain test and inspection will have to be competed on each Lambada and then a decision can be made to restore the original Vne of 119 Knots to the aileron ships that Urban Air USA sold. The older flapperon ships Vne is 108 knots.

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