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3rd Annual for N42EW

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I'm very lucky to have a nationally known Rotax expert, Jim Scott of Aircore Aviation, right on the field at KAWO. He always does great work. Hobbs time 112 hours, no major issues. There was some checking in the rubber attachment rings for the expansion tank insulator, but no necessity to replace it now. Given the recent comments about landing wear and tear, I'll report that the tail tire was replaced, original mains ok. Brakes show >50% remaining on originals.

You might be interested in this tidbit. I asked Jim about planning for future annuals and time-limited parts, and he let me know that the 5-year annual tends to be a bit more expensive. For S-LSAs there is a replacement requirement for all the rubber forward of the firewall, mostly coolant and fuel hoses as well as motor mounts. He showed me how already the motor mounts on my aircraft are beginning to show a slight sag. He mentioned that nearly every time he does a 5-year replacement he finds a potentially bad hose in the cooling or fuel system. He told me to plan on about 3-4x the cost of a usual annual that one year.


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