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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
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Steve Sliwa

Our Chairman is Fine!

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Steve Sliwa

Some of you may have heard that our chairman, Richard Pearl, was in a flight incident flying to the Minden event.  He made the most out of a tough situation, did not danger anyone on the ground, and came to stop hanging in the trees alongside I-80.  The emergency response crew lowered him to the ground and he walked away (by definition, a good landing).

His wife, Penny, came and got him and drove him here to Minden.  I had dinner and drinks with him last night (a double martini) and cheered him as best I could.  He had just completed major engine/prop work last year and the Grob 109 was just repainted/refinished.  It was a beauty.

Richard stopped by the event this morning for a few minutes and Penny drove him back home to Lincoln, CA.  In fact, the route will take him by his plane and he's hoping to stop and collect some of his things.

Penny and I are predicting that he will be stiff tomorrow (2nd day after the accident), but so far he is doing quite well.

Traditionally, pilots like to kibitz, second-guess, and analyze with limited information.  I suggest we refrain from reconstructing this one for now.  I suspect that Richard will publish his version of the incident from what he can remember and what he learned, after he has had a chance to discuss it with the NTSB and the FAA.

I just wanted to get the word out and let everyone know that our chairman is fine!

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