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Art Daun

Third annual

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Art Daun

Mechanic found a dry rotted rubber pad under the coolant pot that was almost at the point of falling away. This pad prevents rubbing that could damage the pot and lead to a leak. Part was ordered and pad temporarily secured while waiting for the part. I was not even aware of this pad.

Slight imbalance found in the carbs that was adjusted.

Both the cabin heat and cowl flap controls had gotten very hard to move. It was easy to remedy the cowl flap cable by just applying lubricant to the outside of the cable sheath which just soaked through. The cabin heat cable sheath is covered by some type of impervious material and the panel had to be partially dismanteled to disconnect the cable so lubricant could be introduced from the end. Both controls now work very smoothly.

scheduled a transponder certification that had neen missed.

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Eric Greenwell

"Coolant pot" - do you mean the expansion tank with the radiator cap on the top of it? Or the plastic overflow tank just in front of the firewall?

My cabin heat knob has always moved smoothly, but my cowl flap control was also hard to move initially. I was able to fix that with a thin lubricant applied to each end (the cable covering prevents anything else), where it would seep in. It took a few applications over time.

My first annual was last week, with 187 hours on the engine. The only issues were brakes pads getting thin, so they will need replacement soon. I was hoping the floats could be replaced during the annual, but the new "no sink" floats won't be delivered to me for "a few weeks" from April 6, as Rotax still has a huge number of orders to fill - essentially, two years of production got bad floats.

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