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Flight test Grob 109B


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Great article! I actually own this very aircraft N300BG and just completed a cross country trip from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma last week. It flew well and particularly enjoyed cruising at 2200 rpm (cruise pitch setting). The trip took around 13 flight hours and I made several stops along the way. The Grob can outlast me anytime when it comes to endurance! Thanks for posting the article.

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My trip was around 1100 miles as a made a few detours to stay away from busy airspace.  Fuel consumption was 22 mpg and most of the trip was with light headwinds. I flew at 4500 feet about 11 hours or so and 2 hours at 6500 feet. Airspeed was around 90 mph most of the time. The one thing that surprised me was that the Grob could fly a lot longer than I could….my longest leg was 4 hours and there was still plenty of fuel for a few more hours. As for how long in days….I got a late start the first day (3pm) and only flew 2.5 hours. The next day I noticed a front blocking my way so I opted to enjoy a day off to let it pass.  I then flew two more days before arriving in Tulsa around 5pm. I could have made better time and save a day by leaving super early each day but I was in no hurry. It was an epic trip and the longest I have ever undertaken in any single engine aircraft. The Grob is a good cross country flyer!

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