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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
Richard Pearl

2017 Fly-In Planning Underway

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Richard Pearl

We are in the process of planning the events for 2017.  Here are some preliminary notes so you can place a hold on your calendars:

2017 East Coast Fly-In
Picture5.pngApril 2016 saw the first TMGA East coast fly-in, hosted by Jim and Kathy Lee (USA Phoenix distributor). The response to the event was such that we decided to continue the fly–in on that coast. Jim and Kathy, however, decided to en-camp for Minden, NV as a permanent base of his Phoenix operation and, in true TMGA fashion, another TMGA’er stepped forward.

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 East coast fly-in will be managed by Mike and Suzanne Schumann (new Phoenix owners). The event will be held in Naples, Florida Thursday March 30th through Sunday April 2nd.  The timing was decided upon to coincide with both the Sun-N-Fun national fly-in and baseball spring training. The weather should be great, and Naples is a world-class destination. We’ll be arranging lots of non-flying things to do and we’re confident that we’ll again get a great banquet speaker. Stay tuned for details, but plan on coming for a great time.

For non-USA TMGA’ers, there are major international airports within 100 miles of Naples so, think about making this fly-in as part of a great USA vacation.
We’re only five months away from this fly-in, so get on the list by accessing the EVENTS tab on the website, then go to the 2017 East Coast sub-tab.

2017 Mid-America Fly-In
At Minden this September the question was asked: why isn’t there a mid-country Fly-In. Since we didn’t have a good answer, we tasked the question-poser to come up with some ideas (no good deed goes unpunished)! It will most likely be held in the summer, so stay tuned for details. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please post them to: richard.pearl@motorgliders.org.

2017 Western Fly-In
Picture4.pngIn 2017 we’ll continue the tradition of moving the western Fly-In around to new locations. Southern California TMGA’er Gabriel Cioffi (turbo Diamond) has volunteered to be the local “sparkplug”, with a proposed fly-in at Camarillo, California. This coastal airport in Ventura County – just north of Los Angeles – offers exceptional geographic beauty and many exciting places to fly to, and ground visit. At this point we’re thinking about late August or early September.


Stay tuned.

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Are there any TMG'ers in the Des Moines, Iowa area? In all my travels as a roving wireless Engineer the sky that caused the most drool to come out of my mouth was near Des Moines in mid June. 10,000'+ bases every day with cloud streets from horizon to horizon. The area is mostly flat to rolling farmland with lots of Victorian architecture in the barns and houses. People are friendly and the city of Des Moines is uber-clean. Another place to consider for a western rendezvous is Parowan, UT. The soaring and scenery can't be beat and the town and airport are very glider-friendly. Bases are frequently 18k+ in the summer and the airport has cheap 02 and a courtesy car. Nearby hotels are basic, but cheap and clean. There are also a couple of B&B's in town. Tons to do nearby, too, i.e., Zion, Bryce, etc. I know a Falconer/sometime glider pilot local to Cedar City I could put you in touch with who would bring his birds out for a show-n-tell, too.

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